France  working on to Push for No Fly Zones, (Humanitarian Corridors) In Syria

Despite the warnings set out by the top Brass at the US army leader General Martin Dempsey it seems seemingly the France President Francois Hollande doesn't seem to care at all at the warnings due to the facts Syria was seen by the France as an "colony" and now France wants to re own Syria as theirs by removing the Russian influence at first no matter the risks or costs.

France pushed Wednesday for No Fly Zones  (humanitarian corridors) in Syria, with a bid that is very unlikely to win U.N. Security Council backing but is part of a diplomatic effort to pressure Russia.
French President Francois Hollande met Wednesday in Paris with a delegation of the opposition Syrian National Coalition and said France is working on "corridors that will possibly be opened to give necessary aid to the population."

Such corridors, presumably guarded by international forces, would need the approval of a resolution of the U.N. Security Council. Russia and China have already vetoed three Western-backed resolutions aimed at pressuring Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.
But Western diplomats are trying to put pressure on Russia ahead of an international conference in Geneva aimed at agreeing on a transitional government in Syria.

 The move by the  France President Francois Hollande comes after weeks of fighting by the Kurdish fighters agaisnt the Free Syrian Army and its Islamist allies in Northern Syria, the move also comes as the Syrian opposition is still divided the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood  reins in strength on the seat  of the Syrian National Council.

But it seems that doesn't concern Francois Hollande. As France continues to sink further deeper in debt and unemployment rate.

A recent released data by labour ministry data shows France unemployment rate reached a record high.  Showed on Wednesday. The new figures come as another blow to President Fran├žois Hollande's vow to bring down unemployment by the end of 2013.  On June 9 Francois Hollande famously claimed  French President Francois Hollande has declared an end to the eurozone debt crisis, which has gripped Europe for the past four years.

Though the majority would disagree with Hollande's POV on the claims that the Euro Crisis is over, as for  the rest of Europe and its poor, middle class are concerned. For many the Euro Crisis has started for them.

For Hollande to be thinking of another military intervention under cover of  Humanitarian Corridors as they did in Libya is rather to soon.  As in Libya tensions are running high.