If Assad Forces Were Behind The Massacre In Houla, Why Are Rebel Supporters on Facebook Displaying the Picture of The Massacre?

While i was on Facebook i noticed this pattern by few Syrian Rebel Supporters whom most of them had and are still Displaying that horrific, graphic image of those some 80 children or so on there Facebook background they added that image on the top of there account as an wallpaper.
They are proudly displaying it even though the Facebook rules states the following.

"People use Facebook to share events through photos and videos. We understand that graphic imagery is a regular component of current events, but must balance the needs of a diverse community. Sharing any graphic content for sadistic pleasure is prohibited."
The source claims that he had studied at Harvard University even though he has been trolling Facebook with the Videos from Syria from the Rebels apparently.

This is the user
Warning graphic maybe not for not be for faint hearted
Seems like Saqr Omia has posted graphic content that some western mainstream news outlets wont even on bothering showing them to its own viewers but why has Saqr Omia posted as an background image at the top?

Is it because he did that for his Sadistic pleasure? you know if you wanted to remember the children who died in Houla why couldn't he just create a ribbon image for an background, that would have been a better choice but no insisted he added this image for his sadistic pleasure.

Which would that prove that the rebels or there unseen foreign mercenaries were behind the killings, its either the mercenaries whom have done it or the rebels themselves.

How ironic that this person all of the CNN TV news anchors And yes he even likes Anderson Cooper. As well he likes this strange anti-Hassan Nasrallah anti Hezbollah group on facebook.
Ironically the users pro claim that  Hezbollah is Zionist? how can they be Zionist if they are firing rockets into Israel? i am a bit lost on that.

It seems these such groups and Syrians dont even know that they are been fooled and used by western powers in a bitter fight for strategical interests on Syria.   


Written in Caps.
Notice anything familiar?

The Anti- Assad picture on His facebook remind so much of those anti Gaddafi drawings, they are very much alike.


Very familiar drawings, maybe the artist did it for both sides apparently. The other issue that i have is this, every time i try and challenge the Syrian rebel supporters i always bring up this question.

Why are there two undemocratic countries of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, helping and funding the Syrian Rebels?

Apparently  no Syrian rebel supporter was willing to answer that for me because they always seem to get aggressive when asked.

  "All these scenes coming out of #Syria & u still want to debate? Shame and disgrace on you!"

Shame on me for asking a simple question, and that fact he is afraid of debating the issues regrading Syria.

Saudis will pay salaries of rebel Syria army

Saudis will pay salaries of rebel Syria army 

Source Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army 


The Guardian did not specify sources for its report. However, it said, Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., an active supporter of the Syrian opposition, recently endorsed the idea of ensuring pay for armed Syrian opposition, though not necessarily with U.S funds.
"The plan is gaining support as weapons sent recently to rebel forces by Saudi Arabia and Qatar make a difference on battlefields in Syria."
"Saudi officials embraced the pay idea when it suggested by Arab officials in May, sources in three Arab states told the Guardian."


Its official as of this article Syrian Rebels are now not only been supported and slowly becoming a tool of America but it seems apparently that the Syrian Rebels are becoming puppet pawns of two countries that don't even, have a democratic system.
The guardian is admitting that the two undemocratic countries of Qatar,Saudi Arabia would be not only funding the Free Sryian Army, but also would be paying those or anyone planning to defect to the Rebels.
Why does Israel want the Syrian rebels to win in Syria badly,  if Israel doesn't care about the Palestinians, why are they supporting and backing the Syrian Rebels? 

Why does Saudi Arabia support the Syrian Rebels? while themselves don't have a democratic system, so why would Saudi Arabia, Qatar support the Syrian Rebels.

Its mainly due to the fact that its a proxy war against Iran, Russia,China.
CNN and other news networks have reported that Israel and America have lunched a cyber attack on Iran's Nuclear power plant grids. 

While the ongoing conflict raging in Syria.
Turkey tested Syria's Air defense systems on Friday by sending out an F4 at attitude of 200, it seems as they wanted them to shot it the plane prosperously.

Turkey has vowed retaliation but in the modern geopolitics threats of retaliations have been viewed as nothing more then "just talk" 

Saudi Arabia, Qatar also played a major role in the Libyan uprising against gaddafi, as in Syria  gaddafi was accused by western news mainstream news outlets, that gaddafi was massacring peaceful activists in benghazi.

While knowingly just a day before the actual protests started, the original protest was started against Gaddafi by just 200 people Benghazi, however in single day and night they manged to get 500 protesters so fast in a single night and day?

In Libya Gaddafi was accused of hiring mercenaries to the killings and shootings against those peaceful activists who were largely armed with the least NATO military equipment.

There have been videos,pictures coming out of Libya showing the least weapons some unseen weapons from NATO supposedly weapon arm cache carts and other countries like Qatar.

Mainstream News outlets had reported that Central Intelligence Agency officers reportedly have been working from southern Turkey since March to advise Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates which elements of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) they should arm with weaponry that includes rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles.

But President Barack Obama has had denied any involvement that America and Obama's administration supplying arms to the rebels who trying oust Al Assad from power.

Given the track record on many times  Obama's administration and NATO had lied to the general public, that they weren't arming the Libyan rebels, nor were they were ever targeting gaddafi but as NATO started its air campaign which largely they targeted innocent civilians and surrounding civilian populated areas.

President Obama's administration can deny all that he wants but the fact is America is arming the apparent bad guys, its true that Assad is neither an angel or a saint due to the fact that Assad father was responsible for the murder of ,1,000 Syrians were involved with an uprising against Hafez al-Assad, and the massacre in the city of Hama.

However it is interesting on what happened after the massacre reported by the US Dept. of State, country's profile.

"After the Hama uprising, the Islamist insurrection was broken, and the Brotherhood has since operated in exile while other factions surrendered or slipped into hiding. Government attitudes in Syria hardened considerably during the uprising, and Assad would rely more on repressive than on political tactics for the remainder of his rule, although an economic liberalization began in the 1990s"
Is this really true? are we along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar are we helping to bring out a radical, hardcore Islamist goverment into power in Syria? by starting another Islamist insurrection?
If that is the case then the banking elites aren't doing this for democracy, freedoms. So why is Sen John McCain urging and jumping into the intervention bandwagon if this would allow just so it would create another Islamist goverment who will be even worse then Assad himself.

At least we can look on the bright sight, Christians,Jews and christian Orthodox in Syria have been living peacefully side by side with Muslims, the population of Christians in Syria is a minority but generally. 
Syria is the only Arab country with a Christian population of 10%  compared to Egypt tiny christian population of 1%  Christians,Jews and christian Orthodox in Syria have been living peacefully side by side with Muslims since the 1920s.

Until now the question now is what will happen to those christian Syrians after the war if the rebels supposedly do win or unless Assad steps down? will they be massacred for not supporting the Syrian free army? punished? the rebels have and had threaten the Christians on Youtube.
The rebels have also denied the reports from christian news sources that they have  been forcing  50,000 christian families out of Homs.

But we cant just believe the words of the rebels since they claim they haven't why not just prove it then by recording a video of themselves and where these 50,000 christian families live and there churches?
Surely if it was so easy for the free Syrian Army to film the aftermath after Assad artillery shelling then maybe they could back up there own claims that they aren't forcing out Christians. 

Its only fair when the rebels are the only ones reporting the unconfirmed reports on which major mainstream news outlets cant even verify due to the restrictions on journalists. 

Even if Syria allowed the restrictions on journalists, the major news outlets journalists would be on the side of the rebels as they were in Libya.

Basically we are helping the Islamists take power again. 

Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad: Cameron

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Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad:Cameron

               Out of context Again?  

Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad Cameron 


But Cameron said Putin had shifted his view of the Syrian leader during talks with U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders at a Group of 20 summit in Mexico, and that discussions were now focused on a transition.

"What we need next is an agreement on a transitional leadership which can move Syria to a democratic future that protects the rights of all its communities."
As we have witnessed in the case of Hillary Clinton when she had accused Russia of arming Sryia and Assad with attack helicopters, which was clearly taken out of context.
And now are we witnessing another case of a western prime minster where he does the same thing as Hillary Clinton?

David Cameron who backed the Libyan rebels and visited Libya just once in Libya and personally had called the Libyan Rebels the Lions of Libya. And is now supporting the Syrian Rebel whom of them have terrorist connections.

Has proclaimed that Putin Is no longer backing Assad In Sryia, but as always the level of propaganda by Reuters doesn't surprise me.  
After Reuters has published this  policymic proclaimed that. Hillary Clinton was slowly pressuring Russia Into Opposing Assad in Syria.

Lets see on what Putin actually stated at his own press conference 

But Putin said at his own news conference at close of G20 summit: "I feel like I have to repeat our position. We believe that nobody has the right to decide for other nations who should be brought to power, who should be removed from power."

Seems to me that Hillary Clinton,David Cameron, haven't read Putin's memo, a few days ago it was reported that Putin and China were denying on about having any discussions onto opposing Assad.

I am surprised that those pretend yellow journalists haven't asked David Cameron or Obama for that on about the chaotic problems Libya is currently having.
Or the fact that why is Israel suddenly jumping in and supporting the Rebels in Sryia? Israel during the libyan conflict has been pretty much quite.

If the rebels do win somehow in Sryia, it will would create a unstable situation for the neighboring countries near Sryia, but as in Libya's case the mainstream news outlets like Reuters,CNN,BBC would just ignore Sryia and its aftermath problems as they are doing it now in Libya's case.

If Libya was such a success of an operation, you wouldn't be hearing that half of the country is been split into militarist zones.

I am not surprised CNN or FOX News hasn't reported that yet, why that would be bad for there propaganda business. But rather CNN most top story and news of the day is a boy been struck by a spear, and mercilessly he had survived the ordeal.

David Cameron spooked this line after Putin left, i guess Cameron, really couldn't even stay in for Putin's press conference

Before making his opening statement at the media press. Whats happening in Sryia is nothing more then a strategical struggle over its key location due to the fact that Sryia lays in the Mediterranean Sea.

 U.S military completes planning for Syria
CNN reported this afternoon on there blog that the Pentagon has finalized plans to attack Syria and forcefully depose its leader, Bashar al-Assad, under the cover of securing weapons of mass destruction and preventing “sectarian violence”

What a BS article by CNN
The planning was made a long time ago ..
the same way the Irak war was planned long before 9/11

With the level of condemnation the WH is making
and all the kids are being murdered in the street each days

The drum of war for Syria are finish
because they are about to unleash on syria the same kind of wars we have seen

There is a high chance now that once again
the Congress and the UN will not stop the US on Syria
the masters of Obama and Hilary are in Israel
and we know how much they want Syria out so they can go after I

"The planning comes as the U.S. has become increasingly concerned that the violence in Syria is verging on civil war. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the recent series of bombings have heightened the worry.

Dempsey said it reminded him of the escalating violence during the Iraq war.

The violence "gives us all pause that have been in Iraq and seen how these issues become sectarian and then they become civil wars and then they become very difficult to resolve," Dempsey told CNN in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

A senior U.S. official said the developments have been a matter of discussion in the Obama administration.

"There is a sense that if the sectarian violence in Syria grows, it could be worse than what we saw in Iraq," the official said.

The military planning includes a scenario for a no-fly zone as well as protecting chemical and biological sites. Officials say all the scenarios would be difficult to enact and involve large numbers of U.S. troops and extended operations.

The planning, officials insist, is being done protectively and there have been no orders for any action from the White House"
 They have downplaying Russia and China roles in this
thinking they will continue to look from far away and do nothing ..

Will Russia and China risk a big confrontation with the US
to protect Syria and Iran .. its a big gamble that Obama is risking here
are Russia and China bluffing at protecting Syria ..

Obama is willing to Risk to send in your Children to fight in Sryia for the Sake of Israel and this article just proves it.

An article by the Foreign Policy a global magazine admitted the real reason on why if there will be an intervention in Sryia what would it have been all about.

The reason may shock some of you who specifically are also pro Israeli, even though i have personally nothing against Israel  but its leaders and on what is happening now in Sryia the way that Israel is getting involved rises more questions.

 America,Britain and its European Union allies are supporting three undemocratic in the middle east, Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Qatar. America had supplied  all of these three regimes with heavy arms.

Especially in Bahrain where the dictator is crashing the opposition by the arms that america gave them. 

So much for a Noble peace prize winner that is Obama, if America does indeed go ahead with this it will be a regional war, already China,Russia have opposed military interventions and sanctions.

Seeing what is happening in Egypt and Libya, one should not forecast peace in Syria even after removal of Assad.

 Israel accuses Syria of genocide,urges intervention
 Syria conflict like Bosnia in 1990s U.K. minister says
 Source vancouversun

There you have it Israel just like William Hague are urging for intervention, yes you read the lines correctly Israel urges intervention and accuses Syria of genocide.

(In separate comments, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Syrian government was slaughtering civilians with the support of Israel’s arch-foes Iran and Hezbollah. “The world should understand what kind of environment we live in,” he said in remarks to his cabinet that were later broadcast.)

Is anyone surprised by this? i am currently am not, looks like the foreign policy magazine was right if a intervention does happen, it wont be for the Syrian people but for Israel.

Once again just like CNN has been doing it it looks like that William Hague has now compered Sryia to Bosnia as well and he urges a intervention in Syria.

The same intervention in Syria that Russia,China, Iran have been opposing since the start of the conflict and personally i would agree with the Russians on this.
If we go into Sryia we are going to open a door in the middle east and a door that might will be closed.

A door a full of bad apples.

A foreign policy magazine admitted and as well a CNN article that the real reason for a Sryian intervention wont be about the Sryian people but for Israel and due the fact Sryia is a close ally to Iran.

So in other words these so called Freedom fighters arent fighting for there freedom but they are for Israel interests as noted above.

On twitter i was just blocked by a Free Sryian Army supporter for debating  with a little awhile ago on to why and what does Israel gain in Sryia? he only replied once and then blocked me.

This is not how you debate with people. No matter looks like that the   foreign policy magazine was right when it stated even if there is an intervention it wont be for the interests of the Sryian people but for the Interests of Israel.

 Israel accuses Syria of genocide and they urged intervention on Sryia but when it comes to palestine what about the Israel war crime and genocide on the Palestinian people? thats right they arent actually Palestinians they are just created they are just Arabs.

Like how Newt Gingrich stated right? whatever or not they arabs or not what Israel is doing to the  Palestinians is not only genocide.

Its cleansing just because they live on there lands.
And because of there origins.

0:00{Peaceful looking Daraa with heavy security presence in Daraa. Ordinary citizens trying to live out there lives
0:15{Looks like small gathering of Rebels,
0:35{Scouting the security checkpoints.
0:47 Anti-Tank mortars.
1:36 English protest signs yet again, in crystal sharp white paper, sounds like to me that NGOs made it for them.
1:44: Rebels using children as tools.
2:07 looks like it was flimed in a mosque in Daraa
Date:May 4, 2012 and guess whats on the news?

Activists: Syrian troops heavily shell southern city of Daraa killing

Notice on the article how quickly it was changed to Damascus and not Dara?
"In a Daraa mosque, a father stood over his son killed in the shelling, swaddled in a blanket in a hooded sweater, amateur video showed. "I will become a suicide bomber!" the father shouted in grief."
"the recent mass killings made people see rebel fighters more as protectors against Assad's forces.
The regime has forced the rebels into the city. When they commit attacks, or massacres, or arrests, they come in to defend residents," he said"

Really rebel supporter? sadly i dont buy that. Why does it seem the mainstream news outlets always prefer to talk to the shadowy  Rebel supporters? it reminds me on how the mainstream news outlets like CNN,BBC were been one sided at the war in Bosnia.

CNN,BBC always talked over the phone to the supposed eyewitness whoever on the Bosnian Muslim/Croatians and on hearing there reports on how were the civilians.

But never did CNN,BBC or any other western news outlets cared about how were the innocent Serbian civilians doing in    Sarajevo or elsewhere in Bosnia for that matter.

  "At least 52 civilians were killed around the country outside Damascus on Saturday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based activist group."
Shelling in Syria's Daraa kills 17 overnight; UN cites carnage in Mazraat al-Qubeir

  "Syrian troops heavily shell Daraa, killing 17"
  CP24 Funny how our local news is covering it eh?

And This video i posted cant be just a coincidence, just look at the date, you think the Syrian Army really waited an month to attack on there own position?  and just to attack and kill innocent civilians?

While this video shows that the Rebels were scouting the area to attack it, in strategies scouting has always meant before an attack.

So hearing on the news that there was an Shelling attack was no surprise. But again Assad is no angel but the ones who want to replace him are far much worse then Assad.

They already have started on threatening the Sryian christian community.

While these events are happening in Sryia, meanwhile at the SNC in Turkey they are fighting over to replace a leader.

"SNC spokeswoman Basma Kodmani told Associated Press Television that the front-runner to replace Ghalioun would likely be Abdulbaset Sieda, a member of Syria's minority Kurd community."
 Thats right the leader of the SNC will be a Kurd.  Thats where the connections of Turkey comes to mind. are they trying to remake the ottoman empire?

Please due keep in mind that the Kurdish people are only a minority in Sryia and heres a map to back it up.

So Really? a Kurd will be leading the SNC in Turkey for the Sryian opposition? that doesn't seem quite right  now does  it.

 Syrian rebels tried to get me killed, says Channel 4 correspondent

Did Syrian Rebels Lure Journalists to Death Trap?
TorontoStar Syria: British journalist says rebels set him up to die in no man’s land

"Alex Thomson says crew was led to 'free-fire zone' as deaths would discredit Bashar al-Assad's regime

The chief correspondent of Channel 4 News has claimed that Syrian rebels deliberately tried to get him and his crew killed by gunfire from government forces in a bid to discredit the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Alex Thomson alleged a small group from the Free Syrian Army deliberately guided the vehicle in which he and his Channel 4 News colleagues were traveling into what he described as a  as a "free-fire zone" on a blocked road near the city of al-Qusayr, because "dead journos are bad for Damascus"."

This has been spreading quiet fast yesterday  and yet no western mainstream news media outlets like CNN, BBC,CBC has picked it up as an important news story?

That tells me a lot about the mainstream news media outlets even thought i am not surprised they arent covering it.

But our local news are? thats surprising.

Alex Thomson stated in his blog after he came back from Sryia that the rebels set up an ambush on him and the UN crew.
I am not surprised by this at all then after if the rebels succeed in there plans the mainstream news outlets would later then report on it.

As Assad forces or the shadow militia of Assad killed Reporter and UN crew
US & allies call for an military intervention on Sryia.

Lucky this didn't happen, i am glad that Alex Thomson made it back in piece.
You see people? this how these rebels, or more rather terrorists do there dirty work.
I can also say the same thing about these claim about the artillery shelling, who are really doing the shelling?

I am not surprised that CNN has been not reporting this tells you that they have an agenda that they are housing with.

This is also how the "news" is created folks. If those journalists got killed I guarantee you 110% that it would have been plastered all over the MSM front and center with a completely new spin on it, no doubt. The general public is living in a complete farce.

And they would blame all on Assad. Even though Assad is not an angle but the ones who want lead Sryia are no better then Assad. 

John McCain says US should be 'ashamed' of inaction over Syria conflict


Senator John McCain has accused Barack Obama of a "disgraceful" abandonment of Syria's revolutionaries, and called on the US administration to defy Russian objections and arm Bashar al-Assad's opponents.

The Republican former presidential candidate also called for the declaration of safe havens inside Syria, protected by US air power if necessary, after visiting refugee camps at which he said he met women who were raped and soldiers who defected to the opposition.
"The question is how many more have to die at the hands of this bloody dictator before we intervene?" he told the World at One on BBC Radio. "I think you have to arm the opposition. They are desperate for arms."

The call from McCain, who is the highest ranking Republican on the armed services committee, will increase the pressure on Obama, who is facing growing demands for stronger action over Syria following the massacre of more than 100 people in Houla last month, including scores of children and women shot execution-style in the head. The president is also being forced to fend off accusations from Republicans that he is failing to stand up to Russia and China, which have blocked tougher measures against Damascus.

The senator said that the US should not allow Moscow and Beijing to stand in the way and should act unilaterally. "We didn't need a UN resolution in Kosovo and if the United States of America and other countries are willing to turn over the decision making process to the good wishes and motivation of Russia and China then obviously we will do nothing because Russia continues not only to oppose action in the security council but continues to arm Bashar Assad. I'm not ready to base action to help people who are struggling for freedom on whether the Russians will veto any action or not in the security council."

 The senator rejected concerns from some in the US Congress that it would be dangerous to arm the Syrian opposition activists when it is not clear what their loyalties or whether they are linked to Islamic extremists. "I heard that same tune as far as Libya was concerned. I heard the same thing in Bosnia and Kosovo by those who simply have a view that we don't intervene to help people who are struggling for their freedom," he said. "These people are the direct repudiation of al-Qaida. Al-Qaida believes in acts of terror to bring about change. These people believe in peaceful demonstrations to bring about change.

"It's not that difficult to figure out. The question is will we have the intestinal fortitude to act on behalf of these people or sit by and watch."

 There you have it, once again John McCain is urging and over stepping the powers of those of a president and he doesn't believe that the Free Sryian Army and rebels are Islamic extremists? well knowingly they have threaten to kill the Christians.

  I heard the same thing in Bosnia and Kosovo by those who simply have a view that we don't intervene to help people who are struggling for their freedom,
 Really McCain? they are struggling for their freedom? thats why GW Bush endorsed them to? hardly John McCain should glad to know that Kosovo is a cleansed state of all christian Serbs.

Its a pure Albanian state.

Yes i can see what kind of struggling for their freedom like Bosnia was doing,huge unemployment rates, increasing rates of nation spread state crimes, drug trafficking,just like in Kosovo.

A recent Foreign Policy Magazine issue already admitted what the rebels are fighting for isn't about struggling for their freedom, hats pure nonsense.

Its about Israel. Not freedom.

The mainstream news outlets are giving Senator John McCain, more free air time on his last year as a Senator for the armed services committee and those other senators who act above the president.

Is once again urging for an military intervention, while ignoring the terrorist threats in Sryia knowingly that the terrorists like al-Qaida are already in Sryia as reported by the mainstream news outlets a few months ago.

Noticed in the article where it states the following,
 "Syrian opposition activists when it is not clear what their loyalties or whether they are linked to Islamic extremists"

Here's what John McCain.

"I'm always puzzled by statements from our administration and others that they don't want to militarise the conflict. Well Russian arms shipments continue to come in. Iranians are on the ground assisting them. They have tanks and artillery supplied by the Russians and others against people who demonstrate peacefully.
Really John McCain so people who started taking arms and again your Arm the rebels arm weapons including the weapons from the Libyan conflict.

They are only peaceful protesters demonstrating? unfortunately i am not buying that claim, in John McCain mind he doesn't seem to able to tell the difference between a protester and a non protester who is starting to kill people,military personal for whatever the purpose maybe.

Seems to me that that line is almost like self admitting  argument that we are supporting the terrorists groups and terrorist leaders like  Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Back a few months ago on February news outlets like CNN and others have reported that  Ayman al-Zawahiri has stated in video message that he called on Muslims in  Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to join fight against 'pernicious, cancerous regime'

Turkey now i wonder whats located in Turkey  thats right its the Syrian National Council location, more specifically in Istanbul

But i cant still get rid off that GW Bush endorsement for the Free Sryian Army that was the moment i thought something isn't right about the picture.

It is tragic what is happening in Sryia, but with these questions, and uncertainty its best to avoid the such conflicts. The more we get involved wars the more we will cause more problems then a  solution.

But in John McCain Mind thinking pattern War and Chaos are the only things he seeks in the name of Israel and America's Money Interests.

NATO,Serbs Clash In Kosovo, 4 injured NATO authorized to use deadly force

 At least three Serbs and one NATO soldier were injured in a gunfight in Northern Kosovo as NATO Kosovo Force attempted to dismantle Serb roadblocks. Reports said soldiers from the NATO-led contingent had fired rubber bullets or live rounds and tear gas after rioters threw stones at a roadblock near the town of Zvecan in a Serb-dominated northern area of Kosovo.

Oliver Ivanovic, the official dealing with Kosovo in Serbia's outgoing government, said three Serbs had been injured.

“One KFOR [Kosovo Force] soldier has been wounded, has been evacuated and he is stable,” said NATO spo
Source RT

Here are some twitter tweets on this. People who are there are watching this happening and tweeting the tweets.

There are facebook Serbians trying to report on what is happening but there accounts are been closed down by facebook

(Facebook accounts of many Serbs shut down while NATO is cracking down on the Serb civilians in #kosovo! @RealAlexJones)

(Why is #Serbia -n newspaper #Pravda shut down today when #NATO is shooting at Serbs in #Kosovo !!!??)
(Gunfire still heard in #Zvecan! Very tense. Reports of #NATO troops ammasing to attack #Mitrovica. #Kosovo #Serbia)

(Reports of #NATO troops kidnapped three Serbian civilians in #Rudare. #Kosovo #Serbia)

Don't expect to hear this on CNN today, seeing how they are very busy doing the war propaganda on Sryia.

Even if you do hear or see it on CNN, CNN will just blame the Serbs as they always do.
From what i have been hearing NATO is authorized to use deadly force agaisnt innocent unarmed Serbs who only they made a roadblock.

The area in which where this is happening is in the north of Kosovo the last area where there are Serbs left.
If NATO forces really do drive out all the Serbs out that are in North of Kosovo you think CNN will even care to notice? hardly not.

Unless a Serb attacks NATO then they will report it, but when NATO is attacking innocent unarmed Serbs civilians, it seems to CNN thats a none news story event for them.

Yet CNN has no problem fingering pointing blaming the massacre in Sryia on Assad without any proof, i am pretty much sadden on what Journalism has became.

There are images on twitter showing how NATO is willing and ready to kill every Serb innocent civilian that a few remain in Kosovo.

I am very sadden and angry by this, and the way journalism has became, its no longer  about journalism its about  propaganda.

Here is the video posted on YouTube, which CNN has refused to show to the public.

In the video an NATO APC vehicle, a solider on top of the unit as fired upon an unarmed old civilian man, as the footage is short, blood can be seen on the footage. 

There has been reports by people who live there that there has been reports of Gun shots everywhere, screaming, helicopters flying overhead.

On Twitter there is some news spreading about a possibility that NATO is planning an attack.

(Dozens of #NATO helicopters in the air of north #Kosovo. Reports of NATO preparing air invasion on #Mitrovica.)

Thats the rumor that has been spreading today on twitter, there are also tweets that serbs who tired on reporting the events onto facebook with there accounts couldn't, because they were been  either block, or deleted.
(Facebook accounts of many Serbs shut down while NATO is cracking down on the Serb civilians in #kosovo)
The timing of the NATO operation agaisnt Serbs in the area of Mitrovica,Kosovo is recently quite questionable, in regrading to the events in Sryia.

CNN has ignored the story out of Kosovo and that to me is not surprising.
If it was that a Serb was doing the shooting at NATO that would have been the story all day long at CNN and other news outlets.

But if its NATO trying to kill innocent unarmed civilians with deadly force that isn't news.