Croatian Company Scout D.O.O Is Possibly Arming The Free Syrian Army In Syria

Croatian Company Scout D.O.O is the one arm dealers company possibly arming the Free Syrian Army fighters within in Syria.

According to the recent records of the Croatian Company Scout D.O.O, the Croatian Company Scout D.O.O has made 39 Total shipments made from July 01, 2007 to February 14, 2013. The most recent  February 14, 2013. Which it raises the question whose arming the FSA in Syria?

Closely connected to that issue is what has being currently occurring on in Croatia. Small, privately owned company, situated in one flat in Zagreb is being connected by AI with arms dealing from
Bosnia to Iraq.


200,000 guns the US sent to Iraqi security forces may have been smuggled to terrorists, it was feared yesterday.
The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown out from a US base in Bosnia. But the four planeloads of arms have vanished.
Orders for the deal to go ahead were given by the US Department of Defense. But the work was contracted out via a complex web of private arms traders.

And the Moldovan airline used to transport the shipment was blasted by the UN in 2003 for smuggling arms to Liberia, human rights group Amnesty has discovered.
It follows a separate probe claiming that thousands of guns meant for Iraq's police and army instead went to al-Qaeda
Amnesty chief spokesman Mike Blakemore said: "It's unbelievable that no one can account for 200,000 assault rifles. If these weapons have gone missing it's a terrifying prospect." American defence chiefs hired a US firm to take the guns, from the 90s Bosnian war, to Iraq.

But air traffic controllers in Baghdad have no record of the flights, which supposedly took off between July 2004 and July 2005. A coalition forces spokesman confirmed they had not received "any weapons from Bosnia" and added they were "not aware of any purchases for Iraq from Bosnia". Nato and US officials have already voiced fears that Bosnian arms - sold by US, British and Swiss firms - are being passed to insurgents. A Nato spokesman said: "There's no tracking mechanism to ensure they don't fall into the wrong hands. There are concerns that some may have been siphoned off." This year a newspaper claimed two UK firms were involved in a deal in which thousands of guns for Iraqi forces were re-routed to al-Qaeda.

Maybe there is some connection to the mentioned story from 2006 to what has being recently discovered by the Syrian Arab Army on their gains in Daraa city.  When the Syrian Arab Army had recaptured the areas held by the Armed Brigades and Terrorist Allies.  They had recently
discovered several arms that were in Balakn origin, mainly Croatian origin. 

As stated in the article around well over some 200,000 weapons according to the report mainly AK47s were reported to have fallen into the hands of terrorists.

It goes on to state The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown out from a US base in Bosnia. Orders for the deal to go ahead were given by the US Department of Defense. However a few years onwards  they stated that they had received no such arms from Bosnia and they further they were not aware  of any purchases for Iraq From Bosnia.

Despite the stated facts and evidence all the arms that were meant to be delivered to the Iraq's police and army were never delivered instead went to the Terrorists that were still fighting in Iraq. The report also further states that the American defence chiefs hired a US firm to take the guns, from the 90s Bosnian war, to Iraq.

If This Firm has Being Designed to take away the guns from 90s Bosnian War to Iraq and elsewhere where are the main weapons being sent to?

According to a Croatian news outlet hina a news article from 2006.

Small Croatian company involved in arms transfer from BiH to Iraq. 
BRUSSELS, May 11 (Hina) - Croatia has no information about business activities of the Zagreb-based Scout d.o.o. company which, according to Amnesty International, had been involved in the arms transfer from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Iraq through the southern Croatian port of Ploce, Croatia Interior Minister Ivica Kirin said in Brussels on Thursday.

Has highlighted we can suspect if Croatia has no information nor whereabouts of business activities of the Zagreb-based Scout d.o.o. company how can we then say positively that the weapons have may gone to the right groups? if a country's government has no information nor whereabouts of business activities then that is worrisome most surely.

According to a intelligence, shipment tracking website. It states that Scout D.O.O has made over 39 total shipments. As stated previously most recent shipment was made on February 14, 2013. Two weeks as soon after Croatia had recognized the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the as the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

The Arms and shipment tracking website further shows that Scout D.O.O has only one major customer Tr&Z Usa Trading this same customer has at least 5 other major suppliers on the third of those list Scout D.O.O.

Top Orders Tr&Z Usa Trading

The shipment tracking website also shows top product terms from customs data, which surprisingly the main product terms for Tr&Z Usa Trading were cartridges,weapons, innert. As it is in the case of Scout d.o.o. company.

Tr&Z Usa Trading  last shipment was on February 14,2013, surprisingly three days before minor pushes by the Free Syrian Army Brigades in the northeast of Syria. There is  some more interesting detail about this firm Tr&Z Usa Trading.

TR&Z USA Trading Corporation is the exclusive importer for PPU (Prvi Partizan) ammunition in North America and operates under a long term agreement insuring exclusivity. This agreement also provides for PPU production and market stability through TR&Z's efficient distribution system containing many highly respected outlets.

TR&Z USA Trading Corporation was established over 16 years ago and has become an industry leader in the importation and distribution of high quality small arms ammunition. These products are made under strictest industry standards using the latest production procedures and provide the shooter with optimum results and confidence.

Croatia was quick to recognize the Syrian National Coalition as the sole representative of the Syrian people, and it is a member of the Friends of Syria umbrella group.

We can safely assume this is where some Free Syrian Army Brigades get their western style weapons from but of course Tr&Z Usa Trading may not be just the only firm that sells the light weapons to the Free Syrian Army Brigades. But it seems the  small  Croatian Company Scout D.O.O.

May have shipped the former Croatian/Yugoslavian heavy weapons to the al-Farouq Brigade, due to to the facts.The M60 recoilless gun, the M79 Osa rocket launcher, the RPG-22 rocket launcher and the Milkor MGL/RBG-6 grenade launcher hadn’t been shown in any opposition videos until the new year.

We can assume there is some connection to the Croatian Gov recognizting of the SNCROF and timely planned  of arms delivering to the to the al-Farouq Brigade.  According to EA Worldview they see this al-Farouq Briagde as "moderates" i wouldn't be quite to sure about them being moderates. This same al-Farouq Brigade has being involved in several controversies last year. 

An article by  Michael Weiss he stated.

"But even assuming that Zagreb isn’t directly or indirectly supplying these arms to Syria, might a hitherto unknown arms dealer – Croatian or otherwise, state or non-state – now be working directly with a regional intermediary who is supplying them? If so, how is it that this arms dealer has managed to negotiate relatively smooth supply routes through both Jordan and Turkey? "

I could easily the question the arms dealer has managed to negotiate relatively smooth supply routes through both Jordan and Turkey in the same way how the missing 200,000 assault rifles may had ended up in the hands of the Jihadist terrorist cells within Iraq or towards other  militants in other  middle east countries that is bordering Iraq.

Of course the real reason possibly why Croatia had recognized the  Syrian National Coalition was due Croatia's INA used to mine oil in Syria, until it pulled out of the contractual obligations. The minster was not happy.

The other possibility how the al-Farouq Briagde got their arms is through Benghazi, their is apparently a book that came out this week written by two former Green Berets who make the case that the whole Benghazi incident wherein US Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed had something to do with a CIA operation whereby we were purchasing weapons from Libyian militia who had fought against Ghadaffi for shipment to Turkey and from Turkey to the FSA. Apparently the US restriction on the purchase was that the weapons would not flow to the jihadists fighting in Syria, but only to the "moderate" elements of the FSA and for this reason, the jihadists in Libya mounted and waged the attack on the US mission at Benghazi to show their displeasure that fellow jihadists in Syria were being cut out by the US program.
With that we still it seems that we haven't learned anything from the Libyan conflict nor have we learned anything about avoiding the same as we did in  Libya by either assisting the fighters militarily or arming them.

But it seems our western leaders whatever they are from, they seem to not care at all about the aftermath nor the deadly consequences awaiting if Assad falls. The western G20 leaders main concern and goal is to find someone more suitable to their sphere of influence and agenda in the region with Qatar and other Arab Gulf  Regime States.

Terrorist Attack in Damascus  kills 55,Mostly Were School Students and Adults waiting in Line for Buses, British  SOHR Gave No Further details on the Terrorist Attack in Damascus which killed more then 53, had left  250 injured. 

According to the residents and Syrian Twitter users who are living in Damascus there were four explosions per to the terrorist attack in Damascus near to the  headquarters of Syria's ruling Baath party and Russian embassy.

Majority of other News Outlets have left out to mention the attack in Damascus also happened near schools and mosque in the area. 

The car bombing, which injured at least 200 people, was the deadliest attack inside Damascus in nine months and within hours, two other bombings and a mortar attack on the military compound followed.

While no one group has claimed responsibility, the attacks suggest that rebel fighters who have gotten bogged down in their attempts to storm the capital are resorting to guerrilla tactics to loosen Assad's grip on the capital.

During the earlier day today.  
"The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two car bombs had exploded near security centers in Barzeh. It gave no further details"

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which supposedly relies on a network of anti-regime activists inside Syria It gave no further details on the attack but of course CBC as you could see in the article they edited it to make it look like as if  the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave details but why has then CBC edited the article late?

From earlier today.
"The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two car bombs had exploded near security centers in Barzeh. It gave no further details"

The edited part.
The Observatory, which relies on a network of anti-regime activists inside Syria, said two car bombs had exploded near security centers in Barzeh, followed by intense clashes between rebels and security forces..

Russia's News outlet RIA Novosti news agency quoted a Russian Embassy official as saying the Embassy building had been damaged in the blast but no one was hurt. the leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was also hurt in the attack was sent to hospital.

At the same time the Free Syrian Army denied any responsibility for today's terrorist attack which had left  53 dead and 250 injured only further questioning why they are denying it and blaming the recent attack on the Syrian Assad Government.

The opposition Damascus Media Office reports that the Free Syrian Army has "denied responsibility for the blast and blamed it on the regime".

Its also interesting to note that  the guardian quoted and cited a news outlet yalibnan . Ya Libnan was founded by volunteers in Lebanon immediately after the assassination of Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005. Since its inception, Ya Libnan has transformed from a blog-style format maintained by three volunteers to an official news site that is supported by over 100 multi-national volunteers.

In this article by Ya Libnan they cite CNN to date i could not find any such articles on CNN.
From Ya Libnan.

Damascus car bomb killed kids. Re

The blast seemed a mockery of the truce that the Syrian government and rebels agreed to abide by earlier this week. The truce, negotiated by the United Nations’ special envoy to Syria, was supposed to last during Eid al-Adha, the four-day Muslim holiday that celebrates the end of the Hajj. A Syrian purportedly at the scene captured a video and posted it on YouTube.
CNN cannot verify that the footage is authentic, just like so many amateur videos shot during a war in which foreign journalists have been blocked from covering.
Rebels said the blast went off near a playground.

This kind of violence isn’t normal in a neighborhood such as Zouhr, a government-held stronghold. Zouhr has been generally quiet; there are still pockets in the capital city that have avoided chaos.
That explains why parents might believe that they could safely bring their kids to a playground to celebrate Eid. There’s a mosque nearby, and it’s customary to gather with family and pray to mark the holiday.
About 15 minutes after the blast, Syria security forces showed up and shot directly at someone filming the scene, a source who CNN has spoken with before inside Syria recounted. CNN is not naming her to protect her safety.

The release came a week after rebel fighters told Al Jazeera news agency that they would agree to a proposed cease-fire only if the government were to release detainees, end a siege in the city of Homs and halt aerial attacks.
CNN today had written no such articles. Its  interesting to note the added text here
"Video on YouTube purportedly shows men walking down a street in Damascus carrying guns. Constant gunfire can be heard as well as a man repeatedly saying “Allahu Akbar,” or God is great."

Is actually an text from an CNN article from 4 months ago, They cited this quote not from today but from an article added by CNN on October 26, 2012.

Western Media s Pravda Like Lies on Syria Bombing 

Then the question should be raised is there an actual confirmation of denial by the FSA groups in Damascus?

Russia on Thursday had accused US over UN statement on Syria attack.

Russia on Thursday accused US diplomats of blocking a UN Security Council condemnation of a bomb attack in the Syrian capital that left at least 59 dead.

Russia's UN mission said the United States "encourages" militant attacks by blocking the council's statements on attacks in Syria. Diplomats said however that Russia had in turn refused to include language criticizing ally President Bashar al-Assad.

UN leader Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack and others in the Syrian capital. Britain, France thus far has not yet condemned the attack and others in the Syrian capital.

The British British News Outlet Guardian Lied and Misquoted Jihad Makdissi by claiming that he has defected but an aljazeera article states he hasn't. 

No where in Jihad Makdissi statements is he confirming that he has defected here's a snapshot of the  

Makdissi confirms defection.

 In regrades to the guardian where in Jihad Makdissi statement where he mentions the following, “honest brothers who are helping the Syrian people overcome their humanitarian crisis with no discrimination”.

Notice how he used  the words to phrase it? "honest brothers who are helping the Syrian people overcome their humanitarian crisis with no discrimination”. Are the Western funded and Gulf armed Free Syrian Army anywhere near as  honest brothers whom are helping Syrian people overcoming there their humanitarian crisis with no discrimination.

The answer is no, with that in mind whom is  Jihad Makdissi referring to?  they could be no other then the Syrian Arab Red Crescent which are Saving people's lives and overcoming there
humanitarian crisis with no discrimination.

No where in Jihad Makdissi statements did he say that he defected, surprisingly the guardian didn't want to use  aljazeera article for references and quotes from Jihad Makdissi regrading his position.

"I joined no one; I am independent," Makdissi said, adding that he did not possess any state secrets and was not part of the decision-making process in the regime.

The Guardian did not include the single quote.

Damascus  Clashes Exaggerated by The Mainstream News Outlets, Blacklisted Al-Nusra Front Reportedly Joined The Fight in Damascus.

On Thursday & Friday major news outlets reported Fierce clashes reported in Damascus as reported. Fierce clashes broke out in Damascus, Syria, between rebel forces and the Syrian military Wednesday after a relative lull in fighting that lasted several weeks.
Rebel fighters attacked forces loyal to President Bashar ­al-Assad in Abaseen Square in central Damascus as well as in several neighborhoods surrounding the capital, according to opposition activists.

On Wednesday,Feb 6 two suicide car bombs struck offices of Syrian military intelligence and the Interior Ministry’s intelligence arm, the General Security Directorate, in the central city of Palmyra, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than 20, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a watchdog group.

Interestingly enough some of our mainstream news outlets had removed any references to the recently, Blacklisted Al-Nusra Front Jihadist terrorists which are a large group of fighters within the Free Syrian Army ranks. An Article by the  dailystar reported.

Rebels launch ‘epic’ battle for Damascus

"With terrified residents reporting the sound of intense shelling and gunfire across the city from mid-morning until well into the evening, many chose to hide indoors and kept children away from school.
A statement from the rebel Military Revolutionary Council in Damascus issued an online warning to city residents to stay indoors, and declared areas of Damascus a “war zone.”
“To our people in Damascus, please do not go out and walk outside in the streets and neighborhoods unless for important purposes, especially in the targeted areas ... in order not to be a burden on the FSA and so that the regime do not use you as human shields,” the statement read.
“We flatly declare the southern areas and some of the areas in Damascus as war zones until further notice.”
Six rebel groups from the Eastern Ghota district announced they had launched a united push to “liberate” areas around the southern Ring Road, bisected by the Jobar neighborhood, which links the eastern rebel strongholds with the central Abbasid Square."

There are issues with this article at the bottom at the start in the  article it claims that there are six rebel groups from the Eastern Ghota district which of course they had announced to launch operation "epic" this article and these lines there which are written by Lauren Williams.

Makes no references to the Al Nusra Front which have joined the other six rebel Islamist groups, other mainstream news outlets had reportedly differently and with no mention of the Al Nusra Front in them thus the guardian was the one whom reported it earlier in last week.

Interestingly even without the mention of the Al Nusra Front in this article, in the article it mentions an Islamist based Free Syrian Army Brigade which no doubts is not the only Islamist FSA "rebel group"

“The heaviest fighting is taking place in Jobar because it is the key to the heart of Damascus,” Captain Islam Alloush of the rebel Islam Brigade told Reuters.
Videos posted online showed dozens of rebels collecting in the area with rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers as well as rebel attacks on army checkpoints with heavy-caliber machine guns mounted on pickup trucks. Intense gunfire was heard in the background of another video while local mosques repeatedly broadcast “God is great” as a battle cry."
Isn't that reassuring? the Islam Brigade how does this group sound democratic, however Lauren Williams does not include whatever or not they are democratic Lauren in order to justify the Free Syrian Army failures with two  attacks on Damascus, including the damascus volcano which that never was a volcano.

Lauren Williams stated.
"A disorganized rebel advance on the city failed last year, but this time opposition fighters have established supply lines to support their offensive."

This the new excuse by our MSM, for why the disorganized rebel advance on the city failed last year, its because they haven't established supply line to support there nonexistent advance.   The most questionable part in regrading this report by daily star is this part.

"Locals’ accounts told a different story. “We woke up this morning to the sound of fierce battles,” said a Jobar resident who had fled to another Damascus neighborhood."

Is the the dailystar actually citing actual residents whom lived or rather lived in Jobar or is the daily start actually citing the rebel fighters which are moving to different neighborhoods as soon the Syrian Arab Army start advancing if that is indeed the case that would explain the majority of the exaggerated reports by the mainstream news outlets that are advancing in Damascus.

If the "Locals" are actually  just fighters moving to cover themselves by moving into different  neighborhoods then that would explain why the mainstream news outlets are always citing them in there news articles, notice how in almost every news article they always cite the opposition  "Locals" they never cite the locals who are living in the pro regime areas, why is that?

It would have been interesting to see and to hear what the other side are saying, thinking while they are the ones whom are being attacked by the Free Syrian Army and its Islamist Brigades.

In this  report by Lauren Williams, Lauren is trying to justify a car bomb attack in Damascus.
With the sound of gunfire and shelling echoing across the city, Damascus remained quiet. Few cars were on the roads and many shops were closed.
The push for the capital coincided with two car bomb blasts in the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria. One targeted the local branch of Syria’s military intelligence agency, killing at least 19 security officers and wounding many more. A second, apparently coordinated bomb hit another security office.

Lauren Williams is trying to justify a car bomb attack in Damascus,Palmyra by claiming that the rebels were just targeting legitimate targets while at the same time ignoring the civilian casualties caused by the car bombs.

As i stated earlier  this report by Lauren Williams and few other articles  completely whitewash which supposedly "Rebel groups are attacking Damascus the  guardian while tweeting Hassan Hassan shows which groups are attacking Damascus and all of the six rebel groups are Islamist based FSA Brigades.

Rebel groups have declared the start of the battle to liberate Damascus, amid more reports of fighting in the city.
Syrian journalist Hassan Hassan tweeted:
With the recently Blacklisted AlNusra Front, apparently it seems that blacklisting terrorist organizations does nothing.  Other residents whom are in Damascus and are living over Friday and on the weekend reported no such clashes as the ones we are seeing in these articles and which we are seeing on the news.

Syrian Arab Army ratakes town in Damascus.
TROOPS have overrun a rebel town and are locked in a second day of fierce clashes around Damascus, as Islamic states urged Syria's regime and its foes to hold "serious" talks to end the bloodshed. 
"Opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib has offered to hold peace talks with Syria's Vice President Faruq al-Sharaa, but Damascus has so far ignored the initiative and intensified attacks on rebel bastions.

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, meanwhile, admitted for the first time on Thursday that the Pentagon had backed proposals to arm the rebels, but the White House rejected the idea on fears of the risks involved, the New York Times reported.
After a 16-day onslaught, troops retook Karnaz on the strategic Damascus-Aleppo highway, said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The outgunned rebel "fighters withdrew from Karnaz, which they seized in December last year, after heavy fighting and regular forces regained control", he told AFP."

When the Syrian Arab Army makes militaristic gains on the ground in Syria western mainstream news outlets do not report it, as in there standards they are seen by our western mainstream news outlets as the enemy therefore they do not deserve the air coverage.

To date it seems that some of the majority of the western news outlets  have not only being defending the Free Syrian Army and there uses of Child Soldiers,Car Bombs but it seems that they will never learn or admit there own reporting and miss accuracy of there reports regrading the war crimes committed by the opposition while on film.

Reports. The Associated Press and Britain-based Syrian Observatory. Islamist FSA Brigades have reportedly taken Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo.

According to the The Associated Press and other news outlets citing the British-based Syrian Observatory has claimed.  Syrian rebels captured a strategic neighborhood near Aleppo's international airport on Saturday, putting opposition fighters in control of a key road that the regime has used to ferry supplies and reinforcements to soldiers fighting in the embattled northern city, activists said.

The Syrian Arab Army and rebels have been locked in a deadly stalemate in Aleppo, Syria's largest urban center and main commercial hub, since an opposition assault last summer. Seven months later, the rebels hold large parts of the city and its outskirts, including several army bases, but they have been unable to overcome the regime's far superior firepower.

The capturing of the Sheik Said neighborhood, southeast of Aleppo, is a significant blow to regime forces because the area includes a major road, linking the northern city with the airport. The army has used the road to supply troops.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebels captured the area Saturday after several days of fierce battles with Assad's troops. Rebels have previously established enclaves outside Syria's major cities to threaten the regime, including near the capital, Damascus, but they were later attacked by Assad's fighter jets and artillery.
Regarding the least claims that the FSA have reportedly taken  Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. The Western Mainstream News Outlets did not mention nor stated which factions were behind the take of Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo However. Surprisingly the Britain-based Syrian Observatory has stated the following on there facebook page.

"Aleppo province: Rebel fighters from several factions took hold of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city after 12 days of clashes with regular forces and pro regime militants in the neighourhood which led to the death of 26 rebel fighters and dozens of casualties and injuries form regular soldiers and pro regime militants. Intermittent gunshots are heard in several areas of the neighbourhood after rebel fighters mopped the streets of the neighbourhood."

The report claims FSA fighters from several factions took hold of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city after 12 days of clashes with the Syrian Arab Army and Pro Syrian
militants whom were defending the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city.

In These reports that stated where FSA reportedly had taken Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. It also states that the civilians in the Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. Fled prior to the FSA Sevreal factions take over of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city.

Major Mainstream News Outlets shilling & covering for the FSA Islamist based bridges in Aleppo.

Noticed how the major news outlets and its writers are describing the fighters who supposedly whom took hold of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city? they are describing them as " Rebel fighters from several factions"

Now why would  Barbara Surk of the AP  describe them as fighters from several factions? why hasn't the writer simply done its  job as editor, writer and write down which factions do these fighters belong to.

Are the Major News Outlets shilling for the Free Syrian Army Islamist based bridges whom are in Aleppo?  if so why couldn't any of the Major News Outlets and its writers even mention just one Brigades which supposedly took control al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo this Friday and if the supposedly capture of the  al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo was reported by the
Britain-based Syrian Observatory.

Why have all our mainstream news outlets reported as news today? mainly the reason i believe the reason that the mainstream news outlets reposed the supposedly capture of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo today.

Is because of the Munich Security Conference. In which the mainstream news outlets wanted to have a complete news article by making the reader believe that the Syrian Arab Army forces whom the MSM refers as "Assad Loyalists" are losing the conflict and have been for two years.

If that is an accurate picture of the situation on the ground why dont the mainstream news outlets ever report on the victories made by the Syrian Arab Army? or report from the Syrians who do not support the Free Syrian Army in Army?

Ever Since the Balkan wars had ended we were left with a one sided prescriptive in which we will never hear from the other side and to see, hear what they want and what are there thoughts this is where our so called western modern journalism fails.

Rebel commander admits 70% of Aleppo supports Assad

Since the battle for Aleppo had begin in 2012 Summer during the month of august every news outlets were surprised to find that the majority of Syrians supported and still support Assad even in the areas where the FSA are occupying.  Last year the guardian reported the following regrading the Battle for Aleppo.

"More than a month into the battle for Aleppo, the rebels who seized control of much of the city sense that its residents do not yet fully support them. Opposition fighters – around 3,000 of them – are almost the only people moving around the eastern half that the Free Syrian Army now controls. The small numbers of non-fighters who remain seem to pay them little heed. Few seem openly welcoming.
"Yes it's true," said Sheikh Tawfik Abu Sleiman, a rebel commander sitting on the ground floor of his fourth new headquarters – the other three were bombed. "Around 70% of Aleppo city is with the regime. It has always been that way. The countryside is with us and the city is with them. We are saying that we will only be here as long as it takes to get the job done, to get rid of the Assads. After that, we will leave and they can build the city that they want."
But as with ever articles from the guardian regrading Syria it comes with the one sided narrative

"We can hear them and sometimes we insult each other," said Mohammed Jou, a carpenter turned rebel from the Aleppo countryside.

Since the Libyan conflict we had been hearing the claims on the news how that the Rebels in Syria  are nothing more then ordinary civilians and youth whom are angry with the government. But in Syria's case that is different as it was different in Libya's case.

In this report by Martin Chulov whom was in Aleppo during summer further stated that his guardian team had witnessed saw four such fighters – a Saudi, a Pakistani, an Algerian and a Senegalese man.

Regardless on what Martin Chulov guardian team had witnessed the western mainstream news outlets reactions to the fact that there are Islamist FSA based bridges had being null. With other news outlets claiming.
That the presence of foreign fighters are just in over a one thousands. As stated by several Think Tanks which they still deny the  presences of any Islamist elements within the Free Syrian Army.

Videos From AMC show Islamist FSA Fighters in southern Aleppo.

Since the Major Western Mainstream News Outlets wont posting the videos on whom the fighters were i will be including the videos from AMC. And the fighters look Islamists judging by there headband wear.

The other most interesting fact about these videos that are on YouTube regrading Sheik Said neighborhood  southern Aleppo. Is how short they are and quick comparing them to the other videos which are posted by the fighters.

And in one of those videos shows an elder of the neighborhood talking with the Islamist fighter and the other most disturbing shows the Islamist fighters in a room with young boys over at the age of 10
sitting with the Islamist fighters listening  to another boy on a table singing a song.

Al-Nusra Front Gaining small Ground in Southern Aleppo?

This video from Aleppo Media Center shows which faction took control of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of southern Aleppo on Friday

There are only 4 to 5 videos regrading the supposed capture of al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of southern Aleppo on Friday, unlike in the other previous Aleppo Media Center videos, this time they were careful on not revealing any detailed information on which FSA Islamist Brigades were  responsible for the supposed capture of al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of southern Aleppo on Friday.

However judging the videos on the there news blog site it seems there are lot of videos showing the Al Nusra Front  and the other Islamist FSA based Brigades for example an Pro FSA protest showing the Jihadist symbol on a Flag.

Which is why this led to the conclusion that the ones who reportedly had taken Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. Were fighters from the Islamist based FSA  Brigades.

This wouldn't being the first time that the mainstream news outlets are shelling the Islamist based FSA  Brigades.