Terrorist Attack in Damascus  kills 55,Mostly Were School Students and Adults waiting in Line for Buses, British  SOHR Gave No Further details on the Terrorist Attack in Damascus which killed more then 53, had left  250 injured. 

According to the residents and Syrian Twitter users who are living in Damascus there were four explosions per to the terrorist attack in Damascus near to the  headquarters of Syria's ruling Baath party and Russian embassy.

Majority of other News Outlets have left out to mention the attack in Damascus also happened near schools and mosque in the area. 

The car bombing, which injured at least 200 people, was the deadliest attack inside Damascus in nine months and within hours, two other bombings and a mortar attack on the military compound followed.

While no one group has claimed responsibility, the attacks suggest that rebel fighters who have gotten bogged down in their attempts to storm the capital are resorting to guerrilla tactics to loosen Assad's grip on the capital.

During the earlier day today.  
"The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two car bombs had exploded near security centers in Barzeh. It gave no further details"

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which supposedly relies on a network of anti-regime activists inside Syria It gave no further details on the attack but of course CBC as you could see in the article they edited it to make it look like as if  the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave details but why has then CBC edited the article late?

From earlier today.
"The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two car bombs had exploded near security centers in Barzeh. It gave no further details"

The edited part.
The Observatory, which relies on a network of anti-regime activists inside Syria, said two car bombs had exploded near security centers in Barzeh, followed by intense clashes between rebels and security forces..

Russia's News outlet RIA Novosti news agency quoted a Russian Embassy official as saying the Embassy building had been damaged in the blast but no one was hurt. the leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was also hurt in the attack was sent to hospital.

At the same time the Free Syrian Army denied any responsibility for today's terrorist attack which had left  53 dead and 250 injured only further questioning why they are denying it and blaming the recent attack on the Syrian Assad Government.

The opposition Damascus Media Office reports that the Free Syrian Army has "denied responsibility for the blast and blamed it on the regime".

Its also interesting to note that  the guardian quoted and cited a news outlet yalibnan . Ya Libnan was founded by volunteers in Lebanon immediately after the assassination of Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005. Since its inception, Ya Libnan has transformed from a blog-style format maintained by three volunteers to an official news site that is supported by over 100 multi-national volunteers.

In this article by Ya Libnan they cite CNN to date i could not find any such articles on CNN.
From Ya Libnan.

Damascus car bomb killed kids. Re

The blast seemed a mockery of the truce that the Syrian government and rebels agreed to abide by earlier this week. The truce, negotiated by the United Nations’ special envoy to Syria, was supposed to last during Eid al-Adha, the four-day Muslim holiday that celebrates the end of the Hajj. A Syrian purportedly at the scene captured a video and posted it on YouTube.
CNN cannot verify that the footage is authentic, just like so many amateur videos shot during a war in which foreign journalists have been blocked from covering.
Rebels said the blast went off near a playground.

This kind of violence isn’t normal in a neighborhood such as Zouhr, a government-held stronghold. Zouhr has been generally quiet; there are still pockets in the capital city that have avoided chaos.
That explains why parents might believe that they could safely bring their kids to a playground to celebrate Eid. There’s a mosque nearby, and it’s customary to gather with family and pray to mark the holiday.
About 15 minutes after the blast, Syria security forces showed up and shot directly at someone filming the scene, a source who CNN has spoken with before inside Syria recounted. CNN is not naming her to protect her safety.

The release came a week after rebel fighters told Al Jazeera news agency that they would agree to a proposed cease-fire only if the government were to release detainees, end a siege in the city of Homs and halt aerial attacks.
CNN today had written no such articles. Its  interesting to note the added text here
"Video on YouTube purportedly shows men walking down a street in Damascus carrying guns. Constant gunfire can be heard as well as a man repeatedly saying “Allahu Akbar,” or God is great."

Is actually an text from an CNN article from 4 months ago, They cited this quote not from today but from an article added by CNN on October 26, 2012.

Western Media s Pravda Like Lies on Syria Bombing 

Then the question should be raised is there an actual confirmation of denial by the FSA groups in Damascus?

Russia on Thursday had accused US over UN statement on Syria attack.

Russia on Thursday accused US diplomats of blocking a UN Security Council condemnation of a bomb attack in the Syrian capital that left at least 59 dead.

Russia's UN mission said the United States "encourages" militant attacks by blocking the council's statements on attacks in Syria. Diplomats said however that Russia had in turn refused to include language criticizing ally President Bashar al-Assad.

UN leader Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack and others in the Syrian capital. Britain, France thus far has not yet condemned the attack and others in the Syrian capital.


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