RussiaToday CNN Contributor Salutes Marines for Urnating Dead Afghans

Once Again CNN showing itself zero respects for Human Rights hey Dana Loesch what the US Marines did, was disrespectful to dead, it doesn't matter if he or they were terrorists or not .

I wonder how would Dana Loesch feel if some other country military force did that to the US Marines dead bodies? i bet she would outrageous.

And once it showing that the 9/11 Was an overreaction by America, America attacked a wrong country, most of If not all of the terrorists were not even from Afghanistan.

Newt: I supported Nelson Rockefeller in 1964

Newt Gingrich in this old video clip admits of supporting Nelson Rockefeller in 1964 Over Goldwater.

Once Again this is why O'Reilly Should be taken off the Air, This is why FOX News is Unfair and Unbalanced, and yeah i agree with Jerry Doyle O'Reilly Has gone way to far.

I think O'Reilly should  apologize to Ron Paul, and i mean come on tried to tie Ron Paul to the Case in Penn Stat? now thats low.

Once Again Just Before The CNN Hosted even Started and Final Debate Before Super Tuesday kicks CNN was once again seen and shown More your Typical CNN Bias Against Ron Paul and heres the video.

Notice the bias comments by CNN Own John King, saying Yet what happens if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination? to that we dont know that question.

Eric:What happens to the FED and future of our economy.
Well of course CNN is pro Fed, most of there homes are owned by the major banks, if i may add, well its only a theory.

Well there you have it, once again  CNN trying to push an agenda it was CNN that surged Rick Santorum, it was CNN and other MSM outlets that surged Newt Gingrich after his supposed great debate performances.

And fellow Americans you would vote for a draft dodger and someone who would want to build a moon colony? without the realizing how much it would it cost?

Personally a Moon Colony and a Moon Base would cost half a trillion dollars if not billions of trillion dollars after you have created a moon base and a moon colony would probably require a space elevator to make it feasible, which isn't happening by 2020 nor by 2030.

So how can Newt Gingrich claim by the second term if he wins (which i doubt) he would create a moonbase? aren't we forgetting something?

To build such buildings on a planet you need to construct Space construction ships even with that it would takes years! before it can actual be done.

Oh and also how can you construct a space elevator if we on earth always have wars for Oil or the take over of resources? people like Romney,Newt Gingrich, Rick would rather see a world war three happen, rather then using diplomatic solutions or even trade?

Besides if you had indeed constructed a Space Elevator the next thing you will need is a space Shield protecting the Elevator from meteor showers, or even space junk.

Again all this  could not happen by 2020 or 2016 if Newt does try, it would be a waste of taxpayers money and millions of people would be on the food stamps.

This does not create jobs.

The presidential campaign of Texas Rep. Ron Paul is calling it “underhanded” and “completely unacceptable” that the Nevada GOP has scheduled a special evening caucus in Las Vegas on Feb. 4 to accommodate billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.
Carl Bunce, Nevada campaign chair to the Paul campaign, reacted forcefully to a Chronicle report that the state GOP Thursday confirmed the decision to go ahead with the special caucus beginning at 6 p.m. A party official told the Chronicle the special caucus would “accommodate those with religious restrictions.

Bunce said in an email to the Chronicle that it appears Gingrich, lacking organization and campaign efforts in the Silver State, is “going to have his billionaire buddy try and buy an election for him.”

"The presidential campaign of Texas Rep. Ron Paul is calling it “underhanded” and “completely unacceptable” that the Nevada GOP has scheduled a special evening caucus in Las Vegas on Feb. 4 to accommodate billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson."

Personally i would find  that very illegal wouldn't you say. You know whose Sheldon Adelson? his  the most world richest the billionaire casino mogul behind Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Sheldon Adelson has made very controversial statements such these.

In a talk to an Israeli group in July, 2010, Adelson said he wished he had served in the Israeli Army rather the U.S. military—and that he hoped his young son will come back to Israel and “be a sniper for the IDF,” a reference to the Israel Defense Forces

Well it seems the Tea Part has chosen the right candidate to be at the White House? personally i would think not.

 Rush Limbaugh Compares Ron Paul To a Islamic Terrorist.

Well honestly What Rush Limbaugh said to Ron Paul yesterday on the radio was just disgusting, awful, and he showed a zero level of respect towards anyone. 

Yeah and i am sure Rush Limbaugh wouldn' know the  differences from a Islamic Terrorist, seriously though Limbaugh compering Ron Paul to a  Islamic Terrorist?

What you just did Rush Limbaugh yesterday was very disrespectfully and unprofessional i think you owe Congressman Ron Paul a direct apologize to Ron Paul and  apologize to your listeners with few of them who still listen to you.

That was just disgusting.

I guess my fellow Readers in North America Rush Limbaugh is now admitting that the whole war on terror is huge joke on us isn't he now? 
dont you agree? that Rush Limbaugh needs to apologize to Ron Paul?

Personally i believe Rush Limbaugh cant be on the air and you cant bring back the radio listeners with that kind of rhetoric.

Funny that coming from The Same Rush Limbaugh who has before detained by the airport security for taking viagra on his holiday vacation trip.

Russia Presidential Candidate Prokhorov Calls For Single Global Currency
Well Looks like the American Puppet finally speaks and i hope the Russian people wont vote for a Guy who wants a Single Global Currency! and Calls the Russian election Pretend Elections? So Prokhorov if your calling it Pretend Elections why are you running in them  then!

So fellow Russian Readers what you make of this? the snake in sheep wolf clothing finally admitting he wants a Global Government?

If Mikhail Prokhorov wins in which i dont think he will his going to turn Russia like how Boris Tadic ruined Serbia and his pro American polices.

 A United Global Currency is nearly impossible. Just look at what happened to the Euro Union dollar. We can't get the World to agree on one of anything. The only way it could begin is with a one is a World dictator. 

Its not going to happen this why the anti Putin protesters fail at there message, just look at the mess Libya is in now.

You cant rarely even trust the NTC Libyan Government for source of Good information, they would just lie and apologize for it.

So What do The Anti Putin Russian Protesters want after putins gone? just what do you want?

An American puppet? or someone else who will be ten times even worse?

 Romney and Gingrich foreign policy advisers exposed: Ties to $40 Bill worth of Contracts

Romney and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, who are leading in the polls, have advisers who sit on the board of directors of BAE Systems Inc., which has received at least $37 billion in U.S. government contracts since 2008, the most of any of the companies with ties to Republican national security advisers.

William Schneider, an adviser to Gingrich, and Michael Chertoff, who counsels Romney, serve on the board of the U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems Plc, Europe’s largest defense contractor. The American company makes the Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle and provides information technology systems to American intelligence agencies and repair services to the U.S. Navy.

He also serves on the board of MBDA Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Europe’s largest missile maker. MBDA, which has at least $12 million in U.S. contracts, according to the Bloomberg data, is owned by BAE Systems Plc, Paris and Munich-based European Aeronautic, Defence and Space Co. (EAD) (EADS) and Italy’s Finmeccanica SpA. (FINMY)
Now that's what i call information on your candidates, these candidates mentioned in that article from the way the news article sounds.

Romney and Gingrich aren't working with the interests of the American people or its country but with foreign  companies in the military sector.

Now the question is on what these two candidates have on them and whose backing them is it illegal? personally i would think and say it is.

Its no wonder why now the mainstream news media networks such networks as CNN,MSNBC,ABC,FOX aren't letting Ron Paul say the truth.

And that's why they are ignoring Ron Paul.

Now it really makes sense doesn't it?

You know this quite ridiculous for Americans who have never been to Cuban and have only grown to hate Cuba and its system and to attack people who support him to claim that there IQ will be lowered if someone has his T Shirt i find that pretty stupid.

Honored Guest

Every time I see someone wearing a Che shirt in ernest, I deduct a few IQ points from them.
 Really? and i could say the same thing about the Sean Hannity forums supporting war mongers election candidates expect for one.

Since Sean Hannity is a well known con artist to mislead viewers like he has during the drumbeats on the war With Iraq.

And Now his keeping it silent Sean hannity didn't care that Iraq under saddam had no WMDs and no terrorist base camps were ever found at all.

The same Sean Hannity who was pumping up the war against Iraq is pushing his propaganda against Iran and Iran is a none issue to the American people. 

Ok this folks this getting serious at the midst of this huge  online protest, they are still going HUGE promoting these two dangerous acts called SOPA & PIPA.

Which can further end our rights and create North America into a Dictatorship this is madness where do i even start after i saw the commercial?

The talk on some other people on how they see it.

- The spin is just utterly inescapable in this country.
1. They are now painting the people that commit the piracy as foreign scumbag criminals who digitally invade our country and steal our ideas, property and jobs from completely outside of the country. I know for sure this will hit home for at least some people, effectively transferring their thinking ab out piracy(if they even really knew what it was) from high school kids downloading music for free on the internet, to evil foreigners who mean us harm invading our country and taking our jobs.

Then they go on to end the ad with "It's time for a new idea, tell Congress to stop online piracy"

2. Now that uninformed or indifferent people who don't possess sufficient critical thinking skills think of piracy as theft from Americans and the loss of peoples jobs because of greedy malicious foreigners, THEY ARE GONNA WANT TO TELL CONGRESS TO STOP ONLINE PIRACY POSSIBLY AFTER THIS. One more point, I don't know if I just finally have gotten to the point that I am this cynical, but, say someone just hears about the online protest (probably happened a lot today) in passing, or tomorrow or whenever, described as "Yeah all these people on Facebook and Twitter are talking about SOPA, it was a huge protest" then they see this ad, possibly thinking people are protesting foreigners stealing our property and jobs, they might then instinctively think, "Man a lot of people sure do want to STOP ONLINE PIRACY (SOPA), and I'm just not gonna stand for it either, YAY SOPA's GREAT and will save jobs! Let's get it passed!"

Here's the video

Spread The message! do not stop the protests.

The Good news everyone Only Ron Paul is against the SOPA, PIPA acts Rick Santorum has come out in NH in favor of these acts.

You can bet Newt is for them to, that is unless he lies that his against the acts just to steal the votes.

Spread This

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who authored SOPA, on Tuesday dismissed the pending Wikipedia blackout as a “publicity stunt” and vowed to move on with the bill next month.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, meanwhile, has said he will bring the PIPA bill to a vote next week 
You see? a blackout means nothing to those traitors.

If you know Lamar Smith email him.

These two bills new bill or not must not pass. 

I say the American people should start  kicking and voting these  anti-liberty politicians out of Office and especially kicking out OPEN. And start focusing on the country!

Washington, DC – Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released its second annual report on the most corrupt members of Congress entitled Beyond DeLay: The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and five to watch). This encyclopedic report on corruption in the 109th Congress documents the egregious, unethical and possibly illegal activities of the most tainted members of Congress. CREW has compiled the members’ transgressions and analyzed them in light of federal laws and congressional rules.
Two members have been removed from last year’s list of 13. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) is now serving an eight-year jail term for bribery and Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) has agreed to plead guilty to crimes that will likely result in a minimum two-year prison term.
CREW has also re-launched the report’s tandem website, The site offers short summaries of each member’s transgressions as well as the full-length profiles and all accompanying exhibits.
CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress:
Members of the Senate:
  • Conrad Burns (R-MT)
  • Bill Frist (R-TN)
  • Rick Santorum (R-PA)

There you have it Rick Santorum voted  as the Most Corrupt Politician of 2006 and after getting a warm reception in Aiken i dont understand why  and how you people can still support the Corrupt senator.

First off i thought the cheering was disgusting,disrespectful and it seems to me that Jesus isn't there lord 

I saw this on the South Carolina debate last night on a live stream and am utterly disgusted at how the audience went ballistic cheering. This clip isn't even half of it. A few seconds later, the camera showed people almost falling off their seats in utter joy. If this the attitude of our country, I have officially lost hope. We're doomed to continue the vicious cycle of bloodshed.

And whats with Newt Gingrich dead stare? i guess that means if he was the president he would kill the Russians, the Serbian people too then now would he?

I personally doubt these people would be cheering so loudly if Newt put a gun in their hands and told them they had to go to war as well. The game changes when those not affected by war, who cheer for war.

I was from a war zone the way the audience acted was very shameful and sad in my opinion.

You know what? personally i am getting sick of it and getting sick of the self proclaimed Mr WildRose  who thinks his a  redneck Mr Tough.

Paul made this claim in the debate in SC. I find no evidence to support that claim.

Everything I've read says he spent his entire tour with the CONUS.

Is Paul Lying again or is this true?


You know WildRose  countless of times on the Sean Hannity forum you have made and stated claims you served during the first Gulf War and including during the war in Somalia.

When you make such retarded claims why don't you back them up then?

Everything I've read says he spent his entire tour with the CONUS.

Oh yeah? and what about you WildRose? how many kills did you made? in fact did you enjoy the enjoyment of killings on civilians? yelling and shouting FUCK YEAH TEAM AMERICA BITCH!  Yeah i highly doubt that you did that.

I suspect the grain of truth might be that he was on aircraft which briefly landed in foreign countries and he's attempting to spin it as though it were actually serving in those countries.

Oh really WildRose? and what makes you then a hero during the first gulf war? a Mr Cowboy redneck Hat wear boy? at least Ron Paul Served unlike you WildRose, where you lie that you did.

You see folks i have been through these jacks on that forum who think they have, they haven't howcome i know that?

If Mr Redneck WildRose really did Serve why is he just attacking Ron Paul Military Record? why isnt he attacking Newt Gingrich? people who haven't been to war don't know whats it like.

The other candidates who are screaming for more wars, is really irritating, annoying, disturbing.

And as for WildRose is nothing more then a lying redneck Mr Tough guy, hmm i wonder how many fish did he caught with his Hat?

Seriously what hell is wrong with Wildrose? attacking Ron Paul Military record?  now that is just sad and shameful coming from Wildrose who claims he is also a veteran.

Which i highly doubt that he is.

 Here was the question

"A woman there, who voted for Obama in the previous election, told me that if she would have been able to look you in the eye and shake your hand, you would had gotten her vote, but now she is turned off by you... does this say anything about your ability to connect with people?" Dan Bash
May I add what a Stupid that question is CNN?  more reason not to watch CNN anymore.
It shows how desperate CNN is and this is why people you should vote for Ron Paul.

Prove the media pundits  talking pinheads wrong.

 CNN Interview Gets Cut By Jesse Benton

 Dana Bash, who admitted on live air that she was afraid Paul would win the nomination.. does not deserve an interview and the fact that CNN had her interviewing him says all I need to know about CNN.

Thanks for letting everyone know that  You heard it CNN IS Afraid well guess what CNN? you shouldn't be Afraid aren't you forgetting something CNN? Food Prices Are Rising    They are indeed Rising everywhere and you CNN aren't reporting it.

The Video shows how Dan Bash tried to fake a question i would say Jesse Benton did handle it well.

Funny a 20 year old or so news letter in which Ron Paul didn't write, is still getting  getting media coverage, yet homophobic and stuff that shouldn't be said that Rick Santorum
is saying right now is glossed over and still Rick Santorum gets a free pass by the mainstream media?

How come Mainstream Media? Here's the article
Rick Santorum Says That Gay Parents Are Worse Than Convicts

Rick Santorum continued his string of antigay pronouncements while on the trail in New Hampshire, saying a man in jail would be a better parent than a same-sex couple.

The Los Angeles Times reports from Manchester, New Hampshire that Santorum claimed to quote an anti-poverty expert while explaining his case.

"He found that even fathers in jail who had abandoned their kids were still better than no father at all to have in their children's lives," Santorum told voters about the researcher, according to the Times.

If a same-sex couple were to raise a child, they would be "robbing children of something they need, they deserve, they have a right to. You may rationalize that that isn't true, but in your own life and in your own heart, you know it's true."

This isn't a new theme for Santorum and it potentially sets him apart from other Republican candidates for president. While in Iowa, where he finished behind Mitt Romney by eight votes, Santorum signed a pledge from the Iowa Family Leader that proclaimed his belief that same-sex parents are inferior to straight ones. Romney and Ron Paul did not sign the pledge, and Newt Gingrich inexplicably ignored that portion in his letter to the group backing only parts of it. (Gingrich's lesbian step-sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, toldThe Advocate in December that she and her wife would like to have children.)

(3) The long shot: Someone else enters the campaign (10% chance or less). Normally, this late in the game, a new entrant to the contest would be the stuff of science fiction. But conservative voters seem to be singularly dismayed by the choices in front of them: as CNN's Erick Erickson tweeted last night, "Typical of email I'm getting: 'If you put a gun to my head and said Romney or Santorum I would say pull the trigger.'"

Someone else is Ron Paul CNN is Scared To Mention his Name  I say spread this and STOP CNN BIAS.

After Iowa I thought CNN Would have learned its own lesson i guess they didnt and this time America the Mainstream media like CNN are once again are chossing your candidates from the elitest Rick Perry to Newt Gingrich a candidate who claims he defeated  the Soviet Union even thought that is that Total nonsense and Pure Crap.

The Soviet Union was sold out  by president gorbachev and few a others in Russia And then you have CNN pushing the most corrupt congressmen Rick santorum.

And Now see the picture and read the story for yourself.

Santorum showed up to do his thing with Peter Hoekstra on H&C and it took one phone call by Jim Angle of FOX News to debunk Santorum's WMD claims today. That's pretty embarrassing when the Dick Cheney network undermines him.
 The Lying Starts and Rick trying to defend himself fails at 1:44 in the video.

Heres more.

Iowans Voted for a liar

So Much for America that claims it went in Iraq and in afghanistan spreading them the democratic values well to start off with America dosent really have any real Freedom of Speech.

Dont get me Wrong America Has Freedom of Speech But Its a Controlled Speech, Do as Your told as they say heres the Video from last night at the Republican Party Presidential Primary That  Took Place in the State Of Iowa.

Theres some sort of intentional  aurging going on in the background at 0:51.
Now off course Mr Wolf blitzer Would claim and lie that it was a technical issue so heres the question why did they cut him off after he mentiond israel?

That Doesnt sound like a technical issue to me and then you had Andersoon Cooper Complaining and stating we didnt mean to cut him off and now the Ron Paul Supporters view it as conspiracy.

And you know what Andersoon Cooper? they should Your CNN Andersoon Cooper News Year Bush on CNN was The worst Showing cute Animals? i mean really? hey Andersoon Why didnt you show pro Miltary
propaganda live? i had  to watch it on earthcam.

Anyway Heres The Video.
CNN Cuts People

And CNN Propaganda Whining Article

"The soldier that spoke tonight on behalf of Ron Paul is gonna be in a bit of trouble," Rieckhoff said. "Politics in uniform is a big no-go. And Paul and his campaign should know better. Troops are bound by the (Uniform Code of Military Justice)."
Typical Whining Now by CNN.

And some of the comments in the comment section are interesting and some are so stupid.
At first I was willing to give the Corporal the benefit to the doubt, thinking he was young and unaware of the uniform policy. However, after reading further into the article that he's been in the Army for 10 years, he has no excuse! And he's a CORPORAL AFTER TEN YEARS???!!! TEN YEARS???!!! REALLY???!!! Either there are other conduct issues in his background, or he's, as my old CSM used to say, "he's ate up like a soup sandwich." Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Paul IMO.

Hello Malary Archer Did you even see the tape? he said his going back to afghanistan was sent once to Iraq and i believe twice in afghanistan.

Heres a Stupid Comment.

Not Surprising
Throw the book at him. There's a reason members of the military are not allowed to do this; we live in a democracy, not a state where the military is allowed to directly influence

Excuse me Troll Not Surprising but the same democracy your trying to spread in the middle east shouldnt that as freedom of speech apply to the soldiers as well?

not a state where the military is allowed to directly influence

Ok So why are the Huge Military Companies and the military industrial complex backing and supporting War Mongering  Candidates in the open then?

If the Military isnt in a state where the Military directly trying to Influence should that also apply to those other Candidates that have there support from the Banks and The Military Companies?

Its Only Fair Right  CNN User?

Do you Really Want a Freaking World War Three To Happen That Bad? Do you really and Believe Rick Santorum CARES about your family values? If HE WANTS TO SEND YOUR CHILDREN To DIE in The Middle East?

I Mean it Seriously WTF is wrong with you Americans?

Santorum only won because people vote based on Religion and their fears of terrorism.

Heres a quote and you know what that means? religious War Nuts won today, I guess you really want a War with Iran And Russia then dont you?

Well have fun with a nuclear fallout world if that happens under your war mongers.


New York Police on scooters acting like Nazis
Please Spread This impoortant Info.