Trying to score Propaganda Points,Syrian rebels have captured large parts of a military base near Homs, AP/Guradian.

After several few bad days for the Free Syrian Army the single one man operation  The Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights is now supposedly reporting gains for the Free Syrian Army terrorists in Homs, according to AP and guardian.

The Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights said the opposition fighters took control of most of the Dabaa military complex in Homs province on Thursday morning, after weeks of fighting with government forces for control of the facility. Sporadic fighting was still being reported in some parts of the base, the Observatory said.
Dabaa is a former air force base and has an airfield, which hasn't been used since the fighting broke out. Instead, the army has based ground troops in the facility to fight the rebels, the Observatory said. It did not say how many — if any — government troops were at the base when it was overrun by rebels.
The base is located near Qusair, a contested central Syrian town near a key highway between Damascus and the coastal enclave that is the heartland of Syria's Alawite community.
The group said government forces withdrew to military barracks east of the airport after fierce clashes took place, with casualties on both sides.

 The activists/FSA Suppouters had posted an video onto YouTube purports to show rebels celebrating the gain on captured tank. While shouting allahu akbars during an footage shot taken in the night supposedly taken yes at night at the Dabaa military complex.

This single report by the single one man operation  The Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights which also reported victories by the Syrian Arab Army for the first time since 2011.


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