The Massacre in Houla,Sryia & Reactions  From Western American supported Countries Raises  Suspicion. & Exposes Yellow Journalism at the very finest.

In the CNN article 

 U.N. observers see bodies of 92 dead in Syria massacre

( Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, the head of the U.N. Supervision Mission in Syria, said the attacks happened overnight but that the circumstances that led to the deaths is unclear.)

Robert Mood stated that the  the attacks happened overnight yet whatever let or more rather the circumstances that led to the deaths is unclear, the image of the supposed massacre.

 The image may be distributing for some viewers
In the article by CNN it further claims this which may i add also that CNN is covering the identity of the pro Syrian rebel news network, while other news networks have openly told there identity.
Syrian opposition activists reported at least 88 people, mostly children, were killed Friday by the Syrian regime's shelling in Houla. The reports came from the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, a network of Syrian opposition activists. That toll differed from that of the U.N. observers.
The Syrian opposition activists reported or claimed that at least 88 people, children were killed by  Assad shelling in Houla.

But wait dont forget a important fact that the mainstream news outlets arent telling you, the FSA or the Free Syrian Army are Former ex soldiers who also had access to not only artillery, but tanks, and even shelling what makes you think i would rather believe  the mainstream news media outlets claims that it was Assad forces?

While i am not trying to defend Assad or the rebels, but after what and how the mainstream media news outlets lied about Iraq and that Saddam, i am no longer believing anything the media news outlets say any longer.

Again Maj. Gen. Robert Mood stated the attacks happened overnight and the circumstances that led to the deaths is unclear.

So how could and can the rebels claim that they were killed by shelling? no one survives in a shelling attack not even a full child body.
The body pieces get blown off by shelling, but dont let mine expertise tell you that, why lets ask CNN seeing how they are experts in everything, i doubt that they know such stuff.
The Reactions
Syria international pressure mounts urgent action following massacre

"We are consulting urgently with our allies on a strong international response, including at the UN Security Council, the EU and UN human rights bodies," British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a statement.
He said London will seek an urgent session of the Security Council in coming days, Hague said, in response to "credible and horrific reports that a large number of civilians have been massacred" by Syrian forces in Houla.
"Our urgent priority is to establish a full account of this appalling crime and to move swiftly to ensure that those responsible are identified and held to account," he said.

Hague called for the Syrian regime to cease all military operations in accordance with a peace plan brokered by UN special envoy Kofi Annan, and to allow monitors "full and immediate access" to Houla and other conflict areas.
The rebel Free Syrian Army said after the killings that it was no longer committed to the UN-backed peace plan for Syria unless there was prompt UN intervention to protect civilians.

You see there readers? the rebel Free Syrian stated after the killings its no longer committed nor interested in the UN backed peace plan. Unless there was prompt NATO intervention to protect civilians.

In my personally view i believe the killing of the 88 children, the guilty party is no other then the FSA, Free Syrian Army.

And why i believe they caused the killings? because of this
The rebel Free Syrian Army said after the killings that it was no longer committed to the UN-backed peace plan for Syria unless there was prompt UN intervention to protect civilians.

That spoils that they killed them because they have an agenda and that agenda is to prompt a NATO intervention.

The mainstream news outlets themselves have previously reported that Islamic  terrorists are already in Sryia and have been attacking Assad forces and civilians but now all of sudden they have stopped mentioning terrorists and even Al Qaeda.

Why? why has the mainstream news outlets stopped mentioning that terrorists are in Sryia? is it because the fact that America, Britain, and its American backed countries are actually on the same side as the terrorists.

But then if that is the case then why did CNN a few weeks and just few days ago mentioned that terrorists are in Sryia? was that a leak by mistake?

Either way the way CNN has proclaiming and naming the rebels as Activists is quite suspicious,
In a way i now believe that CNN has not only collaborated with the Rebels but is also collaborating with them.

Just like they have been in Libya, but in Sryia it seems that CNN  is been one sided in the conflict, reminds me of the time when CNN was one sided with the Bosnian Muslim and Croatians during the war in Yugoslavia.

This is not surprising.

Sen John McCain and his lapdogs are war mongers, just like the American Government, the only reason they would attack Sryia is because of the strategical location nearing Iran, there has been reports of NATO troops messing around near the Jordan border.

Don't forget these are the same FSA and the same Rebels that miss the days of GW Bush.

A Syrian Child looks as if his frightened as the Rebels Using Children as Human Shields and Political Message and Toy photo taken in a recent issue of the telegraph article.

A few weeks ago this was staged and shot by the Syrian Rebels, in the video you will see how they are using children as Human Shields.

And in the video the children look very scared and very frightened
To the left there is a Rebel soldier  directing them by clapping there hands,
2:00 Sending a message.

0:13 Notice how then in the same scene everything in the footage seems to be business  as usual for the everyday Syrians?

0:16 While Ignroneing the Prefect White clean paper with the date and messge on it, look towards to the right where you will see two people walking along down the streets.
People are trying to live out there lives as business  as usual for the everyday Syrians.

The Syrian Rebels have been and are still using children as a Human Shields and Political Message and Toy as shown in the photo above.

From what i have seen the Major Western news outlets like CNN, telegraph currently do not have a problem with that at all.

You can tell in the video the kids in the footage i provided in the post dont look as if they were doing it on there own, and they dont.

And why? because little children do not understand what is going on nor do they understand what are politics, so how to do the rebels even dare to use little children for there own agenda and gains?
Yet Not a single outcry from a news outlet or even there journalists on why Syrian Rebels are allowed to use children as a Political Message.

The western mainstream news outlets so far in this conflict have been relying on the Syrian rebels  for news and sources but not once has any news networks like CNN,BBC or the telegraph ever investigated the claims and sources made by the Syrian rebels.

The job of a journalist in journalism is also to investigate stories, sources from ALL SIDES, No Exceptions.

e. Two new anti-piracy warnings will soon be added to select DVD and Blu-ray movies, the U.S. government announced late Tuesday. The additional warnings come courtesy of a coalition of copyright infringement fighters that includes the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) wing, the FBI, and six member studios of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).


 News Release From ICE

 So these new screens are going to last longer and are not going to have the ability to be skipped. I suppose I don't really see the point. People who pay for the DVD (the people who will be seeing these messages) have already, um, paid for the DVD.

 It seems like a rather pointless annoying endeavor by the government. It obviously hasn't worked before, so forcing us to sit through the damn 'ads' for even longer (I know, I know... First World problems) before watching a movie WE PURCHASED seems preposterous. I don't see this having any noticeable effect on piracy numbers. Yelling at the honest people and giving the pirates a good laugh... Great move.

Do you think it likely that throwing up more anti piracy graffiti in front of a movie you own will in any way deter you or others from pirating.

Does anyone else find it disturbing the government (who are supposed to represent and work for the common man) are essentially running around breaking kneecaps for a conglomerate of motion picture companies? I do.

You know this is quite disturbing just to know that your own Government is working agaisnt the common man yet they are now working for the picture companies and claiming that  digital theft harms the economy?

Really it does? since when has digital theft harmed the economy? yea i heard that one before like manga/comic scanlations hurt the manga sales, which in the sad reality they dont hurt the sales.

A report by rawstory had reported that Movie executives see record profits, salaries despite piracy fear-mongering.

In which the FBI new warnings reminds me of this old classic fear mongering propaganda.

Did I hear you right? Did I hear you saying that you're going to make a copy of a game without paying? Don't Copy That Floppy! Produced by SIIA (formerly SPA) in 1992.
 That video is a clear fear mongering propaganda by MPAA, back then during the 1990s the video gaming industry was just growing up but since then the video games back then were made just fine and turned to be just great and fun.

But what the video games of today? what i can say? they are all crap which is why i have stopped playing video games, i can predict which gaming titles will come out on the markets.

The video games right now on the markets are nothing but pure trash, unlike the video games from 12 years ago.

The rise of Manga scanlations.

It is same story for the manga/comic industry as much it as for the movies and animes.
Its because of the internet,  that the manga artists,movies, music artists are getting more and more and more fans and attention from around the world.
The reasoning for the manga scanlations, lets be honest and reasonable the reasoning for the  scanlations it is not because they are stealing it or doing it illegal.

It is because the manga industry original  translators take forever just to finish just one single translate into English.
And the other reasoning for the manga/comic scanlations well lets just say that buying manga in Europe is very rare and  some of the comic retails there have never heard the term manga before therefor the European children and young adults who are interest in it.

Have no other choice other then no option then to read it through the internet.
In my personally opinion i think the north American and Japanese merged manga industry should look for ways that allow mangas be sent into Europe for example  take a look on this thread and a discussion on mangas in Europe.

Best places to Buy Manga Online in Europe? Thread 

The elitist the north American and Japanese merged manga and anime  industries  have made zero if no efforts to have mangas and anime been sold at the stores in Europe so kids and young adults could enjoy reading and watching the series as well.

This is thus  why i believe that let it be either digital theft or scanlations hasn't really harmed  the economy.

If  the movie industry along with the manga/ anime industry are going to use this claim they have to yet  prove it but cant they? if the movie executives see record profits then unfortunately they cant use that claim.

That we the people are hurting the economy by just downloading or watching the movies for free because that claim is just pure nonsense to even suggest that digital theft hurts the economy is pure garbage.

Up to date NATO Summit News

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Chicago police hit and run on NATO protesters

Source wgntv least NAETO Summit News

 3 NATO Protesters Face Terror Conspiracy Charges

3 NATO Protesters Face Terror Conspiracy Charges

Police say three protesters at the NATO summit in Chicago have been charged with terrorism conspiracy stemming from allegations that they planned to make Molotov cocktails.

Chicago police Lt. Kenneth Stoppa told The Associated Press early Saturday that the three were being held on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism, possession of an explosive or incendiary device and providing material support. He says they face a bond hearing later Saturday morning.

The NATO Summit in Chicago will be starting later today on Sunday, The Syrian violence is surely going to be the hot topic for the NATO Summit in Chicago.

However with angry  synonym rising towards NATO because of the recent conflict in Libya and NATO avoiding the civilian death tolls caused by the NATO alliance,the fact remains many Libyans want Nato to account and hold NATO accountable  for the many civilian losses.

Arab Spring or Arab Plague?

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The Algerian election campaign reached a climax (of sorts) at the weekend with a disastrously misjudged speech by prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia, who attacked the Arab Spring as "a plague" which is sweeping the region. Its effects can be seen, he said, in "the colonization of Iraq, the destruction of Libya, the partition of Sudan and the weakening of Egypt".

  "The revolutions that engulfed brotherly and friendly countries such as Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Mali, Libya and Egypt are not accidental but are the work of Zionism and Nato," he continued. "The Nato countries grant visas to young people according to their objectives, to train in new technologies to create unrest ..."

Well this is currently an interestingly twist of developments an prime minster is calling the Arab Spring Arab Plague? thats new, i wonder how or should i say how long before the elites on taking him out for those comments he made?

brotherly and friendly countries such as Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Mali, Libya and Egypt are not accidental but are the work of Zionism and Nato," he continued. "The Nato countries grant visas to young people according to their objectives, to train in new technologies to create unrest

Well this is one news article that is sure interesting.
 I could agree with him at least a little, it is the US and NATO that is causing a lot of death in the middle east, if they are using social media to get their populations to revolt against the government, i could see it.

As a matter of fact, it makes perfect sense.
Sanctions work to, gotta starve the children to get your point across.

Which is why this so called  Arab Spring in selected places such as Libya and Syria has been years in the making but then that would mean that social media is a by product of the us government.

Because if it wasn't  why hasn't the uprising in libya took place in 2000 when GW bush was the president?

Simple facebook was not yet in production and this makes me wonder if the overall  rule of Gaddafi has been nothing more then a trick by America and imperialist Brittan?

For example whenever Gaddafi was giving a speech, the EU puppets and along with Americas and Brittan ambassadors left there seats.

Yet when GW Bush and Obama was giving the speech how come there  own ambassadors didn't try to leave there seats? its all part of there game.

At least thats how i see it, because that would make sense and whenever you see some other countries ambassadors leaving that usual means they must be planning something.

Libya on the Line: An interactive timeline

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Libya on the Line: An interactive timeline

To me this is nothing more then what i call Libyan propaganda please go ahead and compare the voices of Saif al-Islam on that link provided by aljazeera.

I am not surprised it was published and posted by no other then aljazeera.

With a little comprising i think we can easily debunk them for example.

Go and listen through
March 1-7: and March 8-14 and you will see why i question them.

Now compare his voice on the aljazeera tapes on which they have released in matter of a month and compare to that radio interview linked in the article  do they sound the same?

Either way aljazeera is a mouthpiece for the Qatari government, by all means RT and the other news outlets are no better but again with the bin laden voice tapes that we have seen on the news and with two different voice actors claiming to bin laden.

Should we really believe these apparent leaked wired tap phone taps?  just like with the bin laden audio tapes, its all about the sources and the uncertainty of them.

Because you in the modern age of voice technology you can easily just find let be a Arabic voice actor and  let him pretend thats bin laden voice.

Thats why i am starting to doubt these supposed Wired tapped phone calls.

The Libyan ICC lawyer claims they found just 12,000 in one month? thats really questionable.
How could they find  12,000 tapes in just over a month, other war crime cases have taken years to finish even finding some wired tapped phone calls.

But the Libyan ICC lawyer claims they found just 12,000 in one month?

Regardless of how you feel about Ron Paul and his candidacy, you have to admit that the MSM has been relentless in their attempt to hound this guy out of the race.

This is just the latest example, courtesy of CNN. Just listen to the interviewer. Not just the questions she poses, but her earnest tone of voice. I mean seriously! Are you hoping to be the one that gets Ron Paul to state on national TV, "You're right, I should be a good boy and just shut up and drop out. Thanks for making me realize just how silly I've been acting."?


Does anyone know of any youtube vids out there where an interviewer hounds Romney, Santorum, Gingrich et al to consider endorsing Ron Paul?

I Thought as much.


Way to lower the bar for journalistic integrity, CNN.
No wonder people are fleeing from the MSM in droves, looking to the internet and to eachother for news rather than the spoonfed, pre-packaged opinions on the idiot box.

EU warns Greece to stick to austerity plan

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Brussels has warned Athens it has no choice but to stick to the tough budget discipline set out in its recently negotiated bailout deal.

‘‘The programme countries have no alternative, except disorderly default, except that I think it is not an alternative, than to pursue courageous fiscal consolidation measures, structural reforms for competitiveness, and of course, mostly also benefiting from European solidarity, some targeted investment – but investment that can bring growth,” Barroso said.

Related News Link

 Really? No wait Really?? the austerity plan can bring growth? thats such a ridicules claim for Barroso to be making.

Because i am not sure what on planet he has been living but there austerity plan is hurting the Greek people.

And there economy why does the European union want continue with there austerity plan knowing that its destroying the Greeks and the rest of Europe?

I just find it sad that Mainstream news outlets are going along and are agreeing with the austerity plan at least thats the way i am seeing it every time i read an article.

You know what i say? Screw the Euro and the Euro union and I hope euro will crash, Europe handled itself just fine in the past without a union and it can do it again.

And just what good has the dollar been? it has brought nothing but misery,wars and destruction ever since the creation of the dollar  and i hope it to fails right behind the euro crash.


In mid-January 2012, just days after Michael McFaul arrived in Moscow to begin his stint as US Ambassador to Russia, Russian opposition leaders lined up outside the US Embassy (Russian) to meet him in a bizarre confab that reeked of both treason and duplicity.

Photos: Caught red-handed – Russia’s opposition, long accused by the Kremlin of being foreign funded, and who have well documented ties to the US State Department, are caught filing into the US Embassy in Moscow in January of 2012, just days after agitator Michael McFaul began his stint as US Ambassador to Russia. (click on image to enlarge)

Approached by journalists inquiring as to why they had all come to greet the US Ambassador, their responses ranged from silence to dismissive gibes. Later, the group of opposition leaders emerged responding only with “Вы сурковская пропаганда,” or “you’re Surkov’s propaganda,” meaning the journalists represented government efforts to undermine their work and legitimacy. It is a common response given by Russia’s opposition members when media attempts to question them about their increasingly overt ties to Wall Street and London.

  Video: This video captured outside the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia, shows prominent leaders of Russia’s US-funded, backed, and directed opposition attending a confab with newly appointed US Ambassador Michael McFaul. Both the opposition leaders and McFaul himself are directly connected to the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Present at the US Embassy confab were regular mainstays of the Western media’s coverage of anti-Vladimir Putin protests, including Boris Nemtsov, Yevgeniya Chirikova of the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded “Strategy 31,” Lev Ponomarev of the NED, Ford Foundation, Open Society, and USAID-funded Moscow Helsinki Group, and  Liliya Shibanova of NED-funded GOLOS, an allegedly “independent” election monitoring group that served as the primary source of accusations of voting fraud against Putin’s United Russia party. Clearly, this wasn’t the first time both words and cash had been exchanged between the Russian opposition and the US State Department, but is perhaps the most overt example of such flagrant conspiring yet.

 Image: A screenshot from NED’s official website,
listing GOLOS as a recipient of NED funding, which in turn is provided
by the US State Department.

Image: A screen shot from the “Moscow Helsink Group
clearly subsidized from abroad. The significance of this group &
its affiliates leading protests, indicates nothing less than
foreign-funded sedition unfolding in the streets of Russia. (click image to
US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul himself, is a card carrying member of both Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), two organizations notorious for extraterritorial meddling in the foreign affairs of sovereign nations and demonstratively funding, supporting, and directing Russia’s so-called opposition. It was accurately predicted in October 2011′s, “Agitator Nominated for Next US “Ambassador” to Russia,” that McFaul’s primary goal would be to continue with America’s “disingenuous front of “resetting” with Russia, while simultaneously subverting the Russian government with US-funded political unrest.” It appears that McFaul has begun his work in earnest.
Despite damning exposure of the Russian opposition’s ties to Wall Street and London, the Western media, even as recently as this weekend during protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inauguration, insists that such connections are the creation of Kremlin-controlled propaganda. The Associated Press in their article titled, “Putin Returns to Presidency in a Changed Russia,” accuses Putin of portraying the protesters as “in the pay of the Americans and intent on bringing about a revolution

that would take Russia back to the instability and humiliations of the
1990s.” AP adds, “with Kremlin-controlled television still the main source of information for most Russians, many believed him.”

In reality, Putin’s assessment of the opposition is verified by the National Endowment for Democracy’s own website, the “About Us” pages of the opposition’s various websites, and confirmed by confabs conducted by the opposition themselves with foreign interests in foreign embassies on Russian soil. And indeed, many of those leading Russia’s opposition are members and representatives of the corrupt oligarchies that plundered Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990′s. The treason is so overt, it begs the question as to whether the United States has indeed become this recklessly brazen, this desperate, or playing at a broader geopolitical gambit yet revealed.
With Russian opposition leaders on video climbing over themselves to get into the US Embassy to confer with regime-change specialist (Russian), US Ambassador Michael McFaul, and as their funding and affiliations become more widely known to the public, their work and legitimacy will be undermined by public awareness of the facts, not “Surkov’s propaganda.”
This article first appeared at Tony Cartalucci’s Land Destroyer Blog.