Gingrich : I would strike Iran at Israel's request

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Gingrich openly saying he works for Israel basically.


 Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney critizised the approach of U.S. President Barack Obama vis a vis Iran on Wednesday, saying he should have communicated that a military option is not only on the table, but "in our hand."

Gingrich added that he would support a preemptive strike if an Israeli prime minister, "haunted by the history of the Holocaust", were to call him and say, "I believe in the defense of my country." "If you think a madman is about to have nuclear weapons and you think that madman is going to use those nuclear weapons, then you have an absolute moral obligation to defend the lives of your people by eliminating the capacity to get nuclear weapons," said Ginrich.
If Israel calls me and says attack Iran, I will attack Iran, that's what Newt is saying.

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum said Obama was not doing enough with regards to a Iran, and reminded Americans of his bill at the Senate that encouraged sanctioning Iran's nuclear program

Santorum claims he wants  More sanctions but we know from the debates he wants war too.

 Rep. Ron Paul was the voice of dissent on the topic, arguing that not even Israel claims Iran has a nuclear weapon. "I think what we're doing is encouraging them to have a weapon, because they feel threatened. If you look at a map of Iran, we have 45 bases around their country, plus our submarines. The Iranians can't possibly attack anybody. And we're worrying about the possibility of one nuclear weapon. If you want to worry about nuclear weapons, worry about the nuclear weapons that were left over from the Soviet Union. They're still floating around. "
Well GOP Listen up, if you want war, oil to 300$ a barrel, thousands of dead troops and hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, vote for Gingrich, Romney or Santorum. If you want Israel to take care of their own business and want the troops home, vote Ron Paul.

No offense meant but If Israel has a problem with a country why dont they send there own military forces in and deal with the problem? why ask America or Canada to do what Israel wants?

After all  Israel military hardware  is from the united states so i am sure they can handle themselves quite well.

I can't help but notice how quick they are to send other people's children to war. And for what? Because Israel wants us to?  again no offense, but let them send their own kids off to a bloody conflict. And let's not even talk about how much this will cost

 And now Hillary wants to intervene in Syria yet America has a thousand of spy  satellites around the global surely they will know whats really going on and happening in Syria before the lying mainstream media news outlets.

The Mainstream media news outlets are now creating such emotional stories just so to swing  in  more support for the intervention.

When will CNN learn that there tricks aren't going to work the second time? they did it with Libya and look  how Libya turned  into, a huge mess  the Libyan Rebel NTC even allowed a former president of a country whose a war criminal on the run he was allowed into Libya.

What Great Success? Women in libya only had got 20 seats in the senate yeah some great democracy there, I can See Syria will be like Libya.

The Reason the elites want to take out Assad is so they can took over the whole northern African region with the africom.

Already africom has a guide on about Libya titled  FACT SHEET: Libya - People and Places 
Pronunciation Guide

Now surely the whole idea of these Coms centers or Networks isn't just about Protecting Americas interests right? personally i view of them as occupations.

Breaking:GOP opposes Ron Paul delegates in Indiana

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Kokomo — Republican Party organizations across Indiana are filing challenges to keep Ron Paul delegates from taking over the party’s state convention in June.

The Howard County Republican Party is challenging six people who filed to become delegates at the state convention because they have not received a waiver to appear on the May 8 primary ballot.

Need More any proof that Ron Paul is your last Chance against Obama?  GOP in Indiana did this is because they fear that Ron Paul can win the General election that is why.

And it seems two more states yesterday voted for Romney yet again, believing Romney will save the failing  economy? yet Romney voted for the bailouts? and Obamacare? whats wrong with you people! what your voting for is nothing more then  Obama 2.0 and As For Rick Santorum.

The way i see it Santorum has Zero plans on fixing the economy the only thing his focused on is on beating Obama and starting World War Three.

Right now i am crying for America and its stupidity in this election cycle not all people are stupid that who have voted but still i weep, unless the election system is all rigged up.

Andersoon Cooper,CNN, Al jazeera, FOX, and other western mainstream news networks are  Misleading Viewers On The Actual Death Toll From Syria as i was looking at for the updates by my surprise a new death toll number report came by the supposed opposition.

7,500 died in Syria according to sources by the opposition, wait 7,500? isn't that the same number that the mainstream news media cooked up for Bosnia? Which was the same number that was needed for a intervention In Bosnia.

It seems History is repeating itself yet again if you dont believe me that the mainstream are falsifying, hyping this supposed number i took a screenshot of it myself and compared it to the Bosnian story. 

What a coincidence the  on the right the current conflict in Syria with the claims that 7500 have been killed as with the reports by the opposition on the left Mladic and the same number that is been used in Syria.

Makes you wonder now, are the western mainstream news networks pumping up and creating false numbers just to get us involved again? because the way i see it the killings is always happening whenever the media wants to report it.

And to this day CNN hasn't reported its own viewers that the Syrian  opposition has got the backing and the support by  al qaeda.   

Even Now the Syrian opposition leader has come and out stated in a following article by the Haaretz Israeli News source the opposition leader stated even with Al Assad gone they will still support Hezbollah.

So it seems to me that CNN and other news networks are playing the Fake Genocide number game.
Pumping it up so NATO could intervene. 

While CNN and Other Corporate Mainstream News Networks pump up Pro War propaganda news stories on about Syria to support there side for a NATO/UN Military intervention the same intervention  style  that was used in Libya.

While  Syria is now the top talk on the news networks Libya is been completely ignored of its new  Violence

 Libya: Hundreds massacred in KUFRA
          Source 2

Federal News Radio reports that hundreds of black skinned Libyans have been slaughtered in the southern town of Kufra, while NATO Mercenaries continued celebrating the occupation of Libya alongside NATO masters.

This is the second Dark Skinned Libyan Tribe that has face genocide since NATO began its occupation through Mercenary forces, hundreds of defenceless civilians fled the scenes of massacre while Western leaders praised the horror subjected against Libyans.

CNN Pushing Santorum Yet Again

Is it More Clear Now that CNN and other news networks want an Obama Vs Santorum showdown? for one thing first is that because Obama could easily defeat Santorum and his past records on issues he stood and of course the war on culture.

And due to fact that the voters in Pennsylvania voted Santorum out of office in a large margin? and No one took an interest on Santorum back in 2008.

When Rick  Santorum dropped out in 2008 he went out and endorsed Romney even though Romney didn't win back in 2008 either.

So why are you all voters going at Santorum Or Newt For? is it because the Mainstream media told you so?

So America, you really want these two crazy people in the White House? You want to be the joke of the world yet again?

 The wife of presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Thursday that his rise in the polls is due to God working in mysterious ways.

"I personally think this is God's will. I think He has us on a path, and I do think there's a lot more happening than what we're seeing," Karen Santorum told Glenn Beck as she and her husband sat for an interview on his Web-based show, GBTV. "Personally I mean I think Rick's a great guy, and he's really smart and everything. But I think a lot more is happening than what we can actually see."

Frothy mix and his wife are religious nuts... you don't want religious nuts in control of thousands of nukes... Imagine Iran with thousands of nukes. Elect Santorum and this is what you gonna have your going to have a Right Wing religious nut.

So Santorum's wife thinks Santorum's surge is the will of God? ah like that last time when GW Bush said that GOD told him to bomb Iraq?

You know what American Christians? GOD doesn't take sides with War Hawks just so you know about Christianity

Christianity & Christians dont believe in a just war i wonder do you some American Christians  even read the bible at all? what does the bible say on how we should treat our enemies? does it in the bible anywhere in text their say lets go to war?

 If anything if  Santorum does win we are going to deal and have to worry about a Right wing religious  extremist.
I guess the next thing he would say it was GOD that told him to Bomb Iran Eh?

Santorum did say that he wont be kissing Donald Trump ring, however i think though he would rather kiss the Popes Ring.

I am sorry to say this but  Santorum  gives Christians & Christianity a Bad Name and image.

 Its Fear Mongering Claims NeoCon MP

Simcoe-Grey MP Kellie Leitch spoke with Metroland Media on Friday about the federal government's controversial Bill C-30, as well as the government's plans to make changes to the Old Age Security Benefit.
Leitch says Bill C-30 isn't about spying on Canadians' online activity, it's about the safety of children.

The bill is called the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. Some in opposition believe the bill is a violation of Canadian's online privacy and freedom.

Leitch disagrees.

"I think there is a lack of understanding of what the bill is about," she said.

"Overall, our government is focused on keeping communities safe. Especially when it comes to the safety and security of children, which I feel very passionately about."

She says the bill is not about monitoring Canadians' online activity. She says that message is "fear mongering," from the opposition parties.

Leitch said the bill would not allow police to obtain information without a warrant.

"Will this legislation allow police to monitor online activity without a warrant? The answer is no," she said. "The legislation only compels telecommunications service provider information to designated bodies so we can protect children. That's where the misconceived notions are. That's what the opposition is trying to perpetuate."

Well there we go again next to police chiefs another Conservative Member of Parliament has shown support for the controversial bill C-30 which would allow the police force to give them police state,Big brother powers.

MP Kellie Leitch has gone to far out by claiming the protests on the internet by regular Canadian citizens and others as Fear Mongering by the Opposition parties.

With that kind of statement by the Conservative MP Kellie Leitc it just goes to show that Dictator Harper and his Conservatives  keep on showing that they are hiding something from the Canadian public with this controversial bill C-30.

And in my view it seems  MP Kellie Leitc hasn't read the content of the C-30 otherwise she wouldn't be supporting it.
She still believes that the bill will be Protecting Children from the Internet Predators.

Santorum 2003 : No constitutional right to privacy

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  More reasons not to vote for that War Monger frothy mixture.

All the rights in the Constitution, which are individually based rights, according to our founders were not there for the individual’s gain, but the reason we established those rights was for the common good. The right to privacy is not the right to a common good. It’s a me-centered right, that obviously started in the sexual revolution with contraception and obviously quickly evolved to abortion, and now has found its way into the marriage debate. And all those acts that were self-giving acts, self-sacrificing acts, have been polluted by this right to privacy.
No right to privacy for you! i am sure Rick Santorum  then would voted yes to SOPA,ACTA and PIPA at free fall since he doesn't care about privacy  at all.  

I just cant tell  anymore if he sounds more like Orwellian or Communist! The constitutional rights we have is more geared towards the common good? More double-speak from Santorum!

Santorum is currently enjoying the spotlight, but it will not last long. His rampage against social issues are going to bite him in the backside, and he is way to extreme even for most Republicans.

If Ron Paul cannot pull in the delegates at the convention, it is a guarantee that Obama will serve another term.

And also last thoughts on this i personally find the GOP party is pathetic for letting this guy in the spotlight and suppressing Paul.

The way it sounds like the GOP doesn't want to win this election.

The nation’s top cops said during a Vancouver news conference the public doesn’t need to fear the bill.
“People need to focus and keep their eye on the ball,” said Warren Lemcke, Vancouver’s deputy chief constable.

“We can’t monitor your emails. We can’t monitor your phone calls. We can’t monitor your surfing unless a judge allows us to do that.”

The president of the Canadian Police Association said cops aren’t interested in monitoring the communication of Canadians who aren’t committing crimes.
“We’re talking about serious criminal offences,” said Tom Stamatakis.

Sounds like to me the  police chiefs and The president of the Canadian Police Association haven't read the C-30 Surveillance bill.

If they did read it they to would be surprised whats inside of it and thus the police chiefs are jumping on to the guns by supporting which then they are now supporting a Canadian Dictator.

I am sure if the police chiefs did read the bill and whats in it they too would be surprised by the content of the online surveillance bill.

Notice the police chief  little dirty lie here?

“Even if the police wanted, in some pervasive way, to monitor phones, ISPs (of the public), we don’t have the capacity. This is legislation that’s designed to give the police the tools to better deal with serious organized crime.”

Hmm really  president of the Canadian Police Association? maybe you could explain to all Canadians about IP address map  where your top Ontario  detective showed news networks a cluster map of IP 8,000 address or so.
Claiming to be all  Child pornographers on there computers.

I guess the police and this Conservative Dictator want to arrest all innocent Canadians with the claim that they all are part of some serious organized crime yeah what Total Nonsense nothing more then an excuse for defending the C-30 act.

I am sure the Police would have defended ACTA,SOPA to. 

My fellow readers everywhere these are the small steps and the birth of a dictatorship government.

As the owner of a hotel in 1960′s Libya, Mohamed Nga lived in the rarefied circles of Tripoli’s cosmopolitan society. His son, photographer Jehad Nga, writes about his father’s life before the Muammar Gaddafi regime. 

  On occasion, in our home in London, he would appear and drift away like a spirit—something we learned to live with. In some ways, I think he was waiting for a glimmer on the horizon, a memory which had fallen deep inside him and hadn’t been seen since the fall of 1969. It’s as if his watch had stopped that September, and like him, had waited for time worth telling to resume.

  I remember hearing stories of life inside the hotel before Gaddafi spearheaded the September revolution of 1969.

This article is nothing more then a times Pro King Idrs Propaganda what i noticed the TIMES article about life before Gaddafi failed to mention in the article.

-Libya in the 1960s Pre Gaddafi had the highest unemployment rate, living conditions for the libyans were unlivable.

-Noticed how in the article the photo gallery it shows the wealthy libyans rich wealthy elitists? workers of Hotel and people working with the us government at the time of the american,Italian occupation of libya.

-King Idrs was a full time Puppet to Britain and america.

From the Photos
-A picnic in Mohamed Nga's American car that he bought at the US Military base in Tripoli
Of course he bought the car at the the US Military base in Tripoli, do you think normal everyday citizens of libya could afford such wealthy life? i guess times magazine fails to mention that.

-ohamed Nga with his car—purchased on a US Military base in Tripoli
Again they mention he bought the car at the US military in Tripoli, where else would he buy the car then?

-The main plaza in central Tripoli built by Italy during their occupation of Libya
Funny they mention that Libya was occupied by Italy.

-And now we have this Richard in the comment claiming he was at the USAF airbase ( Wheelus AFB) outside of Tripoli in 1965 and claims he would love to return to libya been controlled by those rebel terrorists

This Article is the worst attempt at the Propaganda fails to mention of alot things, and the reasoning for the Revolution in the 1960s with the overthrow of the king idrs.

Libyans no longer in the 1960s wanted the puppet Idrs, because of the horrible living conditions which the king Idrs had imposed on the everyday non wealthy citizens.

This article is the shortest i have seen so far and the worst one yet by the times.

The  Hypocrisy of the American Backed,Supported Supposed Anti-Putin, Aka Russia Without Putin.

The opposition has accused authorities of using the state's resources or even employing financial incentives to encourage people to show up for the Putin rallies.

Buses were visible on the fringes of the rally that had brought people in from outlying Saint Petersburg regions.
Opposition activists call attention to the fact they do not bus militants to their rallies.

The opposition Novaya Gazeta reported on Friday that factory workers from as far away as Krasnoyarsk would be flown into Moscow to boost numbers.

That accusation coming from a News network that has ties with the American Western backed NGO organizations who want to install an American puppet president like the one in Georgia and  Novaya Gazeta has its own Controversies.

Anything they claim it should be taken like a grain of salt.

  The Opposition claim that they do not bus protestors to their rallies 

I believe that the Russian Ant-Putin Opposition does bus bus in protesters to their rallies and why i say that?  because that's the way it looks like and since the facebook could an Facebook page its pretty much easy to organize a protest rally.

Of course then the protesters would have Ipads or Iphones staying close to the updates on their protest movement and daily schedule updating the protesters.

Makes me wonder how much has Sen John McCain paid these anti-Putin protesters?
 When Sen John McCain made a tweet on his twitter, (Russian Spring is Coming) That was to Obvious to figure out  what comes next.

So now i have a question for the Anti-Putin Opposition (Obviously John McCain backed them) So Russian  Anti-Putin Opposition who do you want to lead Russia After Putin is Gone Then? Sen John McCain Maybe? Ultra nationalists?

Or Do you want Russia to turn into what Serbia, Georgia is like now? and i hear they are doing quite well huh well not quite actually quite horribly.

There's no privacy online. And it isn't missed

 Well as expected another Journalist fails and falls again into believing and buying into the nonsense that the  "Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act." Otherwise known as  C-30 Bill would somehow protect our children however that isn't the case.

And yes my fellow Canadians that is what Robert Fulford of The National Post  has wrote in his article Privacy isn't and wont missed? really Robert? sounds like Robert Fulford doesn't hang on a lot on the internet otherwise he wouldn't be making BS statements  like these which i have quoted below and will underline how clueless Robert Fulford of The National Post is.

I will also include my analysis on Robert Fulford talking points which are quite wrong under the quotes. 

Privacy is an ancient and once cherished right that has been transformed from a fact of life to a dying memory. And, as Facebook demonstrates several million times a day, a large part of humanity likes it the new way. Clearly, many users of social media think that the more everybody's privacy is violated, the better. Call them extroverts, call them narcissists, and if you like call them flashers. Nevertheless, they have inherited the Earth, or at least a good part of the Internet.

 Around the year 2000 hackers (they could have been Chinese) acquired seven passwords stolen from Nortel executives, including the chief executive. For eight or nine years the hackers ran through the digital synapses of the company, raping and looting, carrying off every R&D report and business plan that took their fancy. Pieces of Nortel having since been sold off, companies that bought them are afraid that they have accidentally acquired undetectable spyware imbedded in some of Nortel's products. The word for that is "rootkit," meaning stealthy malware designed to hide its existence, forever if possible.

So far as I know, not a single authority on computers expressed surprise when the news about WikiLeaks broke. Everyone in the business knew that what WikiLeaks did could be done - and in fact many private firms and nations were doing it already. Today the tricks of rich corporations, rich governments and feckless amateurs are increasingly available on lower levels of hackery.
But it was the response to the bill that struck a curious note of naïvety. People criticizing Toews suggested that he was undermining the sacred principle of privacy. Charlie Angus of the NDP rose to the occasion with high-test hyperbole: "Now, every single Canadian citizen is walking around with an electronic prisoner's bracelet."
It's a terrifying image, but entirely unrelated to reality.

Could it be that people like Angus don't read the news? Do they not know that the term "online privacy" is now pure anachronism? Experience tells us that just about any level of secrecy on the Web can be cracked. Surely that was proven when the WikiLeaks hackers demonstrated that even the U.S. government can't shield secret State Department memos sent by its ambassadors.

My Analysis & POV

It sounds like Robert Fulford of The National Post  doesn't much clearly understand who & what are WikiLeaks nor doesn't he know that  WikiLeaks under the American constitution they are indeed protected.

And its a bit surprising  Robert Fulford in a excuse to back up C-30 he compared Nortel Company hacking incident to millions of other Canadian internet users.
First off  Robert Fulford what happened to Nortel is and was irrelevant because that hacking incident  was the results of unfair business practices, and it was the result of  Corporate espionage.

China is one of those countries where the boundary between government and industry is thin, Skillicorn said.
"They tend to be major players."

I guess  Robert Fulford of The National Post  has left out that part for his readers.

                                    Robert Fulford Wrong Points & Statements

  •  Robert Fulford has no right to compare Nortel hacking incident to millions of Canadian internet  users to a Corporate company that has at least 700-1000 or more employers.
 Therefore his statements regrading his hacking statement  on just one huge Corporate company that was known  Nortel  is completely irrelevant.
  •  Robert Fulford calling  online privacy  pure anachronism and suggests to Canadian readers that  any level of secrecy on the Web can be cracked.
Here is the quote again.
 Could it be that people like Angus don't read the news? Do they not know that the term "online privacy" is now pure anachronism? Experience tells us that just about any level of secrecy on the Web can be cracked.
I am quite sure  Robert Fulford that Angus does indeed read the news??????? but it looks like you  Robert Fulford clearly don't understand  How to Use Online Privacy surely since  Robert Fulford has sided with Vic Toews and Harper and Its Bill C-30.

I am quite sure he may and will be attacked by  either twitter users or other internet users who are much aware and understand what is Online Privacy.
Robert Fulfordit doesn't seem to spent much time on the internet because when he does he only writes news article columns for the The National Post which would make more sense for his support on the C-30 Bill.

Sorry if i am going to use this word but seriously Robert Fulford has pissed me off with this.

Privacy is an ancient and once cherished right that has been transformed from a fact of life to a dying memory. And, as Facebook demonstrates several million times a day, a large part of humanity likes it the new way. Clearly, many users of social media think that the more everybody's privacy is violated, the better. Call them extroverts, call them narcissists, and if you like call them flashers. Nevertheless, they have inherited the Earth, or at least a good part of the Internet.
                                                    Disgusted Statements.
  •  Privacy is an ancient and once cherished right.
  •   has been transformed from a fact of life to a dying memory. 
  • Clearly, many users of social media think that the more everybody's privacy is violated, the better.
 There you have it my fellow Canadians this why we must stop and protest Bill C-30 people and fake paid Harper, NeoCon  journalists like Mr Robert Fulford of The National Post have no clue what are the true dangerous behind C-30 i am sure if Mr  Robert Fulford had spent more time on the internet.

He wouldn't be writing such Bullshit statements about our Right and our Privacy nor calling Privacy a Dying Memory?
Is that the best  argument or defense of the bill you Harper  conservatives got because if it is its a very weak argument.

And its clear that Robert Fulford of The National Post doesn't hang around Social media nor his computer that is if h has one which i doubt that very much.
I am quite  sure Robert Fulford of The National Post that he will be supporting ACTA,SOPA, PIPA if he was given the chance the article on them.

And no not every level on the web can cracked if that statement made by Robert Fulford is true how come to this day in 2011-2012 no one has been able to hack the pentagon and steal its secret files?
or how come no onehas yet hacked any major worldwide leading banks and stole millions of dollars from rich people?  within a blink of an eye.

 Because no one can do that if that indeed right now companies,rich people would be all in trouble and i don't mean the actress, singers drug trouble.

But financial trouble, financial speaking so just be thankfully that hasn't happened yet otherwise the governments worldwide would lunch an investigation into.
However in all honesty for Robert Fulford of The National Post to claim that there's no privacy online. And it isn't missed its only going to upset a lot of internet users.

The only people who make this statement There's no privacy online. And it isn't missed are usual the ones who don't spent that much time on the computers or on the internet.
I hope a alot of Canadians will be protesting this Censorship,police state act because i believe its time for US Canadians to stand up against Censorship.

America Had its fair share with SOPA,PIPA and these two acts were stopped
Europe is now having  huge protests  in different European countries, and they are against ACTA.

So now  i believe its time for us to stand up and be part of history and if we protest C-30 how will our grandchildren in the future look up to us? will our grandchildren live in a North American Dictatorship If so is that the future that awaits our Grandchildren.

A future that was made by governments telling them how to live?

don't get me wrong i am very much against child porn, however the way they are doing it is a mess much like the war on drugs which that turned out to be a failure.

But the this government is trying to pull off isn't the correct way i guess this conservative government just wants to arrest innocent people.
For the new empty jails that were just recently been build and were on the news By CBC.
Maybe that's why they are trying so hard to pass this C-30 bill that it would be alot  easier to arrest innocent people rather then the real crocks.

The way they are trying doing to with it reminds me of that movie V for Vendetta and where in one scene you see government vans spying on people's lives and even wiretapping  there phone lines.

 That's what it reminds me off & that's what i believe they may try to do with the C-30 Bill destroy our privacy and then if anyone is against the government or its polices arrest them put them in jail.

That is the reason why C-30 must be stopped because innocent people can be arrested and they could be.

Look where he has under Ron Paul
Opposed TARP Bailout
Strong Support For Gun Rights

Really Rick Santorum? so lying about another candidate past by claiming that Supported  TARP Bailout? even though  Ron Paul voted against TARP Bailouts? where unlike Ron Paul Rick Santorum came in favor of them at least in a re formal speech.

Ron Paul supports Gun Rights.
Rick santorum would lose to Obama in a general election in a new general election poll it shows obama trailing Santorum by three to two points.

What will you tell us Next Santorum? May be you could explain Why the Good voters of Pennsylvania
kicked and voted out Santorum? Well i think i know why they voted him out they saw him as a Fake a Conservative.

Ron Paul surges to 2nd w/ GOP voters Nationally with 21%,

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Ron Paul now in Second Place Nationally
Texas Congressman Ron Paul's support grew by 5 percentage points to 21 percent, moving him into second place and ahead of former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich, whose support slipped to 19 percent from 20 percent.
If you want wars Why should an American President go to the United Nations to grab the vote needed? Ron Paul would go to war if  he sees a threat and if that threat is credible enough.

Ron Paul would go to the congress to vote for the war and Obey the constitution unlike some presidents recently who haven't done that.

The same person and the American Billionaire who owns a new jersey team i believe and the same person who called for a Global currency is now Threatening a Civil War in Russia if Putin wins. 

Well not Threatening it directly but it sure sounds like as if he wants it.
Moscow, Jan 31 : The stand-off between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and anti-government protesters may escalate into a civil war, billionaire presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov has said.

  The businessman, whose fortune is estimated at USD 18 billion, urged "evolution, not revolution" and promised sweeping political and economic reforms if he wins the vote. 

Many pro-Kremlin pundits have warned the rallies are a preparation for an "Orange revolution" scenario of removing the ruling establishment through street protests.

Makes me wonder how much theses NGO Groups like the IRI are paying these western paid anti Putin protesters.

As if in Europe the elections are any better or freer, Mr Mikhail Prokhorov has no right to say such things coming that from after he called for a Global single Currency.

This is just outrageous, America really wants to Run Russia that bad.

If the Russians hated Putin that much they could have removed in 2008, 2005 so why now? well i think its all timed together.

Personally i believe the NGO groups take years of planning of such anti government protests bribing people into it without realizing they are been tricked.

Here's what  what Mikhail  said in a recent interview.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did the Kremlin send you into the running, to channel this dissatisfaction?
Prokhorov: I make my own decisions. That's what I'm used to. I was never anybody else's project.

Really? you know thats funny that coming from the same person who called for a Global Single yeah i can see how great the Euro has been holding up for the whole Europe, in other words the Euro is falling and i doubt a second bailout will save the dollar, so why is Prokhorov pushing for a  Global single currency?

It could be because he has an outsider agenda dont forget he has owned an American sports team as a  Billionaire while he lived in America.

I am sure he didn't just hold an American sports team while he was there, interesting how he in that interview claims Russia is not threatened by anyone in the region? has he looked at the military, tactically map lately?

NATO has surrounded Russia from all sides, its only matter of time before NATO could move in by military force if America has an war mongering, War Like president and decides to attack Russia.

Heres from that Interview on what he has stated.

Prokhorov: I want to make it easier to establish new parties. The 7 percent hurdle for parliamentary representation should be lowered to 3 percent. The term of office should be reduced from recently decided-on six years back to four years. In the economy I will break up monopolies, like Gazprom for example. Third, I will give top priority to investments in education, science and culture. They are much more important than high military spending. At the moment no one is threatening our country.

I will further discuss that image later on the month.