AFP Today Published a video showing the Free Syrian Fighters training Child & Teenager soldiers  A while later after the video was published by AFP on YouTube  users disliked the video there were six dislikes at the moment while the video was still available.

But after just a few short hours during today, AFP removed the video and later republished the video on YouTube with some pro free Syrian army commentators  whom the majority of them aren't even Syrian.

 AFP republished the video retitled " Young rebels train to end Syria 'tyranny' " when i saw the title i thought that AFP must had been hacked or that they were joking but unfortunately AFP wasn't joking.

Apparently AFP is very proud of the fact that the Free Syrian Army are now using child soldiers  and have been using them since last year. The UN were alerted to the fact the FSA has started using Child soldiers as a report stated in March.  

Although most of the FSA comments in the YouTube video section are made by paid bloggers and worshipers of the radical cleric supporters. There is just one comment which makes sense by the user mezwah .

As the video suggests twenty young rebel recruits prepare for what their instructors call a campaign to "rid Syria of tyranny" at a training camp in the northern Syrian town of Aazaz, 60 kilometres north of  Aleppo in what appears to be an old car hangar yard.

In the video AFP blurred the face of the FSA child solider trainee, as they claim did it for safety reasons but why would AFP blurry the face of the FSA child solider trainee if this is a war crime committed by the Free Syrian.

This is not the first time that the uses of Child Soldiers by the Free Syrian Army have been reported by the western mainstream news outlets.
This is the video that AFP news agency had republished for the second time and now with 13 likes seems to me that the 13 likes shows that people are pretty much  unaware of what the FSA are doing to these children and teenagers.

One of the young child solider in the video is no older then 10 years to 12 years old. Judging by the face expressions these kids made they weren't willing.

How further low can our western mainstream news outlets go by defending the Jihadists in Aleppo, Sryia?


Bruno said...

Just a comment from me regrading this as usual as you saw yet again they deleted it.

With the claims that the video contains content from afp, who has blocked it from display on YouTube.

Still dont find it strange?

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