Albanians saved the slaughter of Serbs in Kosovo

Albanians are armed and prepared to attack the Serbs in northern Kosovo


 BELGRADE - get ready!
Albanians are armed and ready "message" Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo, Pristina written press statement calling on the Albanian Top Channel TV. As stated, the Albanians have got the message like the mayor of Mitrovica Avni Kastrati, who ordered them to "self defense". Mass was followed by the arming of the height of the statement Hajredin Kuqi, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, who has announced a special campaign in northern Kosovo province .

- All that happens is directed by the Albanian mafia, which is affected by the intersection of roads that carry drugs. They lose a lot of money and their interest is to cause the conflict to make the situation worse, and they do their job unhindered. It is known that the Albanian mafia controls everything in Kosovo - reveals our source.
Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic said that the massive arming of Albanian is very dangerous.
- It should not be surprising, especially after the warmongering statements Hajredin Kuqi. The international community must respond, as this can lead to massive violence. One can repeat the 17th March 2004. year - said Bogdanovic.
Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said that the Kurir Kosovo Albanians and ordered "not to play with fire."
- Red Line in Kosovo and Metohija is an attack on the Serbs - he says.

 Here is the screenshot of the armed Albanians. Yes My Fellow Americans These Albanians in the photo with the shut guns who would want to kill the Christian Serbs are your Friends, and Friends of Sen John McCain as well.

Well Hillary Clinton looks like your friends of friends and friends of Sen John McCain are willing and are armed to kill every last Serb that exists in Kosovo.

Thus  creating a second genocide in the Balkans but this the ones doing it will be your puppet, or should i say out of control puppet Albanians.

You Hillary Clinton speak of progress in Kosovo yet when this Massacre and Genocide against the Christian Serb happens what will you say then?   

Let me guess they deserved it? well i guess everyone is right when they say that Hillary is a freaking witch with no soul.

Yes thats right the Albanians are indeed getting ready for a massacre against the Serbs in Kosovo.
Now. How Will those CNN,MSNBC,BBC,ITN, SKY News outlets Ignore  the massacre of Christian Serbs? as they ignored of not showing how Christian Churches are been destroyed.

If those Albanians in the video and photo really go ahead Massacre then it will just further prove that the Serbian people were right about the Albanians and the Albanian creation of a Great Albania.

By massacring of thousands of Serbs, so now begs the main important question who were the real victims?  in my opinion the Serbs were the real victims.This report actually surprisingly ties up with Boris Tadic resignation does he know something that will come in form of chaos?  

If that does occur will the major western mainstream news outlets stay silent, or will they ignore the Massacre of innocent Serb Civilians?

So what will America and NATO do? just sit back and watch how thousands of innocent Serb civilians are been raped and killed? if America cares about saving civilians will they help the Serbs if this apparent massacre does happen, its highly unlikely.

Please spread this and let the whole world know who are America's true friends are.
This massacre of Serbs i hope and pray will not happen, if it does Russia Will respond. 

Bush Blesses Syrian Resistance, Salutes Freedom Lovers

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Former President George W. Bush spoke in support of the Syrian resistance Wednesday, in video captured at an event honoring dissidents at the Bush Center in Dallas. Syrian dissident Ammar Abdulhamid was in attendance; video of Bush’s message to Syria was captured by Abdulhamid, according to his son.
Source Free beacon.

 GEORGE W. BUSH: Today, at the Bush Center, we’re honoring freedom lovers—people showing enormous courage, in demanding their God-given right, which is to live in a free society. As I think about freedom, I think about the people of Syria who are demanding their God-given right. Our hearts are with you, you’re showing great courage, and I ask that the Almighty bless you in your attempts to achieve what every man and woman on the face of the Earth wants, and that is to live in a free society.

There goes off with his Freedom loving Nonsense  again and where i have heard that one before? oh that's Right Iraq and Afnagsantian

more further prove that the Syrian rebellion is a Strategic interest nothing more then that Freedom lover claims.

 John McCain: Syrian peace plan's failure is proof that military action is required
 McCain: Only ground troops will end Assad regime

On Tuesday morning, U.S. senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman - both strong advocates of international intervention - visited a Syrian refugee camp inside Turkey. McCain said there is no doubt about whether the peace plan was a failure.

"I think it was a failure from the start. Most of us knew because there was no pressure for Bashar Assad to actually stop the killing. We think it's going to require military action on the ground to get him to leave," McCain said.

Why dont we send in Sen John McCain and Joe Lieberman into Syria? i am not surprised that Sen John McCain is once again proving his war mongering, war hawkish stance.

Since during the Yugoslavian wars McCain has been calling for a occupation of Serbia, has made military threats against another nation.  

If he  and his sellout buddy  Joe Lieberman that military actions would solve everything they are completely freaking idiots.

If they indeed start sending troops into Syria they would only make things worse rather then better remember Iraq?

And it seems to me  that  Joe Lieberman is  following McCain like a lap dog? who wouldn't guess.

If America does send ground forces, how does expect McCain and his lap dog expect to pay for the war? steal all the wealth from the people? oh wait wall street is already doing that part.
John McCain claims he was a POW during the Vietnam war and yet i really doubt he has seen the worst of the war.

If John McCain and Joe Lieberman keep talking openly like this they are only exposing themselves that America is funding the rebels, or sending the mercenaries to do the job easier for them.

I think sometime soon the American spring will be in the air, and i hope people like John McCain & Joe Lieberman  should be arrested for Treason & High conspiracy against the united states of America.

The only solo reason War Hawk McCain wants a war in Syria is because Syria has a Russian naval base  and Syria has ties to Iran and Russia.

But Surely the War Hawks should know if the bombings do start, if they target the Russian Naval base you will automatically start a war with Russia.
I am surprised a war didn't started  when NATO accidentally bombed the Chinese embassy in Serbia right? will there excuse be we  accidentally bombed the Russian naval base killing Russian sailors.

Unfortunately i dont think Russia's is that stupid and believe NATO response.

Well there you have it my fellow Americans the country is been led by War Nutjobs and War hawks who never look at the consequences of there own actions.

Why you think Sen John McCain is now avoiding the problems and failing state of Libya? its because McCain doesn't care about the Libyans or there future.

If he did care Sen John McCain wouldn't support  the ndaa bill.

Sen John McCain, Sen John Kerry, Sen Lindsey Graham, Sen Joe Lieberman they are all sellouts to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Why dont the people wake up and realize that they are been lied again?

 Romney's top contributors so far in his campaign:

Goldman Sachs $535,680
JPMorgan Chase & Co $375,650
Morgan Stanley $323,800
Credit Suisse Group $299,160
Citigroup Inc $282,765
Bank of America $277,850
Kirkland & Ellis $222,702
Barclays $221,650
PricewaterhouseCoopers $191,500
HIG Capital $188,500
Blackstone Group $178,800
Wells Fargo $163,200
UBS AG $156,550
Bain Capital $154,000
EMC Corp $128,300
Citadel Investment Group $122,125
Elliott Management $121,000
Bain & Co $113,300
Sullivan & Cromwell $107,150
The Villages $97,500


Microsoft Corp $289,088
DLA Piper $217,582
Google Inc $167,565
University of California $157,092
Harvard University $155,808
Morgan & Morgan $130,145
Comcast Corp $127,700
Skadden, Arps et al $119,074
Sidley Austin LLP $116,227
Time Warner $109,442
US Dept of State $106,040
Debevoise & Plimpton $92,026
National Amusements Inc $88,014
Stanford University $87,858
Kaiser Permanente $87,502
University of Chicago $87,100
US Government $86,589
Columbia University $84,722
Latham & Watkins $82,783
Wilmerhale Llp $81,455


 The Banks Are All Behind Romney contributions...they have abandoned Obama. It wasn't like this in 2008. Obama seems to be a mix of nearly everything else....colleges, businesses, half of his contributions are small donors (those who likely don't have lots of money). Seems the banks no longer like Obama. That's a good thing in my book.

As for individual contributions...


Small Individual Contributions $7,475,825 (10%)
Large Individual Contributions $66,707,893 (90%)


- Small Individual Contributions $71,131,811 (45%)
- Large Individual Contributions $87,685,293 (56%)

Almost all of Romney's money is coming from the wealthy...Obama has raised more overall...but i think that will change he's obviously the only one campaigning on his side.

This shows the problem Romney has with relating with the average American as well. He's the Wall Street candidate who is nearly exclusively funded by the rich.

It doesn't get any more blatant than this.

But Wait that's not only thing that is  more blatant.

 Whats blatant is that both  of these men,are proof,that the two party system has failed.

Seriously,They are both BAD for America.
Almost all of Romney's money is coming from the wealthy...Obama has raised more overall...but i think that will change he's obviously the only one campaigning on his side.

This shows the problem Romney has with relating with the average American as well. He's the Wall Street candidate who is nearly exclusively funded by the rich.
And i would also like to point out that Romney's top contributors are all speculating on oil futures...driving up costs at the pump and virtually everything else for the rest of us.

Isn't that something?

The ot so different are they?

The Contributions, some math:


Small Individual Contributions $7,475,825 (10%)
Large Individual Contributions $66,707,893 (90%)


- Small Individual Contributions $71,131,811 (45%)
- Large Individual Contributions $87,685,293 (56%)

Helping the middle class, indeed.

Or should i dare to say helping the Corporations. Makes you wonder if the Corporations are the ones electing the candidates because it would make sense that Romney is the only one winning so far almost every delegates in the republican primary.

Don't Forget These are the same Contributions that yes that funded both Sen John McCain & Obama in the 2008 general election.

The Two Party is a complete failure, almost in every country, would a multi party system would it make any differences or changes? that i dont know the way i see it.

The elites are ruling everything they touch with Money and Corporations. But a multi party system wont be a bad idea considering.

The Two Party system is like living in a two party dictatorship, with the claims of democracy and freedom of speech.

Even though our rights every day are slowly disappearing in front of us.
Romney,McCain Obama,Harper, Paul martin  Whats the differences?

Absolutely none.

 Syrian rebels refuse to give 'written guarantees' to Assad regime

BEIRUT – A U.N.-brokered peace deal for Syria appeared to collapse Sunday as the government made a new demand that its opponents provide "written guarantees" to lay down their weapons before regime forces withdraw from cities, a call swiftly rejected by the country's main rebel group.

The deal, brokered by U.N. and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, was due to take effect on Tuesday, paving the way for negotiations to end the country's year-old crisis, which the U.N. estimates has killed 9,000 people.

Annan said last week that Syrian President Bashar Assad had accepted the plan and its call for government forces to pull back from urban centers. But on Sunday Syria's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdessi, placed a new condition -- that the opposition agree in writing "to halt violence with all its forms and their readiness to lay down weapons."
What does this scenario remind you of??

Sounds to me the Syrian Rebels look like bunch of terrorists then, since Assad and his forces were willing to stand down and now apparently it seems the rebels aren't willing to do so. 

I am not surprised by at this at all, after all America is arming the rebels and i am sure the CFR sellout Sen John McCain would love nothing more then to see another Intervention in the Med East.

And Why? anything to stop Iran and its imaginary nukes and making Iran look like another Iraq i cant believe some people aren't seeing the similarities.

I am sorry to say this but Good for Assad. If those Rebel,terrorists don't like to agree in writing, then tanks and bullets it is.
It Maybe harsh but in the end Syria will look like the current collapsing Libya.  

Update:About The Attack on My Desktop.

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It seems the Attack and Virus or hack came from South America somewhere near Brazil apparently, sadly i cant  do anything on about it any further, other then just alerting other people and alerting  the police authorities on just what happened.

Even though i doubt they would do anything at all, unless it was something major.
However i am interested in finding out where that phone number came from and where it was located.

 Western News Outlets Haven't Show You This

Remember, Remember, Remember When They Bombed Serbia and Belgrade and How They almost started World War Three Over Kosovo.

Here are the pictures that have never been seen on CNN, AJ,CBC,BBC,MSNBC,FOX, ABC.
Yes i know they are disturbing but it is the reality on what what happened. 

Peace from Above,Mother & Child.

Imagine This in America.

A refugee killed en route by NATO bombs.

The Pentagon claimed that this Train was carrying Serbian military officers but in the after math of the bombing it showed it wasn't any military personal.

It was just carrying civilians, This train and its attack vid from the jet was also speed it up by the Pentagon.

 Here is a Video.

 NATO Claimed
 NATO talking heads: "We have nothing against the Serbian people"
Yeah i am sure a lot of people are doubting that NATO claim now.

There are a lot of such images but i dont want to post them because they are disturbing, now you see fellow Americans?  your leaders have been lying to you.

Including leaders like Sen John McCain he is a sellout to the CFR a group calling themselves Council on Foreign Relations and McCain isn't the only one whose a sellout there are plenty otheres.

Which i will be posting about and discussing on it.

For 80 and 90 days NATO bombed Serbia without  stopping, i have seen comments on yahoo answers and most of you American haven't it figured it out.

When NATO started Bombing they weren't just  Bombing  military targets But  largely 100% of NATO air strikes targeted civilian populated areas. 

And targeted  civilian infrastructure, and by the comments i can see and tell you were proud of the bombings eh? without any regret for life?  on the innocent people you have bombed?

Oh but wait then you will just say they deserved it right? even though The Bosnian Muslims were also killing the Serbian Civilians right in front of Western mainstream media news outlets.

But Americans know this, When next time a Terrorist attack happens in your own backyard dont start blaming the middle east.

Look no further then in Bosnia and look for the radical Islamics there.

The Bosnia of Today is a horrible place and why i say that? Serbs,Romas and Jews all of there given rights have been taken away unless they convert to Islam.

Hacked and Attacked For The Second Time In the Second Year

This all started last year after i suddenly got a strange phone call from someone or some group claiming themselves  to be a traveling agency and as we all humans arent all prefect we all make mistakes  and so did i by answering the phone and giving them the details about myself I know i know stupid mistake which i will forever regret.  

But here's  where it gets stranger they already had the information about me, as the week went by i phoned Mastercard and told them what happened and i also let my local bank know as well.

After that week i got a new credit card, and as i did on a Early morning at sometime at 6:30 Am i got a strange phone call yet again what sound like a  lady an Indian lady with broken English from India  telling me that i have a Virus on computer?  I quickly figured this wasn't.

A Call but a Phone Ping Hack Attack, sending a virus through your phone onto your computer, quickly ran to my PC alerted my friends and get this, this virus this whatever it is took complete control over my desktop i had no control on my files, as in i couldn't save  documents or save the paint files.

Nor suffer the internet.

What did the attackers gave you?

Now i dont think your going to believe me but i got the phone number from them, yes that's right the attackers over the phone gave me there phone.

And here it is, i hope by placing the phone number either the military, the police, NSA or  anyone else would able to find where this phone number is really been located.

As for what the attackers gave me on my PC a new kind of virus a mixture  of everything.
Heres the photo.

And The Virus and the way  it Runs.

Well there you have it another Ping Hack attack on my computer.

Are You Sure Its The Mafia?

At this moment no i am not sure but it could since as you can see some group did again attack my computer for now its all speculation.

As for the phone Here it is.

The Phone Number 

Please if anyone in Canada, America, Japan, Europe China  knows this phone number let me know on twitter and contact anyone you may know who can help out.

And please spread this.