Santorum's wife : his surge is the will of God

Posted by Bruno On Sunday, February 26, 2012 0 comments

So America, you really want these two crazy people in the White House? You want to be the joke of the world yet again?

 The wife of presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Thursday that his rise in the polls is due to God working in mysterious ways.

"I personally think this is God's will. I think He has us on a path, and I do think there's a lot more happening than what we're seeing," Karen Santorum told Glenn Beck as she and her husband sat for an interview on his Web-based show, GBTV. "Personally I mean I think Rick's a great guy, and he's really smart and everything. But I think a lot more is happening than what we can actually see."

Frothy mix and his wife are religious nuts... you don't want religious nuts in control of thousands of nukes... Imagine Iran with thousands of nukes. Elect Santorum and this is what you gonna have your going to have a Right Wing religious nut.

So Santorum's wife thinks Santorum's surge is the will of God? ah like that last time when GW Bush said that GOD told him to bomb Iraq?

You know what American Christians? GOD doesn't take sides with War Hawks just so you know about Christianity

Christianity & Christians dont believe in a just war i wonder do you some American Christians  even read the bible at all? what does the bible say on how we should treat our enemies? does it in the bible anywhere in text their say lets go to war?

 If anything if  Santorum does win we are going to deal and have to worry about a Right wing religious  extremist.
I guess the next thing he would say it was GOD that told him to Bomb Iran Eh?

Santorum did say that he wont be kissing Donald Trump ring, however i think though he would rather kiss the Popes Ring.

I am sorry to say this but  Santorum  gives Christians & Christianity a Bad Name and image.


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