After the Armed Coup In Ukraine Sky News Admits Vast Majority of  Ukrainians Did Not Protest.

According to Sky News Reporter Tim There leaders need to applie to these people but also to the vast Majority of  Ukrainians Did Not Protest.

Why admit it only now after the smokes clears? yet since 2013 Nov number of Mainstream News Outlets have being claiming that the  vast Majority of  Ukrainians  were protesting in the thousands  raging from 500,000 then to 50,000 it would seem as if even the MSM couldn't even tell the exact the number of the protesters.

Unless they were protecting and hiding the armed gang. Either Way the fascists thinks they have won thanks with the support from Poland's government and the Canadian Prime Minster Harper, the Canadian support for these protests in Kiev have being rather questionable.


Vitali Klitschko own Bowing Down Moment.

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Vitali Klitschko Warns The Ukrainian President  Give us an election or  We Will Attack Vitali forgets his own Bowing Down Moment.

While the poster child of the EU's apparent future Ukrainian  President  in the eyes of Greater Germany/The EU.

There is only one problem  it seems apparently even  Vitali Klitschko had it his own Obama bowing down moment which was caught on footage in an  (unreleased-steamed video) which shows.

Vitali Klitschko kissing the hand of European Commissioner Catherine Ashton last month at the
Headquarters of the opposition somewhere in an a building inside the Independence square.  

Here is the Euporean Union Poster child, former drug admitted addict, Vitali kissing the hands of
European Union Commissioner Catherine Ashton last month.

While pretending to resembles some freedom fighter although kissing the hand of an official is a bit far over the step in my view. Vitali kissing the hands of
European Union Commissioner Catherine Ashton, is a lot worse then Obama bowing down to kings, 
Does  Vitali Klitschko even remember the moment Vitali did? probably not.
Kissing some official's  body party whatever hand or vice verse makes you look like a puppet.

Has with that does Vitali Klitschko even have a right on threatening the current democratically elected government? 

White House Blames Ukraine Government For Increased Tensions, But Not The Peaceful Fascist Pro EU Protesters

" WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is blaming increased tensions in Ukraine on its government for failing to acknowledge its people's legitimate grievances, and is threatening sanctions if the use of violence continues."

" That's where anti-government protests escalated into fiery street battles with police Sunday in a sharp escalation of Ukraine's two-month political crisis."

by criminalizing protests. She's calling on Ukraine to repeal recent laws limiting protests, remove riot police from downtown Kiev and start talking to the opposition."

Now Why would the White House urge Ukraine to remove the riot police from the Independence square?

Remember people this is the same White House that keeps destroying children and families in Pakistan and elsewhere in the middle east after lunching drone strikes and here we have the White House urging other countries and ordering them to remove its police force.

Those whom are trying to keep the peace and protect other ordinary Ukrainians whom have jobs and schools and are trying to enjoy there day?    

Isn't this the same White House that forced out the Occupy Wall protesters? perhaps the white house could explain why there are 52 NED NGO Organizations in Ukraine right now.


There was another image from the protest rally in Kiev which caught my attention.  But thats for another thread.


Pro EU Euromaidans  Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition, Images That Defines Entire Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition. Peaceful Protesters? No Longer After Today Clashes

Beating a police officer to the ground, then apparently the officer has being rushed to a medic. On the right a Neo Fascist peaceful protester is  fingering pointing  at the officer.

In this image On the middle to the left with an Orange Suit is stamping on the officers on the left  that are being taken hostage by the peaceful protesters.

While on the right  the two officers are trying to move out of the way.
In this image we see a small number of the peaceful protesters are  trying to surround the two officers in the middle section of the center of the Independence

What do these images Defines Entire Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition? it suggests a number of things that escalated into the clashes that we had seen on Sunday.

Protesters attacking police officers dont usual  go at it on there free will.
It was an  order to attack the police officers.  It was a tactical decision by the  Defines Entire Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition as a whole.

John McCain, Euporean Union German Officials Key Responsible for Today's clashes? 

These small number of pro EU Clashes that occurred on Sunday, comes after a surprising  meeting with the  Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition a meeting which was conducted by Sen John McCain, and other Senators,  Euporean Union German Officials including Ashton, in December.

Just what were those meetings all about? giving tactical information to the  Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition? or continue the flow of cash for the protesters that are protesting?

After Sunday's clashes its clear that the  Entire Euromaidan Ukrainian Opposition arent peaceful as some of the western news media outlets have being suggesting.