The Attack On Neutral Alternative Medicine Has Begun In Canada

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In Canada Currently Before the Christmas Season started the government secretly passed a dangerous bill in tilted   Bill-C36  in which will in any many act the same way has the American bill Codex Alimentarius.

The bills Codex Alimentarius, C36 both prevent the sales of Neutral Alternative Medicine of many different herbal based ingredients, including, flower,plant, leaf if the bill Codex Alimentarius passes in amercia it will grant the FDA more power over food regulation and food  coming from oversea.

                    Codex Alimentarius, C36 Bills Both Support GMO

I have read  both bills in many ways they both act the same and are both supported by the WHO for whom cannot be forgettable for there famous  Swine Flu propaganda campaign of 2009 and 2010.

In the both bills there is nothing agaisnt genetically  modified organisms or GMO for short in Europe Most Euporean  Countries have banned the uses of GMO in the food production.

In Asia counties like India  and China the local farmers  had committed suicide over the uses of GMO
On there farms in India, the farmers had no choice but to use the dangerous bio crops, speaking of which the WHO,FDA and other organizations didn't even bother  of paying the families, of those farmers who have committed suicide.

              The Government of Canada Say in all of This
A Canadian citizen emailed MP Colin  the over the matters of the Bill C-474 which protects farmers and makes analysis  of those of potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new
genetically engineered seed is permitted.

Governments response.

    Thank you for the email. The Government of Canada notes the concerns raised and understands the need to maintain market access for Canadian seed and crops, and to protect the economic interests of Canadian farmers.

    Our government recognizes that long-term success in agriculture has depended and continues to depend on the sector's ability to innovate. New products and technologies, including those involving genetic engineering, serve a variety of purposes and provide significant benefits for Canadians, the economy and the environment.

    Our government opposes C-474, which does not accomplish what it purports to, but which instead would add an extra layer of red tape that has the potential to stifle innovation.

    For our government, safety comes first with all foods, including those derived through biotechnology. It is important to maintain our rigorous, science-based assessment process to protect human and animal health and the environment while benefiting from the advances brought by new biotechnologies.

    Canada's science-based regulations conform to World Trade Organization rules governing trade and place Canada on a level playing field with key international trading partners. Adding market impact analysis to the existing approval process would not only add an extra layer of red tape, but, in fact, would also hinder Canada's market access.

    Our government believes that industry is best positioned to make market-based decisions regarding the commercialization of products approved as safe for food, feed and the environment.

    Market impact is an important issue and one in which the full value chain should be engaged. Commodity groups such as canola and soybean have enjoyed tremendous success by working collaboratively, from product developer, to grower, to seed supplier, to grain handler, toward ensuring that segregation strategies are in place or importing markets are secured before approvals for any new technology.

    Once again, thank you for bring your views to my attention.

    MP Colin Mayes  

  Hm It seems that the Government opposes an analysis to be done? that makes you wonder and asking for more questions.

Read the Bill for yourselves.

               What Can you Do About It?

As a Canadian Citizen It is Our Right To Defend what we love Or what We Don't  Love
However when it comes down to the issues of our Food, Medicines The Government has No Right Telling what we should take in our bodies that is our choice not there's to decide.

 has a Citizen of Canada you  have to the right to
Write to your local MPs, City Mayors about this important matter.

What are the  Neutral Alternative Medicine Been Attacked 

 These are the things the big drug companies see as a threat, this is indeed an attack on neutral alternative medicine.

2.Homeopathic drops
3.Crushed pearl
4.Ingestion of vitamin mixture
(^Vitamin mixs are bad for you typical)

5.Echinacea (Herbal Tea)
6.Large volumes of chamomile tea
7.Raspberry tea leaf
8.Multiple herbal and vitamin/mineral supplements
9.Gingko and brahmi
10.Herbal centre medicine (ingredients)
11.Multiple herbal therapy and minerals
12.Intramuscular injection of daily vitamins
13.Oral and intravenous calcium

They even go to claim that under pregnancy a Multiple herbal and vitamin/mineral supplements mix can cause Neonatal hyponatraemic seizures and while Raspberry tea leaf can cause Premature closure of ductus arteriosus.

Yet they have no proof of any of there utter claims, funny thing is under Potential AEs a Ingestion of vitamin mixture can cause a Allergic reaction.

Final Thoughts these are all neutral medicines that my family members are using and they are doing just fine because of  the Neutral Alternative Medicine path and Teas, we decided.

But every time they start to use a drug made by a pharmaceutical company they are either to sleepy or have forgotten something.
In my view  pharmaceutical drugs are more dangerous, 100% of the most drugs on the market aren't even tested.
So Canada And America Do Your Part!
Lets Prevent Bill C-36 and GMOs From Coming Here.


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