Sadly the western news propaganda mainstream, this anti campaign agaisnt Gaddafi was started by foreign powers, and corporations, the CIA was very well behind the uprisings that took place in feb 17,
As some of the sources tell us other wise.

From the Reuters Article on the supposed free press in libya.

"Satan defects from Gaddafi" read the headline of weekly "Intefadet al-Ahrar (Uprisings of The Free) on May 5. Cartoons portray Gaddafi as a criminal, a mass murderer or a vampire thirsty for the blood of Libya's people.

Since when did muslims in libya ever started using the words such  as Satan? in the koran, there is no mention of Satan, but the only  mention of satan is Jinn as a reference to the devil.

Its important to point the propaganda used by the mainstream news because the mainstream have used term  Satan agaisnt Saddam as well.

Journalists in the east are still revelling in their new-found freedom to poke fun at Gaddafi, but rights campaigners say Libya's press needs maturity, factual rigour and stronger foundations to challenge and scrutinize its future leaders.

So when your attacking or saying on the net that obama wasn't born in america, or that his birth certificate is fake, people in america will be criticized and attacked as racists, so wheres the freedom of press there? since when did the mainstream have to the right to call obama rivals, and questioners as  racists?

That doesn't sound like free press, it sounds like the mainstream is carrying the water for obama and his government.

"We want the rebels fighting elsewhere in Libya to know that we are on our way to them," said Ben Soued.

But Reuters did admit the other day or so, that the support for the rebels isnt in a millions, and had recruiting problems, which isnt very surprising.

This style of  western  propaganda has been used during the iraq war, and Yugoslav wars and now is been used in libya by creating and using fake first and fake last names to supposedly protect the people of those working  with the RAND Corporation and such other  Private Military or Security Companies, corporations.

I noticed this article  has alot of written mistakes in which for a journalist you cant make any mistakes because i also noted this Reuters article is been recycled and used by other western mainstream news organizations.


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