Unreported on The Major Mainstream News Outlets, Clashes Are Still Occurring in Libya.

According to the reports from the ground in Libya on the social media clashes had occurred in the town of Mizdah, both on its western and eastern sides.

Mizdah is close to western mountains and is inhabited by the rival Guntrar and Mashashiya tribes and has a presence of Zintanis.  The same Zintanis which are holding Saif al-Islam more then a year since the capture of  Saif al-Islam last year.
Last time the two sides clashed was in June 2012, around 150 people had died. The majority of these clashes which are occurring in Libya including in the town of Mizdah are widely ignored by the major mainstream news outlets as none news.

On an facebook page it claims that an rebel commander who led the march onto Tripoli during the uprising has being killed, the facebook page shows what it appears to be the body of the commander.

Although but this could be a fight based on tribal rivalry and similar grievances. Both sides had claimed they were attacked first. However since the clashes have being occurring in Libya since last summer Libya shouldn't being ignored.

But unfortunately the major mainstream news outlets are avoiding making any references to the recent clashes which have being occurring over the weekend and are only making  references to the minor issues. Over the weekend only few major news outlets have reported of the Egyptian Christians which were arrested by the Libyan police, whom were accused of spreading Christianity and converting Muslims 

Christian  Church in  Benghazi Attacked by Gunman, State Media
It expressed "deep concern" over the attack, saying it was "contrary to the rules" of Islam and international human rights laws.

Libya's small Christian community has expressed fears over Islamist extremism as the government struggles to impose its authority over armed groups which have refused to lay down their weapons since the 2011 war that ousted Muammar Gaddafi.

With minorities and Christians being attacked in Libya with the delay of the Libyan constitution which at this point remains unclear with uncertainty, we still dont know nor have a clear understanding on how will the Libyan constitution turn out. But one thing is certainty.

We should approach the  Libyan constitution with worry and uncertainty as parts if not all of the Libyan constitution will indeed have the sharia law. 


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