U.S, Soros' Fundation providing financial and military aid to the KLA during the 1999 Kosovo war George Soros, and a New York- based Albanian__ billionaire Sahit__Muja have shemed to get their hands on Kosovo's coal reserves, estimatet to be worth ower 300 billion dollars.

Thaci government has reportedly assured Clinton that American corporations will be the chief beneficiaries of Kosovo's coal wealth. Of course, her husband, Bill Clinton, just happened to be president of the United States during the Kosovo War. 

Is this a surprise  to anyone? all wars are based on profits, thats why america turned there back on the serbs and went with the Albanians not because of the land Kosovo, but because what in Kosovo has in it.

And the same forces of NATO which attacked Kosovo and Serbia are now attacking Libya in the name of the war machine, and Americas  secret agenda.


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