Hawaii GOP Facebook posts message from Romney campaign

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More proof that its staged for Romney and Santorum? here are the messages that phrases the outcome of the Romney victory checkout the nonsense in the comment section with the Romney Supporters and Santorum supporters going on in a full heated debate.   

Source FaceBook

Heads up everyone, lines are LONG at Laie and Makiki. Come early and make sure you have everything you need before you get to the polls. If possible, fill out your HRP card and Voter Reg form (if you're not registered) before you get to the sign in desk
 Other Message.
Source Facebook

Xander. Paul??? Lol really, do you actually believe mathematically he has a chance?
Bell and you know what i think?  mathematically speaking neither Santorum,Romney, Newt cant beat Obama only Ron Paul can since he is the only whose pushing to get out of Afghanistan and honestly  Afghanistan is proving to be a huge failure.

If Bin laden is dead why should we stay in  Afghanistan? i will tell you why they are using a Afghanistan as a base in order to attack Iran in the near future that is why.

However i believe right now Afghanistan is a Hot Spot and one more spark like that its only then going to get a lot  worse if we stay any longer in Afghanistan.

Do not forget Romney wants 30000 troops back in Iraq and previously has stated  Iraq Mission Not Accomplished? really? You killed Saddam and his Sons, you got nearly half of the oil, what more possibly you want from iraq.

What else or anything more could you want from Iraq? there arent any terrorists in Iraq so why would you go back?  unless of course its all part of the grand strategy, of taking over Iran's oil supplies by brute force.

Either way if there is war with Iran that will spark a fire in the middle east surely that isn't what we want nor cant we risk more wars, when our country is in debt.

When will we ever listen to people Like Ron Paul?


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