Well it seems to me its pretty strange that after what 5 to 11 years or so? they finally found him and killed in among all turmoil in arab countries Yeman, Yeman has been hit by the supposed arab spring yet they found Anwar al-Awlaki among all chaotic turmoil occurrences in the country.

If you want my honest opinion on this matter i think it was a very well planned election stunt by obama and why a stunt you may ask? well thats pretty easy have you seen obama and his poll ratings by the supposed 1,000 voters? 43% disapprove of obama America is a nation of 300 Million People sadly i dont think polls really matter anymore i dont why the mainstream news even bothers with them, polls only represent a tiny minority a nation in Millions of people.

A Quote to end my opinion .

"Defense is the only angle he's going to have going into the General, you know. Because he was there when they killed Bin Laden, and you know he can't run on the Economy.. So you're really agreeing with him on this? Do you really want him to win again??"

Yes i saw what Ron Paul said, and you know what he has a point on what he said, Ron Paul is trying to tell every American that the President doesn't have the authority to kill you, no matter what your crime.

Only Ron Paul makes sense  compare to those running, who met with doland trump and since when has Trump became the headmaster of the GOP? arent the candidates running for the people and the country and not for the millionaires?

What does that say about them, that  they dont care for the poor or the middle class? so what if ron paul said what for what he said? he does have a point if you look deep into it but the way the american mainstream such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News have been treating him is qutie ridiculous and  in un journalistic manner.


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