White House Blames Ukraine Government For Increased Tensions, But Not The Peaceful Fascist Pro EU Protesters

" WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is blaming increased tensions in Ukraine on its government for failing to acknowledge its people's legitimate grievances, and is threatening sanctions if the use of violence continues."

" That's where anti-government protests escalated into fiery street battles with police Sunday in a sharp escalation of Ukraine's two-month political crisis."

by criminalizing protests. She's calling on Ukraine to repeal recent laws limiting protests, remove riot police from downtown Kiev and start talking to the opposition."

Now Why would the White House urge Ukraine to remove the riot police from the Independence square?

Remember people this is the same White House that keeps destroying children and families in Pakistan and elsewhere in the middle east after lunching drone strikes and here we have the White House urging other countries and ordering them to remove its police force.

Those whom are trying to keep the peace and protect other ordinary Ukrainians whom have jobs and schools and are trying to enjoy there day?    

Isn't this the same White House that forced out the Occupy Wall protesters? perhaps the white house could explain why there are 52 NED NGO Organizations in Ukraine right now.


There was another image from the protest rally in Kiev which caught my attention.  But thats for another thread.



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