Vitali Klitschko own Bowing Down Moment.

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Vitali Klitschko Warns The Ukrainian President  Give us an election or  We Will Attack Vitali forgets his own Bowing Down Moment.

While the poster child of the EU's apparent future Ukrainian  President  in the eyes of Greater Germany/The EU.

There is only one problem  it seems apparently even  Vitali Klitschko had it his own Obama bowing down moment which was caught on footage in an  (unreleased-steamed video) which shows.

Vitali Klitschko kissing the hand of European Commissioner Catherine Ashton last month at the
Headquarters of the opposition somewhere in an a building inside the Independence square.  

Here is the Euporean Union Poster child, former drug admitted addict, Vitali kissing the hands of
European Union Commissioner Catherine Ashton last month.

While pretending to resembles some freedom fighter although kissing the hand of an official is a bit far over the step in my view. Vitali kissing the hands of
European Union Commissioner Catherine Ashton, is a lot worse then Obama bowing down to kings, 
Does  Vitali Klitschko even remember the moment Vitali did? probably not.
Kissing some official's  body party whatever hand or vice verse makes you look like a puppet.

Has with that does Vitali Klitschko even have a right on threatening the current democratically elected government? 


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