Reports. The Associated Press and Britain-based Syrian Observatory. Islamist FSA Brigades have reportedly taken Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo.

According to the The Associated Press and other news outlets citing the British-based Syrian Observatory has claimed.  Syrian rebels captured a strategic neighborhood near Aleppo's international airport on Saturday, putting opposition fighters in control of a key road that the regime has used to ferry supplies and reinforcements to soldiers fighting in the embattled northern city, activists said.

The Syrian Arab Army and rebels have been locked in a deadly stalemate in Aleppo, Syria's largest urban center and main commercial hub, since an opposition assault last summer. Seven months later, the rebels hold large parts of the city and its outskirts, including several army bases, but they have been unable to overcome the regime's far superior firepower.

The capturing of the Sheik Said neighborhood, southeast of Aleppo, is a significant blow to regime forces because the area includes a major road, linking the northern city with the airport. The army has used the road to supply troops.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebels captured the area Saturday after several days of fierce battles with Assad's troops. Rebels have previously established enclaves outside Syria's major cities to threaten the regime, including near the capital, Damascus, but they were later attacked by Assad's fighter jets and artillery.
Regarding the least claims that the FSA have reportedly taken  Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. The Western Mainstream News Outlets did not mention nor stated which factions were behind the take of Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo However. Surprisingly the Britain-based Syrian Observatory has stated the following on there facebook page.

"Aleppo province: Rebel fighters from several factions took hold of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city after 12 days of clashes with regular forces and pro regime militants in the neighourhood which led to the death of 26 rebel fighters and dozens of casualties and injuries form regular soldiers and pro regime militants. Intermittent gunshots are heard in several areas of the neighbourhood after rebel fighters mopped the streets of the neighbourhood."

The report claims FSA fighters from several factions took hold of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city after 12 days of clashes with the Syrian Arab Army and Pro Syrian
militants whom were defending the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city.

In These reports that stated where FSA reportedly had taken Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. It also states that the civilians in the Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. Fled prior to the FSA Sevreal factions take over of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city.

Major Mainstream News Outlets shilling & covering for the FSA Islamist based bridges in Aleppo.

Noticed how the major news outlets and its writers are describing the fighters who supposedly whom took hold of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo city? they are describing them as " Rebel fighters from several factions"

Now why would  Barbara Surk of the AP  describe them as fighters from several factions? why hasn't the writer simply done its  job as editor, writer and write down which factions do these fighters belong to.

Are the Major News Outlets shilling for the Free Syrian Army Islamist based bridges whom are in Aleppo?  if so why couldn't any of the Major News Outlets and its writers even mention just one Brigades which supposedly took control al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo this Friday and if the supposedly capture of the  al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo was reported by the
Britain-based Syrian Observatory.

Why have all our mainstream news outlets reported as news today? mainly the reason i believe the reason that the mainstream news outlets reposed the supposedly capture of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of Aleppo today.

Is because of the Munich Security Conference. In which the mainstream news outlets wanted to have a complete news article by making the reader believe that the Syrian Arab Army forces whom the MSM refers as "Assad Loyalists" are losing the conflict and have been for two years.

If that is an accurate picture of the situation on the ground why dont the mainstream news outlets ever report on the victories made by the Syrian Arab Army? or report from the Syrians who do not support the Free Syrian Army in Army?

Ever Since the Balkan wars had ended we were left with a one sided prescriptive in which we will never hear from the other side and to see, hear what they want and what are there thoughts this is where our so called western modern journalism fails.

Rebel commander admits 70% of Aleppo supports Assad

Since the battle for Aleppo had begin in 2012 Summer during the month of august every news outlets were surprised to find that the majority of Syrians supported and still support Assad even in the areas where the FSA are occupying.  Last year the guardian reported the following regrading the Battle for Aleppo.

"More than a month into the battle for Aleppo, the rebels who seized control of much of the city sense that its residents do not yet fully support them. Opposition fighters – around 3,000 of them – are almost the only people moving around the eastern half that the Free Syrian Army now controls. The small numbers of non-fighters who remain seem to pay them little heed. Few seem openly welcoming.
"Yes it's true," said Sheikh Tawfik Abu Sleiman, a rebel commander sitting on the ground floor of his fourth new headquarters – the other three were bombed. "Around 70% of Aleppo city is with the regime. It has always been that way. The countryside is with us and the city is with them. We are saying that we will only be here as long as it takes to get the job done, to get rid of the Assads. After that, we will leave and they can build the city that they want."
But as with ever articles from the guardian regrading Syria it comes with the one sided narrative

"We can hear them and sometimes we insult each other," said Mohammed Jou, a carpenter turned rebel from the Aleppo countryside.

Since the Libyan conflict we had been hearing the claims on the news how that the Rebels in Syria  are nothing more then ordinary civilians and youth whom are angry with the government. But in Syria's case that is different as it was different in Libya's case.

In this report by Martin Chulov whom was in Aleppo during summer further stated that his guardian team had witnessed saw four such fighters – a Saudi, a Pakistani, an Algerian and a Senegalese man.

Regardless on what Martin Chulov guardian team had witnessed the western mainstream news outlets reactions to the fact that there are Islamist FSA based bridges had being null. With other news outlets claiming.
That the presence of foreign fighters are just in over a one thousands. As stated by several Think Tanks which they still deny the  presences of any Islamist elements within the Free Syrian Army.

Videos From AMC show Islamist FSA Fighters in southern Aleppo.

Since the Major Western Mainstream News Outlets wont posting the videos on whom the fighters were i will be including the videos from AMC. And the fighters look Islamists judging by there headband wear.

The other most interesting fact about these videos that are on YouTube regrading Sheik Said neighborhood  southern Aleppo. Is how short they are and quick comparing them to the other videos which are posted by the fighters.

And in one of those videos shows an elder of the neighborhood talking with the Islamist fighter and the other most disturbing shows the Islamist fighters in a room with young boys over at the age of 10
sitting with the Islamist fighters listening  to another boy on a table singing a song.

Al-Nusra Front Gaining small Ground in Southern Aleppo?

This video from Aleppo Media Center shows which faction took control of the al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of southern Aleppo on Friday

There are only 4 to 5 videos regrading the supposed capture of al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of southern Aleppo on Friday, unlike in the other previous Aleppo Media Center videos, this time they were careful on not revealing any detailed information on which FSA Islamist Brigades were  responsible for the supposed capture of al-Sheikh Sa'id neighbourhood of southern Aleppo on Friday.

However judging the videos on the there news blog site it seems there are lot of videos showing the Al Nusra Front  and the other Islamist FSA based Brigades for example an Pro FSA protest showing the Jihadist symbol on a Flag.

Which is why this led to the conclusion that the ones who reportedly had taken Sheik Said neighborhood of Aleppo. Were fighters from the Islamist based FSA  Brigades.

This wouldn't being the first time that the mainstream news outlets are shelling the Islamist based FSA  Brigades. 


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