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You know this is quite hilarious coming from David  Miliband is the elder son of Jewish immigrants, Belgian-born Marxist Ralph Miliband and Marion Kozak from Poland.

A Jewish  Son of the immigrants is siding with the Russian Neo Nazi Russian Skinheads the Nationalists

Mr Miliband wrote: "Russian nationalists, communists and liberals who have taken to the streets in their tens of thousands in temperatures well below freezing don't agree about much, but they are united against corruption, stagnation and arbitrary rule.

Oh clever siding with the liberals and skinheads that's new, yeah and i bet   corruption, stagnation and arbitrary rule exits also in the united kingdom to.

People have been just wondering who are the Russian Opposition? well if words wont convince you maybe the pictures of the Opposition will?

Here are the Skinheads 

The Liberals


And now that you have seen the Russian Opposition what makes the western mainstream news outlets think these Opposition parties will be any different then from Putin?

These are the same protesters that protested against Putin in 2008 so why back then the Media haven't cared about the protests at all? is it because the all of sudden arab spring that  happened? and you know it also fascinates me that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is claiming that they expect the protesters to get worse? you have to be joking me CBC  are you expecting that these skinheads will start a violent uprise in Russia like the ones we are seeing in the middle east?

I highly doubt that but Since that Snake Sen John McCain gave the commanding order (Russian Spring  is Coming) i guess we all know who to blame if any violence starts happening in Moscow Sen John McCain.

If that happens Sen John McCain should be arrested for conspiracy, and possible overthrow of a government.

Sen John McCain rants on twitter make it more likely.   


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