Damascus  Clashes Exaggerated by The Mainstream News Outlets, Blacklisted Al-Nusra Front Reportedly Joined The Fight in Damascus.

On Thursday & Friday major news outlets reported Fierce clashes reported in Damascus as reported. Fierce clashes broke out in Damascus, Syria, between rebel forces and the Syrian military Wednesday after a relative lull in fighting that lasted several weeks.
Rebel fighters attacked forces loyal to President Bashar ­al-Assad in Abaseen Square in central Damascus as well as in several neighborhoods surrounding the capital, according to opposition activists.

On Wednesday,Feb 6 two suicide car bombs struck offices of Syrian military intelligence and the Interior Ministry’s intelligence arm, the General Security Directorate, in the central city of Palmyra, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than 20, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a watchdog group.

Interestingly enough some of our mainstream news outlets had removed any references to the recently, Blacklisted Al-Nusra Front Jihadist terrorists which are a large group of fighters within the Free Syrian Army ranks. An Article by the  dailystar reported.

Rebels launch ‘epic’ battle for Damascus

"With terrified residents reporting the sound of intense shelling and gunfire across the city from mid-morning until well into the evening, many chose to hide indoors and kept children away from school.
A statement from the rebel Military Revolutionary Council in Damascus issued an online warning to city residents to stay indoors, and declared areas of Damascus a “war zone.”
“To our people in Damascus, please do not go out and walk outside in the streets and neighborhoods unless for important purposes, especially in the targeted areas ... in order not to be a burden on the FSA and so that the regime do not use you as human shields,” the statement read.
“We flatly declare the southern areas and some of the areas in Damascus as war zones until further notice.”
Six rebel groups from the Eastern Ghota district announced they had launched a united push to “liberate” areas around the southern Ring Road, bisected by the Jobar neighborhood, which links the eastern rebel strongholds with the central Abbasid Square."

There are issues with this article at the bottom at the start in the  article it claims that there are six rebel groups from the Eastern Ghota district which of course they had announced to launch operation "epic" this article and these lines there which are written by Lauren Williams.

Makes no references to the Al Nusra Front which have joined the other six rebel Islamist groups, other mainstream news outlets had reportedly differently and with no mention of the Al Nusra Front in them thus the guardian was the one whom reported it earlier in last week.

Interestingly even without the mention of the Al Nusra Front in this article, in the article it mentions an Islamist based Free Syrian Army Brigade which no doubts is not the only Islamist FSA "rebel group"

“The heaviest fighting is taking place in Jobar because it is the key to the heart of Damascus,” Captain Islam Alloush of the rebel Islam Brigade told Reuters.
Videos posted online showed dozens of rebels collecting in the area with rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers as well as rebel attacks on army checkpoints with heavy-caliber machine guns mounted on pickup trucks. Intense gunfire was heard in the background of another video while local mosques repeatedly broadcast “God is great” as a battle cry."
Isn't that reassuring? the Islam Brigade how does this group sound democratic, however Lauren Williams does not include whatever or not they are democratic Lauren in order to justify the Free Syrian Army failures with two  attacks on Damascus, including the damascus volcano which that never was a volcano.

Lauren Williams stated.
"A disorganized rebel advance on the city failed last year, but this time opposition fighters have established supply lines to support their offensive."

This the new excuse by our MSM, for why the disorganized rebel advance on the city failed last year, its because they haven't established supply line to support there nonexistent advance.   The most questionable part in regrading this report by daily star is this part.

"Locals’ accounts told a different story. “We woke up this morning to the sound of fierce battles,” said a Jobar resident who had fled to another Damascus neighborhood."

Is the the dailystar actually citing actual residents whom lived or rather lived in Jobar or is the daily start actually citing the rebel fighters which are moving to different neighborhoods as soon the Syrian Arab Army start advancing if that is indeed the case that would explain the majority of the exaggerated reports by the mainstream news outlets that are advancing in Damascus.

If the "Locals" are actually  just fighters moving to cover themselves by moving into different  neighborhoods then that would explain why the mainstream news outlets are always citing them in there news articles, notice how in almost every news article they always cite the opposition  "Locals" they never cite the locals who are living in the pro regime areas, why is that?

It would have been interesting to see and to hear what the other side are saying, thinking while they are the ones whom are being attacked by the Free Syrian Army and its Islamist Brigades.

In this  report by Lauren Williams, Lauren is trying to justify a car bomb attack in Damascus.
With the sound of gunfire and shelling echoing across the city, Damascus remained quiet. Few cars were on the roads and many shops were closed.
The push for the capital coincided with two car bomb blasts in the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria. One targeted the local branch of Syria’s military intelligence agency, killing at least 19 security officers and wounding many more. A second, apparently coordinated bomb hit another security office.

Lauren Williams is trying to justify a car bomb attack in Damascus,Palmyra by claiming that the rebels were just targeting legitimate targets while at the same time ignoring the civilian casualties caused by the car bombs.

As i stated earlier  this report by Lauren Williams and few other articles  completely whitewash which supposedly "Rebel groups are attacking Damascus the  guardian while tweeting Hassan Hassan shows which groups are attacking Damascus and all of the six rebel groups are Islamist based FSA Brigades.

Rebel groups have declared the start of the battle to liberate Damascus, amid more reports of fighting in the city.
Syrian journalist Hassan Hassan tweeted:
With the recently Blacklisted AlNusra Front, apparently it seems that blacklisting terrorist organizations does nothing.  Other residents whom are in Damascus and are living over Friday and on the weekend reported no such clashes as the ones we are seeing in these articles and which we are seeing on the news.

Syrian Arab Army ratakes town in Damascus.
TROOPS have overrun a rebel town and are locked in a second day of fierce clashes around Damascus, as Islamic states urged Syria's regime and its foes to hold "serious" talks to end the bloodshed. 
"Opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib has offered to hold peace talks with Syria's Vice President Faruq al-Sharaa, but Damascus has so far ignored the initiative and intensified attacks on rebel bastions.

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, meanwhile, admitted for the first time on Thursday that the Pentagon had backed proposals to arm the rebels, but the White House rejected the idea on fears of the risks involved, the New York Times reported.
After a 16-day onslaught, troops retook Karnaz on the strategic Damascus-Aleppo highway, said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The outgunned rebel "fighters withdrew from Karnaz, which they seized in December last year, after heavy fighting and regular forces regained control", he told AFP."

When the Syrian Arab Army makes militaristic gains on the ground in Syria western mainstream news outlets do not report it, as in there standards they are seen by our western mainstream news outlets as the enemy therefore they do not deserve the air coverage.

To date it seems that some of the majority of the western news outlets  have not only being defending the Free Syrian Army and there uses of Child Soldiers,Car Bombs but it seems that they will never learn or admit there own reporting and miss accuracy of there reports regrading the war crimes committed by the opposition while on film.


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