Today's Headline Picture at Syria's guardian live blog: Three Children at a refugee camp,Children supposedly Crying. 

On today's guardian live Syria's coverage blog, the guardian had provided quite a deceiving image from one of the refugee camp's in the city of Tyre, in southern Lebanon.
The captioned below the image read as:
[Syrian children cry inside a tent at a refugee camp in the city of Tyre, in southern Lebanon. The United Nations said on April 9, 2013, it will halt food aid to 400,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon next month unless it receives urgent new funding. Photograph: Ali Hashisho/Reuters]

Although the image which the guardian had provided for its live coverage is misleading. In the image you can clearer see three children yet however the captioned below the image claims the children in the same image are crying inside the tent yet the first boy whose peeking at the tent.

Does the boy in the tent whose peeking at the photographer look as if his crying in despair? no he isn't the same can be  stated for the girl whose laughing not crying.

So now the question is why would the guardian add an image of three children at a tent camp  in the city of Tyre, in southern Lebanon. Which doesn't show the children crying but rather laughing?   ather perhaps we can refer the photographer was doing something funny in order for the photographer to take picture. But clearer the photographer didn't take an image of children crying but children laughing.


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