MSNBC Lies About Ron Paul Q3 Fundraising

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During near at the Dylan Ratigan show Yesterday MSNBC posted a graphic of GOP Q3 Fundraising numbers. Here's what they showed 

1st Perry: $17 million
2nd Romney $14 million
3rd Paul: $3.7 million (They showed Paul's "Cash on Hand" figure in place of $8.2mil in "Fundraising")
4th Bachmann: $3.9 million (Notice that Bachmann remains in 4th, despite ostensibly have $200K more than Ron Paul)
5th Cain: $2.8 million

Now Compear that to the  Actual Numbers from the Ron Paul site
The Actual Numbers

01 Perry.....$17,200,232.07
02 Romney....$14,222,570.66
03 Paul.......$8,268,499.92
04 Huntsman...$4,514,188.95
05 Bachmann...$3,907,748.06
06 Cain.......$2,813,341.52
07 Gingrich.....$807,962.45

Ron Paul Raised $8 Million in the Q3 of 2011, as we speak Ron Paul is Raiseing more money.

So What did MSNBC Show Dylan Ratigan showed the viewers? instated of  showing the   Actual Numbers  MSNBC wanted to give the viewers the illusion that Ron Paul has raised less money then Bachman.

The figure of  $3.7 million was the figure of the cash ron paul has on hand, not the actual Q3 Fundraising
here we have the cash on hand from the Ron Paul

[CASH ON HAND end-Q3 2011]
01 Perry.....$15,078,415.22
02 Romney....$14,656,965.83
03 Paul.......$3,674,768.16:This The Number What MSNBC Showed The viewers

04 Bachmann...$1,339,184.10
05 Cain.......$1,333,778.56

Its an old tactic when they fear you, they lie about you, this is another example of the Ron Paul blackout by the media.

Its not surprising to see that the same mainstream news networks are now pushing Herman Cain has the establishment choice, well ignoring an Ron Paul victories at the straw polls by the claim that Ron Paul buses in supporters to vote and cheat?

I wonder if the Mainstream Establishment Media cared of providing any actual evidence for there claims, didnt CNN,MSNBC,FOX News didnt they said that Straw Polls are meaningless?

If anyone cared to note that the delegates for the florida straw poll were already chosen before the contest even took place on  Sat Sep 24, 201.


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