Once more again Bill O'Reilly is showing to everyone just what kind of a jerk O'Reilly is and he is also showing to everyone that he isnt a Journalist by his Unjournalistic behavior, O'Reilly claimed that Ron Paul has no chance of winning the nomination.

Really Bill O'Reilly? if Ron Paul has no chance of winning the nomination netither does Herman Cain


Bill O'Reilly stated in his radio show  after the debate post poll that he thought Cain "won" the poll.

But thats just  because they manipulated the poll numbers Bill O'Reilly can't remember what they made up.
Start the video at 2:40 -- "I thought Cain would win"

If Bill O'Reilly was a real  journalist he would provide some evidences of his claims that Ron Paul supporters spammed the poll.

The reason Bill O'Reilly is Insulting Just Ron Paul is because the media fears him, they fear him so much that knowing that the mainstream news networks spinheads cant attack Ron Paul on his polices so what they do? they turn to insults.


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