Well this picture speaks for itself as the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, while i was tweetng a twitter follower tweeted an  aljazeera on about the Sryian conflict as the the title says France and UK say all options open on Syria. 

I couldn't believe it at first maybe it was an eye trick or an  illusion that was caused by the camera  but it wasn't, these two secretariats weren't just faking there smiles they were serious about there smiles.

It was an article written by no other then the Qatar regime own propaganda news channel  aljazeera in which it claimed that , Britain and France that all options are open on Syria.

From the article.

"We also have to be clear that anything like a safe zone requires military intervention and that of course is something that has to be weighed very carefully."
Fabius said Paris and London were in "complete unity ... on this point".
Following the news conference, the UN said any proposals to set up to secure safe zones raised "serious questions" and
would need to be studied carefully.
The reason Sryia wont be like another Libya is because of the key factors and those are Sryia is a an allied member of Russia, China,Iran attacking an allied member of either countries would be as if your attacking either China,Russia.

Russia since the cold war days has been giving advanced air defense and upgraded Russian grade defense military arms and tools, with this NATO even knows that the Sryian AA and there triple AAA battery systems would shred NATO jet fighters into pieces.

The other factor are those other regional countries near Sryia whom would see the NATO led intervention as an attack on there own country and would likely cause a stir in the event that NATO would attack Sryia.

This is why Sryia is highly unlikely to be repeated as another Libya or Egypt, when i keep hearing that America,French,Britain both have contingency plans that says they believe that Sryia would be another Egypt.

Which i highly doubt this scenario. In Egypt the colored revolution was highly influenced by western  non-governmental organizations these same NGOs that have created a secret splinter  group within Serbia during the start and before the start of the Serbian revolution the otpor.

Those sames groups,people who have created the otpor are behind the creation of the LCC group in Sryia same group different codename.

But this article and the video the moment they start to smile really started bothering me they are almost as if they are enjoying themselves, regardless the loss of life either Assad or Rebel/Terrorists dont these people have a human heart anymore?

Why would they smile so happily and willing when asked an question about Sryia by an reporter? either way the moment i keep thinking about the more disgusted i feel about it.

They dont seem to care at all  when they would start bombing Sryia and start bombing the entire civilian population areas.

When that occurs neither Assad nor the rebel/Terrorists would be able to govern Sryia at its fullness.  


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