Tribute to Maya Nasser, Press TV Reporter

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 I had known Maya Nasser after tweeting him and asking him about the daily happenings in Aleppo and elsewhere in Sryia.  About a Month ago for me personally he started to feel like a new friend to me.

Maya Nasser was the most kindest, purest reporters that i have seen on the social media  he would never block users when you debate with him, whatever that user may be an actual person or troll yes he also had replied to trolls that were targeting him.

Maya Nasser is a Syrian Born who moved in Iran and had started working for the Iranian news agency Press TV.

Maya Nasser escaped death a couple of weeks ago when he and his team fell in a trap by  set up the Free Syrian Army Thugs in Aleppo. On his way back from Aleppo, Murtada also escaped death less than 10 days ago when a shrapnel injured him.

Nasser had received death threats earlier from the FSA terrorists.

Before a month ago Nasser tweeted and stated the following tweets.

 "Whenever militias discover they have no incubator environment, they intend to bribe ppl, if didn't work then killing ppl is their jihadi way " Early August

"As long as their targets  are contained with words fine, but some moved to bullets three times in the past three weeks.."

"Thanks my friend, It was close but again that means we are doing something right." 16 Aug
Yesterday Maya Nasser his colleague Hussein Murtada was injured by a sniper in Damascus when Maya, the reporter from PressTV & Hussein the head of Al Alam TV bureau in Syria, went to cover the explosion this morning at the Omayyad Square.

As a journalist Maya Nasser knew the risks and was brave to be in the line of fire in order to cover and the truth from Sryia. Maya my friend, you were martyred, they wanted to silence you because they feared the truth they wanted Maya to  pass there lies to the whole world.

We had vowed to keep telling the truth and we promise you to keep defacing the criminals until they’re tried in a justice court and punished.

The Free Syrian Army crimes for killing a Journalist and there other crimes will not go unpunished.

May you Rest in peace my friend, may God his holy Almighty God accept you in his heavenly kingdom along with the martyrs, the prophets and their companions, as he promised the martyrs.


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