“It is a scary situation,” says Masha Gessen, an expert on the reign of Vladimir Putin, who won with 64 per cent of Sunday’s vote, according to official reports. “There were webcams in all the voting precincts and people spent hours watching them. The vote fixing was brazen, and a lot of people are upset.”
  And of course who doesn't love some little Mainstream Media Bias?

  The rally, which drew about 20,000 people, marked a change of tactics for the opposition, which has been looking for ways to maintain the momentum of its demonstrations that flared in December. Alexei Navalny, a popular blogger and protest leader, was the first to suggest that supporters remain on Moscow’s streets and squares to turn up the heat on Putin.

  Moscow-based Gessen — author of The Man Without a Face, which details Putin’s rise to power — said the danger of confrontation has risen because of Putin’s failure to accept the fact that many people doubt his legitimacy.
 Yeah and many people in North America and others in Europe doubt the legitimacy of Harper, David Cameron,Obama, Clinton and GW Bush do i need to go on with the list? i believe Canada and America, and even the youth in Europe will start protesting agaisnt our own Fixed,Rigged elections as well.

On the comment section one user proclaimed that the Russia will go into Civil War without realizing the simple fact which is.

The Russian people arent like the ones in the middle east countries maybe talis.briedis should look at our own fake elections before looking elsewhere, talk about mainstream news hypocrisy.

Here is his quote.

64% is not a majority in country where 140% votes! And I am fairly certain that for this election,voter activity was closer to 200% So where is the victory? The only victory is that old school communism still holds reign superior!! Russia may just devolve into civil war also. Just like Egypt, Syria, Lybia.....

Sir talis.briedis i could say the same thing about the Canadian elections, the American elections, and of course the European elections, because i highly doubt that our own elections are any better or fair, nor freer.

Read up on Mr. Putin. He's not as bad as the western media likes to portray, and comes from extremely humble beginnings. As well the only viable candidate running against him is ten times worse regarding human rights etc. Don't take my word for it, just don't take the globes as well. Do a little searching.

If you dont believe me you want to know who the so called Anti-Putin Protesters are why just look at the image i have posted in the blog after the searching i have done.

The Ant-Putin Protesters are Russian Hardliners ten times worse then Putin, I certainly hope  not   TPTB  will try to create a "Russian Spring" situation over there.


Talis said...

you claim "Read up on Mr. Putin. He's not as bad as the western media likes to portray, and comes from extremely humble beginnings"
He is a fucking KGB master operator un ruler. Putin is a psychopath with a nation as a weapon. He has learned about the greatest weapon available these days. He was trained with this weapon by highly sought specialist directly from the USA. The weapon you ask? Public Relations! Russia is in much worse shape than it was during the soviet era. The people there feels TOTALLY HELPLESS unless they are part of the system. Putin is active in subversive espionage in many countries (Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, etc etc) Russia is a den of thieves and elections are a farce!

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