The Fighting in Damascus and the Claims Reported by the MSM

As the fighting near the Capital of Damascus was started yesterday the major mainstream news outlets once again started to use activists for there one sided reporting nearly on almost every mainstream news outlet.

Activist with a fake name. As a report on the chicagotribune was written

"Talks between Putin and Annan are not expected to break any new ground after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Western attempts to threaten Syria with further sanctions amounted to blackmail."
"A video uploaded by opposition activists aired on al-Jazeera television showed men in jeans hiding in sandbagged alleyways, firing rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. It was the second straight day of fighting in Midan and Tadamon after major battles on Sunday."
 "A fighter told Reuters that the rebels could not retreat after a few hours of fighting, as they had in previous incursions into the capital, because they were surrounded by government forces."
  "When you turn your guns against the heart of Damascus, on Midan, you have lost the city. The rebels in the street have the support of families across Damascus," said Damascus-based activist Imad Moaz.
  "Activist accounts are hard to verify because the government restricts access to international media."
"What began as a protest movement inspired by demonstrations in other Arab countries has become an armed insurgency fighting back against Assad's crackdown."
Meanwhile the dailytimes of pakistan claims it has became a turning point.

And once again the are quoting Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told reporters in Beirut. A guy who runs it all from just a single cell phone.

Which  the mainstream news outlets never seem to question his creditably.  For exmaple for the claims on here.
"When there is fighting in the capital for several hours, even days, and troops are unable to control the situation, that proves the regime's weakness," said the director of the Britain-based monitoring group.
Yet  the chicagotribune reported it differently. And now just seen as in Libya even though libya was a different case. The mainstream news outlets once again started using unnamed namelessly activists to support there claims based on there one sided reporting.

 An activist on the ground, identifying himself as Abu Musab, said the army was trying to overrun Al-Midan and described the fighting as a "turning point" in the revolt against Assad's autocratic regime.
Is this the real true or is this is what the mainstream news outlet like the daily times wanted to hear, the mainstream news outlets for the past 5 years now ever since the war in Iraq, have been slowly losing there credibility on fair and balanced reporting the facts and the reality on the ground.

The mainstream news outlets have claimed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction's  and ties to bin laden, which only later after a few years after the war in Iraq have we learned that was not the truth, even GW Bush has stated Saddam had no WMDS.

But that hasn't stopped the mainstream news outlets on starting and trying to gain public support for the war in Iraq.

On twitter i have seen Rebel supporters proclaiming the downfall of Assad, and claiming that the rebels  have at least 30,000 fighters in Damascus, but  a report came out today that stated, only 1,000 fighters in Damascus.
"The ongoing fighting is believed to involve close to 1,000 opposition fighters"
The mainline has become clear the mainstream news outlets and the current journalism is no longer about reporting the facts, questioning the inaccuracy of the mainstream news outlets own claims but rather western news outlets such as the BBC,CNN have became a tool for the government.

And have the reputation of yellow journalism, one sided reporting. As seen in previous wars back in Iraq and the 90s.


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