Much of the American Eastern coast line has been left devastated due to the Hurricane Sandy
The most devastating storm in decades to hit the most densely populated U.S. region cut off modern communication and left millions without power Tuesday, as thousands who fled their waterlogged homes wondered when life would return to normal.
A weakening Sandy, the hurricane turned fearsome super storm, killed at least 50 people, many hit by falling trees, and still wasn't finished.
It inched inland across Pennsylvania, ready to bank toward western New York state to dump more of its water and likely cause more havoc Tuesday night. Behind it: a dazed, inundated New York City, a drenched Atlantic Coast and a moonscape of disarray and debris — from unmoored shore-town boardwalks to submerged mass-transit systems to delicate presidential politics.

Sandy death toll reaches at least 74 people in the US.

In Canada Southwestern Ontario, strong winds, heavy rain struck Southwestern Ontario , in Southwestern Ontario Hurricane Sandy has now claimed two lives. The Ontario Ministry of Labour says a hydro worker died today in Sarnia while repairing damage from Hurricane Sandy.

The worker, who has not yet been identified, is the second Canadian to die as a result of the storm that’s already killed 61 people in the U.S. and had left hundreds of thousands without power.
The Ontario Labour Ministry says the worker was electrocuted while tending to a downed power line. The ministry is investigating the incident, which occurred around 11 a.m. this morning.

A woman in Toronto died Monday evening when a Staples sign, apparently blown loose in the high winds, struck her as she walking in the city’s west end.
The woman — whose name was being withheld at the request of her family — suffered severe head and neck injuries and died at the scene, police said.
Why the sign popped out of its frame and plummeted to the ground remained unclear.

Regrading with the death of the women that was struck by the Staples sign it was still unclear how it happened, the police are asking residents whom were at the scene to contact the the police if they know how the sign fell on the women.

 why we’re asking that if anybody was there and saw what happened prior to [the incident] to call us,” Const. Wendy Drummond said.

                                     "New York City Blackout Hurricane Sandy Oct 29"

Hurricane Sandy hasn't not caused devastating damage in Canada as it has in America it did however cause massive power outages across Southwestern Ontario, residents in Southwestern Ontario are still out of power.
It may take several days before power comes to the residents in Southwestern Ontario, as of Thursday the customers whom have been out of power, the power is returning to the residents who have been
Effected by Sandy in Southwestern Ontario.

Much of the devastating trail by Sandy was on the eastern coast,where millions of people were out of power, and homes were left devastated by Sand's trail as the storm had stuck American Eastern coast line. In New Jersey and New York thousands of people were left homeless due to the devastating path of the storm.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Oct 29 warned New Yorkers on twitter 
Hurricane Sandy Struck New York earlier this week images have been circulating across the social media practical on twitter, Facebook. Twitters users  re tweeted several known fake photos from last year.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had given New Yorkers a warning on the social media networks 

"Do not go outside. Conditions are extremely dangerous," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Twitter as the storm lashed the city Monday night. "Please stay where you are until the storm passes."
He urged people to stay off the roads and leave them clear for emergency workers, who have been dealing with an onslaught of 911 calls.

Since last week ago the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Frustration had griped NYC & New Jersey due to slow recovery in parts of eastern united states. In New York the recovery was slow with at least 900,000 people were out of power for the whole week until the power was restored.

"All of the power in Manhattan has been restored," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told a media briefing Saturday. "That doesn't mean every building everywhere has power, but downtown Manhattan has power restored. We are under 900,000 people now without power in the metropolitan area" of New York.
Cuomo said that emergency mobile gas stations, courtesy of the U.S. Defence Department, would also be set up at five locations in the city. "Do not panic. I know there is anxiety about fuel."

Depleted gasoline stocks are just the latest source of frustration. With New York Harbor closed for four days in the wake of the storm earlier this week, tankers were unable to offload new supplies. Those shortages plus the lack of electricity at many New York City-area service stations has forced two-thirds of them to temporarily close.

Nearly a 1.2 million New Yorkers were out of power when the devastating storm Hurricane Sandy struck at New York leaving the subways flooded.

As Hurricane Sandy struck the eastern coast of US, New Jersey, Looters emerged As New Jersey Floodwater's Receded

But as the water receded, a new threat emerged: looters.
"People are just walking into people's yards and taking stuff," said Shields, 53. "This is a crime scene. It's a catastrophe."

Looters are just one of a litany of troubles on the South Jersey coast, which continues to reel from after-effects of Sandy, one of the most devastating storms in the state's history. At least eight people in New Jersey died, property damage climbed into the billions, millions of homes were without power, and tens of thousands were homeless, unable to return to neighborhoods evacuated as the storm approached.

"The president said he would not tolerate any red tape or bureaucracy in getting federal aid and assets to the state, adding that he’d implemented a “15-minute rule” to his staff, promising that calls from state and local officials would be returned within 15 minutes."
The Number of Death climbed to 110 in Early November after Hurricane Sandy.

The number of lives lost and families shattered from Hurricane Sandy continued to climb Saturday, with the death toll now at more than 110.
 The number of lives claimed in New York from the super storm was reduced by one to 48, after medical examiners determined two deaths initially linked to the storm were not, and another body was found during the recovery effort.

In New Jersey, some communities remain under evacuation. State police said Saturday night they had confirmed 24 deaths linked to the storm.

After  Sandy had stroke in New Jersey thousand of New Jersey residents living near the shoreline and in the near by cities were left homeless without a house and for some of those New Jersey residents, they returned to there ruined homes.

A good Twitter user by the name of  Alexander Higgins whose. An independent citizen journalist that aggregates and reports on news and political issues with a focus on government corruption and environmental activism.

Has been featured  on the huffington post video live web discussion round table, discussing the current unstable economic crisis in the European Euro Zone.  After Sandy had stroke much of the eastern coast, New Jersey.

Alexander Higgins has lost  his home and blog due to Sandy. Alexander Higgins on twitter had asked the twitter followers if they could donate to Alexander to help him and his family out.

"Your Help Needed Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed Sandy Flooding via

While during Hurricane Sandy there were several images that were spread onto the social media practically on facebook and twitter.

The most common image that was spread repeatedly on the social media was.Shark Swims Through Streets of New Jersey

Shark Swims Through Streets of New Jersey

As if flooding weren't scary enough, according to Twitter, you also have to worry about sharks.
Well, not so much. The rogue shark photo seems to pop up every time a major weather event happens, including in 2011 during Hurricane Irene.

As Hurricane Sandy tore through New York City and the U.S. eastern seaboard, leaving millions without power and killing 16 people, photos quickly spread online of the hurricane and the damage it caused.

But many of those photos were fake. They were retweeted on Twitter, shared on Facebook and liked on Instagram, in some cases tens of thousands of times.

The Atlantic Magazine and the Tumblr blog Is Twitter Wrong have been working to separate the fake photos from the real ones.

After Hurricane Sandy, People are still struggling  to recover

After the Devastating Storm Hurricane Sandy had stroke the united states eastern coast in October, millions of residents are still struggling in New Jersey, New York City.  Some of those residents will be still struggling through the Christmas holiday and onto New Year.

The impact of the storm was the most Devastating  Unseen in Decades that even the Caribbeans were left devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

"Please note Most of the Article was written on Wednesday October 29, 31, Nov 1,3"


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