CNN Pro Bahrain Regime News Network Nic Robertson is just back from Syria and claims that Syrian President Assad is playing to win, no matter the human cost.

CNN Nic Robertson Cant Keep his Lies Straight

 Nic Robertson Claimed in the Video.

"Assad hasn't fallen because his government is still behind him, his military behind him." This is one party system that has kept his family in power for decades.

There a definitive economic divide that is becoming visible, that's because there has been a greater uprising in poorer neighborhoods.

Because they wanted change more then anyone else. 

I think there are Radical Islamist groups taking the advantage of this prosperously, like al qaeda  that the situation in Sryia that are exploiting to there advantage.
Nic Robertson has forgotten to mention to the general viewers is that the majority of Syrians are still with Assad. If the majority of Syrians weren't still with Assad, then Assad would have been driven out of power by the majority of Syrians who really wanted change and freedom, however CNN like always is

CNN has been pushing the narrative line in which CNN portrays the Free Syrian Army as the good side  while pointing at Assad and the Syrian military, the Syrian Arab Army as Assad, forces pointing them as the axis of evil to the general audience.

Nic Robertson tries the best in this CNN self interview to try and make the viewers believe that the only Islamist groups that are in Sryia just simply Al Qaeda. While the reality on the ground is been ignored by the mainstream news outlets, 90% of the Fighters in the Free Sryian Army are largely  Foreign Islamist fighters within the FSA and have been since 2011.

Nic Robertson has been trying his hard in defending the CNN narrative and its view of the Free Syrian Army, CNN trying to persuade the general audience maintaining the narrative that the Syrian Opposition and the Free Syrian Army haven't and aren't committing any war atrocities.

As in every CNN reports you never see nor, read in where CNN blames the FSA for any of the attacks inside Sryia the Global Mainstream News Outlets want to maintain the narrative which is that the Free Syrian Army are the Freedom Fighters and they are not the terrorists.


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