Video Aired by Armed Bridge Shows  Free Syrian Army cooperation between FSA and Israel.

Video by armed groups targeting the scientific research center in Jmraiya, Damascus by aircraft of the Israeli origin, it appears to install the camera on the place and this shows prior knowledge and raids targeting process before the attack.

The Armed group in Jmraiya, Damascus had prior knowledge which leads to suggest that the armed group in Jmraiya, Damascus were cooperating with the Israeli military officials in Israel  prior to the 
attack of the scientific research center in Jmraiya, Damascus.

Free Syrian Army Islamist bridges Cooperation between Israel? 

Its a fair question and one that just be asked what is the level of cooperation between the FSA, the Islamist bridges between Israel. Of course it has been claimed by Israel time's before that they are agaisnt Jihadists and for as long Israel exists Israel will fight the Jihadists wherever they are either in Israel or in the middle east.

But recently for these two years Israel has been quite active regrading Syria and its civil war and the recent rise of Islamist bridges in the FSA camps. What could Israel potential gain by working with the same enemy they are supposedly claiming that they fighting agaisnt?

It has being widely known as fact that the majority of the fighting in Damascus is being carried out by the FSA Islamist bridges which are noticeable by there tactics.


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