Free Syrian Army Islamist Brigade Have Supposedly Attacked an Palestinian Outpost in Syria.

An Video posted onto YouTube shows a brand of Free Syrian Army Islamist dawn of Islam Brigade attacking Palestinian Outpost in Syria.

If you watch at 1:05 and phase it look towards the right at the outpost building  you would see an familiar flag which is of course the Palestinian flag.

However according to the YouTube link the title of the video states "Entering Hajana Company in Kharab Al-Shahm, Daraa" as posted by a sock puppet user on the guardian a user by the name of Robot Nick.

He further claims.

"perhaps more significant then the base itself is the fact that it is reported to be on the Jordanian border, which has implications for the flow of supplies to the rebels."

However other videos show that it is located near  South Golan border not the Jordanian border. Other videos of the attack by the dawn of Islam Brigade shows that they attacked an outpost with just a single T 72 tank which is no doubly not functional.  

(Video included hyper linked in)   


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