France, Britain fail to win easing of Syria arms ban. EU foreign Ministers To Discuss lifting Arms Embargo to Syrian FSA Brigades,Public Against Arming.

On Friday it was reported that EU foreign Ministers were heading to a meeting in Dublin, After  a two day meeting which ending on Saturday. France and Britain failed to win easing  of the arms embargo. 

Britain and France on Friday failed to rally broad European Union support to arm Syria's rebels despite escalating concern over the use of chemical weapons in the conflict that has entered its third year.

There were variety of views between EU foreign ministers. "The discussion was not conclusive."
Debate over whether to lift an existing EU arms embargo in order to supply arms, including ground-to-air missiles and other heavy weaponry, to insurgents fighting President Bashar al-Assad, would continue "for another couple of months", Hague said.

An agreement is needed by May 31 to renew a far-reaching package of EU sanctions against the Assad regime, including the near two-year-old embargo. If not agreed unanimously by the EU-27 it will expire. The ministers are scheduled to meet a couple of times at least before then.

This remains to be seen which is stated by Hague on whatever or not the ministers will indeed be scheduled to meet a couple of times at least before the expiration of the arms embargo. It is as if the France and British are reading Scripts and dont know the reality on the ground in Syria. How many more meetings would Britain and France need in order for them to get the message that European members do not want to escalate.

The Syrian Conflict into a prolonged bloodshed. Belgium's Foreign Minister Didier had argued with  Hague and Fabius had said the European Union wasn't created to wasn't created to deliver arms, (with the exception of Croatia and the Libyan conflict)

After sharp divisions over the Balkans in the 1990s and Iraq in 2003, Britain and France first went it alone in Libya in 2011 sharp divisions over the Balkans in the 1990s and Iraq in 2003, Britain and France first went it alone in Libya in 2011.

It is highly unlikely they will attempt to reach a compromise, as they previously accomplished in 2011, unlike during the Libyan conflict several 27 EU member states have no stomach for Syria.  

Under Pressure EU foreign Ministers To Discuss lifting Arms Embargo to Syrian FSA Brigades,Public Against Arming FSA.

Under pressure by Britain and France. Last month  British foreign secretary William Hague persuaded EU colleagues to soften the arms embargo to allow the transfer of “non-lethal” weapons such as night-vision equipment and body armor to the rebels. The February agreement gave the Europeans wide latitude to interact with the rebels.

France and Britain have now made it clear they intend to arm the rebels – preferably with the EU’s blessing, but without it if necessary. The Journal du Dimanche reported that the French foreign and defence ministries and intelligence services are already preparing shipments of light weapons, ground-to-air and anti-tank missiles. Slovenia is the only other EU country to openly support lifting the embargo, though Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are reportedly leaning towards the Franco-British position that it is immoral to leave the opposition defenceless.

The France are arming the Free Syrian Army Brigades trough by shipments of light weapons, ground-to-air and anti-tank missiles. according to the report by the Journal du Dimanche. According to a report by euobserver. (unconfirmed source)

The  euobserver stated that Germany is considering changing the  Arms Embargo in order which would allow the unknown FSA Brigades to receive arms by the EU countries, however the euobserver states no source where they had quoted German foreign minister Westerwell. In the article it makes no mention  of arming, expect for.

German foreign minister Westerwelle said: They have two goals: to help and protect the people who suffer and to avoid a conflagration causing a chain reaction in the region." Although in the German media thelocal portrayed it in a different tone. Germany's foreign minister is no longer ruling out that the country could supply weapons to the Syrian opposition, he told a daily newspaper on Friday.  The report by the  German newspaper stated if the that should the embargo be lifted, the situation in Syria could escalate.

What it is being stated it's pretty much a convincing truth. The convincing truth is which the one Sen John McCain and his pal Sen Lindsey Graham cant comprehend.
The more arms which flow into Syria the more devastating the conflict would further be.

The Majority of American,France and British are Against Arming Free Syrian Army Brigades.

According an binational YouGov-Cambridge poll, Britons, by a 59-point margin (68%-9%), reject the idea of military intervention in Syria with the aim of toppling Assad’s government.
In the US, the Americans are against the idea of regime change in Syria through foreign military intervention by a 26-point margin (42%-16%), the survey says. 

Even though this poll by the binational YouGov-Cambridge remains questionable due to its own finding that the public is agaisnt arming the fighters but highly supportive of an military intervention into Syria.

For the intervention hawks such as with Senator John McCain in the US and increasingly Cameron himself in Britain, there is another encouraging finding. Respondents on both sides of the Atlantic are in favour of "enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria so the Syrian air force cannot attack rebels or civilians". In the UK that proposition wins public support by a 43-point margin, with 61% in favour and 18% against. In the US there is a 50% to 18% majority behind the same proposition. 

Questionable Tore Tied Poll Organization?

In contrast.
61% in favor of an military  intervention.
Makes you question on who is polling who in this poll, this binational YouGov-Cambridge poll remains strongly in favor of the Tores no matter of the consequences whatever they are military or economical.
In the public square, a YouGov-Cambridge survey of British voters in mid-July indicated there is roughly as much opposition (37%) as support (36%) for the UK government's intervention in Libya, with another quarter of the population either ambivalent or unsure. Party political preferences are not material here, though unsurprisingly Conservative voters are far more supportive (70%) of Prime Minister Cameron's performance than are Labour voters (26%)

Despite what the YouGov-Cambridge survey claims we should question the credible of the poll itself due to the nature that it claims that the British public are in favor of an military intervention into Syria.  


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