Do you want an election where you elect a president whose going to be puppet to the western countries or even a puppet to NATO,IMF a reader in Canada describes the best  how the American elections look like.

"In neighboring Lithuania, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again criticized the Russian election and urged that widespread reports of voting fraud be investigated."

At least it's not as bad as the fraud of the American election: one puppet against another puppet. Both puppets controlled by the same special interest groups.
However the above quote is true both political parties in America are corrupted, always breaking promises choosing war mongering, war making candidates from both partites. so in the end the American people had enough of both parties there already has been talks on forming a third party.

But then the question is how good or more rather how will they be indifferent from the two parties already? will the third party be, will they be the same as the two parties or will they be different.

Now back on topic just what kind of Democracy are you Russian Anti-Putin Opposition want? do you want the return of the communists? or the National Boshevik party who want a war with the western countries ? Globalist candidates?

 Or Do you want elect me an American president puppet edition like the one seen in Georgia.

Do You Russian Opposition and Anti- Putin Opposition  Know that Russia is free of Debts?
dont believe me or my post? well then heres a site to help you out.
Interesting Russia has about $13,476,438,356 now compare that with Americas Debt $11,917,003,287,671 or gaddafis libya for that matter.

So Anti-Putin Protesters tell me this just  what are you protesting about? an election fraud in russia? so what wasnt there an election fraud in America back in 2000 when supposedly GW Bush won the general election and there was the fight over the state of state of florida and yet the fact how on earth did bill clinton won two terms single handedly.

Bill clinton made it look so easy as if he didnt half of the campaigning.

The Timing of The Anti-United Russia, Anti-Protests Very Questionable
You know i find it hilarious at the timing of the protests against the results of the election in Russia the protests just started as soon Sen John McCain on his twitter stated this

“Dear Vlad (Vladimir Putin), The ArabSpring is coming to a neighborhood near you,” the former Republican candidate to the US presidency wrote in his Twitter micro blog.

Believe it or not that line on his twitter has been deleted  i find that very hilarious first he makes a tweet about it then removes it.

Now i wonder why would he remove it? is  it because BBC,RussiaToday and news networks were on it too?

This isnt the first time Sen John McCain has been making anti russian statments, he has been making such comments since the war in yugoslavia.

Ah yes yugoslavia may i add John McCain Anti Serbian? Anti Russian? John McCain has the support from the Albanian American Civic League.

The sofiaecho Article Story
A News article by the sofiaecho stated when the pro kremlin rally showed up a member of the an opposition party Yablokoa left wing part of russia he stated

He said he thought the pro-government protesters were paid.

That reminded me of something.. If the opposition claims that the pro-government protesters were paid what does that make the opposition protesters  then? western paid? NGO Agents? what makes you oppositionthink you will be any different from putin?

Sounds to me the  U.S interfering yet again in election the same way they have interfered in Serbia Election when the radical party won in 2008 and America cried foul over it, they and EU Union demanded a re trail of the election.

As the weekend draws near in which the Opposition called for 6000 more anti united russia protesters to come, even though i think there will be less then 6000.

Seeing how there is more support for the united russia party on  the net that depends on which sites you visit
for example heres a comment from a russian on facebook.

 All those "demonstrators" should be expelled and sent to the west, where their paychecks come from.

Dirt to dirt ! Dirt thrives on dirt !

Cleanse Russia from western dirt !

 In all hoesnty i think we should not be meddling affairs of other countries elections or by starting uprising sounds to me as if the opposition in russia got there marching orders from the west well its a theory otherwise why McCain  would he remove that comment he made eariler on twitter?


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