If Assad Forces Were Behind The Massacre In Houla, Why Are Rebel Supporters on Facebook Displaying the Picture of The Massacre?

While i was on Facebook i noticed this pattern by few Syrian Rebel Supporters whom most of them had and are still Displaying that horrific, graphic image of those some 80 children or so on there Facebook background they added that image on the top of there account as an wallpaper.
They are proudly displaying it even though the Facebook rules states the following.

"People use Facebook to share events through photos and videos. We understand that graphic imagery is a regular component of current events, but must balance the needs of a diverse community. Sharing any graphic content for sadistic pleasure is prohibited."
The source claims that he had studied at Harvard University even though he has been trolling Facebook with the Videos from Syria from the Rebels apparently.

This is the user
Warning graphic maybe not for not be for faint hearted
Seems like Saqr Omia has posted graphic content that some western mainstream news outlets wont even on bothering showing them to its own viewers but why has Saqr Omia posted as an background image at the top?

Is it because he did that for his Sadistic pleasure? you know if you wanted to remember the children who died in Houla why couldn't he just create a ribbon image for an background, that would have been a better choice but no insisted he added this image for his sadistic pleasure.

Which would that prove that the rebels or there unseen foreign mercenaries were behind the killings, its either the mercenaries whom have done it or the rebels themselves.

How ironic that this person all of the CNN TV news anchors And yes he even likes Anderson Cooper. As well he likes this strange anti-Hassan Nasrallah anti Hezbollah group on facebook.
Ironically the users pro claim that  Hezbollah is Zionist? how can they be Zionist if they are firing rockets into Israel? i am a bit lost on that.

It seems these such groups and Syrians dont even know that they are been fooled and used by western powers in a bitter fight for strategical interests on Syria.   


Written in Caps.
Notice anything familiar?

The Anti- Assad picture on His facebook remind so much of those anti Gaddafi drawings, they are very much alike.


Very familiar drawings, maybe the artist did it for both sides apparently. The other issue that i have is this, every time i try and challenge the Syrian rebel supporters i always bring up this question.

Why are there two undemocratic countries of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, helping and funding the Syrian Rebels?

Apparently  no Syrian rebel supporter was willing to answer that for me because they always seem to get aggressive when asked.

  "All these scenes coming out of #Syria & u still want to debate? Shame and disgrace on you!"

Shame on me for asking a simple question, and that fact he is afraid of debating the issues regrading Syria.


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