As always the  Guardian colleague Mona Mahmood he has interviewed a terrorist FSA commander who is most doing all of the job in Sryia,  Aleppo. Of course the comical Mahmood wants us westerns to know that there are civilians in Aleppo fighting along side the FSA.

Even though another Guardian report,reported and admitted that 70% of the population are with Assad.

"There are many battles are going on with Syrian army in different districts in Aleppo. The mujahideen were able to attack [the Syrian army's] Battalion 46 which is considered the death battalion [because of its aggressive reputation].
The [rebel] fighters were able to progress in al-Arqoub, Maysaloon, Abdulla al-Jaberi square, Hamdaniya and Jamiliya. All the fronts are fighting now in Aleppo. Fighting is getting very tough now.
The Syrian army is using planes and barrels of explosives to strike all the districts in Aleppo. They want us to lose people's support.
The battle is still going on. We do not have the total figure for casualties, but I know that many tanks have been destroyed and many Syrian soldiers were killed, in addition to the destruction of many army sites.
I know a martyr of Suqur al-Sham brigade was killed yesterday. We also have a few wounded.
Our main problem is the shortage of ammunition. Our fighters are fighting with almost empty Kalashnikovs. They have only a few magazines [of bullets] but they have great belief in their cause. They are ready to fight to the death.
We have more than 450 mujahideen in Aleppo now, some of them are defected soldiers, others are civilians believe in the revolution.
We are an Islamic organisation. We want to implement sharia after the liberation. All our mujahideen are fighting now under the command of our leader Mustafaf Abdullah.

The most important achievement so far in the battle is the progress in Abdulla al-Jaberi square – it is the centre of Aleppo. It has the branch of the Ba'ath party and a few security headquarters.
There were ferocious battles in Salehaden and al-Ameriya and al-Sukari. It is a guerrilla war. The Syrian army would come forward 10 metres, we would move forward 50 metres and then if we need to pull back, we pull back."
This is not the first time that the Mujahideen were mentioned upon a western news outlet.


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