So Much for America that claims it went in Iraq and in afghanistan spreading them the democratic values well to start off with America dosent really have any real Freedom of Speech.

Dont get me Wrong America Has Freedom of Speech But Its a Controlled Speech, Do as Your told as they say heres the Video from last night at the Republican Party Presidential Primary That  Took Place in the State Of Iowa.

Theres some sort of intentional  aurging going on in the background at 0:51.
Now off course Mr Wolf blitzer Would claim and lie that it was a technical issue so heres the question why did they cut him off after he mentiond israel?

That Doesnt sound like a technical issue to me and then you had Andersoon Cooper Complaining and stating we didnt mean to cut him off and now the Ron Paul Supporters view it as conspiracy.

And you know what Andersoon Cooper? they should Your CNN Andersoon Cooper News Year Bush on CNN was The worst Showing cute Animals? i mean really? hey Andersoon Why didnt you show pro Miltary
propaganda live? i had  to watch it on earthcam.

Anyway Heres The Video.
CNN Cuts People

And CNN Propaganda Whining Article

"The soldier that spoke tonight on behalf of Ron Paul is gonna be in a bit of trouble," Rieckhoff said. "Politics in uniform is a big no-go. And Paul and his campaign should know better. Troops are bound by the (Uniform Code of Military Justice)."
Typical Whining Now by CNN.

And some of the comments in the comment section are interesting and some are so stupid.
At first I was willing to give the Corporal the benefit to the doubt, thinking he was young and unaware of the uniform policy. However, after reading further into the article that he's been in the Army for 10 years, he has no excuse! And he's a CORPORAL AFTER TEN YEARS???!!! TEN YEARS???!!! REALLY???!!! Either there are other conduct issues in his background, or he's, as my old CSM used to say, "he's ate up like a soup sandwich." Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Paul IMO.

Hello Malary Archer Did you even see the tape? he said his going back to afghanistan was sent once to Iraq and i believe twice in afghanistan.

Heres a Stupid Comment.

Not Surprising
Throw the book at him. There's a reason members of the military are not allowed to do this; we live in a democracy, not a state where the military is allowed to directly influence

Excuse me Troll Not Surprising but the same democracy your trying to spread in the middle east shouldnt that as freedom of speech apply to the soldiers as well?

not a state where the military is allowed to directly influence

Ok So why are the Huge Military Companies and the military industrial complex backing and supporting War Mongering  Candidates in the open then?

If the Military isnt in a state where the Military directly trying to Influence should that also apply to those other Candidates that have there support from the Banks and The Military Companies?

Its Only Fair Right  CNN User?


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