You know what? personally i am getting sick of it and getting sick of the self proclaimed Mr WildRose  who thinks his a  redneck Mr Tough.

Paul made this claim in the debate in SC. I find no evidence to support that claim.

Everything I've read says he spent his entire tour with the CONUS.

Is Paul Lying again or is this true?


You know WildRose  countless of times on the Sean Hannity forum you have made and stated claims you served during the first Gulf War and including during the war in Somalia.

When you make such retarded claims why don't you back them up then?

Everything I've read says he spent his entire tour with the CONUS.

Oh yeah? and what about you WildRose? how many kills did you made? in fact did you enjoy the enjoyment of killings on civilians? yelling and shouting FUCK YEAH TEAM AMERICA BITCH!  Yeah i highly doubt that you did that.

I suspect the grain of truth might be that he was on aircraft which briefly landed in foreign countries and he's attempting to spin it as though it were actually serving in those countries.

Oh really WildRose? and what makes you then a hero during the first gulf war? a Mr Cowboy redneck Hat wear boy? at least Ron Paul Served unlike you WildRose, where you lie that you did.

You see folks i have been through these jacks on that forum who think they have, they haven't howcome i know that?

If Mr Redneck WildRose really did Serve why is he just attacking Ron Paul Military Record? why isnt he attacking Newt Gingrich? people who haven't been to war don't know whats it like.

The other candidates who are screaming for more wars, is really irritating, annoying, disturbing.

And as for WildRose is nothing more then a lying redneck Mr Tough guy, hmm i wonder how many fish did he caught with his Hat?

Seriously what hell is wrong with Wildrose? attacking Ron Paul Military record?  now that is just sad and shameful coming from Wildrose who claims he is also a veteran.

Which i highly doubt that he is.


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