First off i thought the cheering was disgusting,disrespectful and it seems to me that Jesus isn't there lord 

I saw this on the South Carolina debate last night on a live stream and am utterly disgusted at how the audience went ballistic cheering. This clip isn't even half of it. A few seconds later, the camera showed people almost falling off their seats in utter joy. If this the attitude of our country, I have officially lost hope. We're doomed to continue the vicious cycle of bloodshed.

And whats with Newt Gingrich dead stare? i guess that means if he was the president he would kill the Russians, the Serbian people too then now would he?

I personally doubt these people would be cheering so loudly if Newt put a gun in their hands and told them they had to go to war as well. The game changes when those not affected by war, who cheer for war.

I was from a war zone the way the audience acted was very shameful and sad in my opinion.


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