Russia Presidential Candidate Prokhorov Calls For Single Global Currency
Well Looks like the American Puppet finally speaks and i hope the Russian people wont vote for a Guy who wants a Single Global Currency! and Calls the Russian election Pretend Elections? So Prokhorov if your calling it Pretend Elections why are you running in them  then!

So fellow Russian Readers what you make of this? the snake in sheep wolf clothing finally admitting he wants a Global Government?

If Mikhail Prokhorov wins in which i dont think he will his going to turn Russia like how Boris Tadic ruined Serbia and his pro American polices.

 A United Global Currency is nearly impossible. Just look at what happened to the Euro Union dollar. We can't get the World to agree on one of anything. The only way it could begin is with a one is a World dictator. 

Its not going to happen this why the anti Putin protesters fail at there message, just look at the mess Libya is in now.

You cant rarely even trust the NTC Libyan Government for source of Good information, they would just lie and apologize for it.

So What do The Anti Putin Russian Protesters want after putins gone? just what do you want?

An American puppet? or someone else who will be ten times even worse?


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