Once Again Just Before The CNN Hosted even Started and Final Debate Before Super Tuesday kicks CNN was once again seen and shown More your Typical CNN Bias Against Ron Paul and heres the video.

Notice the bias comments by CNN Own John King, saying Yet what happens if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination? to that we dont know that question.

Eric:What happens to the FED and future of our economy.
Well of course CNN is pro Fed, most of there homes are owned by the major banks, if i may add, well its only a theory.

Well there you have it, once again  CNN trying to push an agenda it was CNN that surged Rick Santorum, it was CNN and other MSM outlets that surged Newt Gingrich after his supposed great debate performances.

And fellow Americans you would vote for a draft dodger and someone who would want to build a moon colony? without the realizing how much it would it cost?

Personally a Moon Colony and a Moon Base would cost half a trillion dollars if not billions of trillion dollars after you have created a moon base and a moon colony would probably require a space elevator to make it feasible, which isn't happening by 2020 nor by 2030.

So how can Newt Gingrich claim by the second term if he wins (which i doubt) he would create a moonbase? aren't we forgetting something?

To build such buildings on a planet you need to construct Space construction ships even with that it would takes years! before it can actual be done.

Oh and also how can you construct a space elevator if we on earth always have wars for Oil or the take over of resources? people like Romney,Newt Gingrich, Rick would rather see a world war three happen, rather then using diplomatic solutions or even trade?

Besides if you had indeed constructed a Space Elevator the next thing you will need is a space Shield protecting the Elevator from meteor showers, or even space junk.

Again all this  could not happen by 2020 or 2016 if Newt does try, it would be a waste of taxpayers money and millions of people would be on the food stamps.

This does not create jobs.


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