Albanians saved the slaughter of Serbs in Kosovo

Albanians are armed and prepared to attack the Serbs in northern Kosovo


 BELGRADE - get ready!
Albanians are armed and ready "message" Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo, Pristina written press statement calling on the Albanian Top Channel TV. As stated, the Albanians have got the message like the mayor of Mitrovica Avni Kastrati, who ordered them to "self defense". Mass was followed by the arming of the height of the statement Hajredin Kuqi, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, who has announced a special campaign in northern Kosovo province .

- All that happens is directed by the Albanian mafia, which is affected by the intersection of roads that carry drugs. They lose a lot of money and their interest is to cause the conflict to make the situation worse, and they do their job unhindered. It is known that the Albanian mafia controls everything in Kosovo - reveals our source.
Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic said that the massive arming of Albanian is very dangerous.
- It should not be surprising, especially after the warmongering statements Hajredin Kuqi. The international community must respond, as this can lead to massive violence. One can repeat the 17th March 2004. year - said Bogdanovic.
Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said that the Kurir Kosovo Albanians and ordered "not to play with fire."
- Red Line in Kosovo and Metohija is an attack on the Serbs - he says.

 Here is the screenshot of the armed Albanians. Yes My Fellow Americans These Albanians in the photo with the shut guns who would want to kill the Christian Serbs are your Friends, and Friends of Sen John McCain as well.

Well Hillary Clinton looks like your friends of friends and friends of Sen John McCain are willing and are armed to kill every last Serb that exists in Kosovo.

Thus  creating a second genocide in the Balkans but this the ones doing it will be your puppet, or should i say out of control puppet Albanians.

You Hillary Clinton speak of progress in Kosovo yet when this Massacre and Genocide against the Christian Serb happens what will you say then?   

Let me guess they deserved it? well i guess everyone is right when they say that Hillary is a freaking witch with no soul.

Yes thats right the Albanians are indeed getting ready for a massacre against the Serbs in Kosovo.
Now. How Will those CNN,MSNBC,BBC,ITN, SKY News outlets Ignore  the massacre of Christian Serbs? as they ignored of not showing how Christian Churches are been destroyed.

If those Albanians in the video and photo really go ahead Massacre then it will just further prove that the Serbian people were right about the Albanians and the Albanian creation of a Great Albania.

By massacring of thousands of Serbs, so now begs the main important question who were the real victims?  in my opinion the Serbs were the real victims.This report actually surprisingly ties up with Boris Tadic resignation does he know something that will come in form of chaos?  

If that does occur will the major western mainstream news outlets stay silent, or will they ignore the Massacre of innocent Serb Civilians?

So what will America and NATO do? just sit back and watch how thousands of innocent Serb civilians are been raped and killed? if America cares about saving civilians will they help the Serbs if this apparent massacre does happen, its highly unlikely.

Please spread this and let the whole world know who are America's true friends are.
This massacre of Serbs i hope and pray will not happen, if it does Russia Will respond. 


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