Bush Blesses Syrian Resistance, Salutes Freedom Lovers

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Former President George W. Bush spoke in support of the Syrian resistance Wednesday, in video captured at an event honoring dissidents at the Bush Center in Dallas. Syrian dissident Ammar Abdulhamid was in attendance; video of Bush’s message to Syria was captured by Abdulhamid, according to his son.
Source Free beacon.

 GEORGE W. BUSH: Today, at the Bush Center, we’re honoring freedom lovers—people showing enormous courage, in demanding their God-given right, which is to live in a free society. As I think about freedom, I think about the people of Syria who are demanding their God-given right. Our hearts are with you, you’re showing great courage, and I ask that the Almighty bless you in your attempts to achieve what every man and woman on the face of the Earth wants, and that is to live in a free society.

There goes off with his Freedom loving Nonsense  again and where i have heard that one before? oh that's Right Iraq and Afnagsantian

more further prove that the Syrian rebellion is a Strategic interest nothing more then that Freedom lover claims.


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