Western News Outlets Haven't Show You This

Remember, Remember, Remember When They Bombed Serbia and Belgrade and How They almost started World War Three Over Kosovo.

Here are the pictures that have never been seen on CNN, AJ,CBC,BBC,MSNBC,FOX, ABC.
Yes i know they are disturbing but it is the reality on what what happened. 

Peace from Above,Mother & Child.

Imagine This in America.

A refugee killed en route by NATO bombs.

The Pentagon claimed that this Train was carrying Serbian military officers but in the after math of the bombing it showed it wasn't any military personal.

It was just carrying civilians, This train and its attack vid from the jet was also speed it up by the Pentagon.

 Here is a Video.

 NATO Claimed
 NATO talking heads: "We have nothing against the Serbian people"
Yeah i am sure a lot of people are doubting that NATO claim now.

There are a lot of such images but i dont want to post them because they are disturbing, now you see fellow Americans?  your leaders have been lying to you.

Including leaders like Sen John McCain he is a sellout to the CFR a group calling themselves Council on Foreign Relations and McCain isn't the only one whose a sellout there are plenty otheres.

Which i will be posting about and discussing on it.

For 80 and 90 days NATO bombed Serbia without  stopping, i have seen comments on yahoo answers and most of you American haven't it figured it out.

When NATO started Bombing they weren't just  Bombing  military targets But  largely 100% of NATO air strikes targeted civilian populated areas. 

And targeted  civilian infrastructure, and by the comments i can see and tell you were proud of the bombings eh? without any regret for life?  on the innocent people you have bombed?

Oh but wait then you will just say they deserved it right? even though The Bosnian Muslims were also killing the Serbian Civilians right in front of Western mainstream media news outlets.

But Americans know this, When next time a Terrorist attack happens in your own backyard dont start blaming the middle east.

Look no further then in Bosnia and look for the radical Islamics there.

The Bosnia of Today is a horrible place and why i say that? Serbs,Romas and Jews all of there given rights have been taken away unless they convert to Islam.


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