John McCain: Syrian peace plan's failure is proof that military action is required
 McCain: Only ground troops will end Assad regime

On Tuesday morning, U.S. senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman - both strong advocates of international intervention - visited a Syrian refugee camp inside Turkey. McCain said there is no doubt about whether the peace plan was a failure.

"I think it was a failure from the start. Most of us knew because there was no pressure for Bashar Assad to actually stop the killing. We think it's going to require military action on the ground to get him to leave," McCain said.

Why dont we send in Sen John McCain and Joe Lieberman into Syria? i am not surprised that Sen John McCain is once again proving his war mongering, war hawkish stance.

Since during the Yugoslavian wars McCain has been calling for a occupation of Serbia, has made military threats against another nation.  

If he  and his sellout buddy  Joe Lieberman that military actions would solve everything they are completely freaking idiots.

If they indeed start sending troops into Syria they would only make things worse rather then better remember Iraq?

And it seems to me  that  Joe Lieberman is  following McCain like a lap dog? who wouldn't guess.

If America does send ground forces, how does expect McCain and his lap dog expect to pay for the war? steal all the wealth from the people? oh wait wall street is already doing that part.
John McCain claims he was a POW during the Vietnam war and yet i really doubt he has seen the worst of the war.

If John McCain and Joe Lieberman keep talking openly like this they are only exposing themselves that America is funding the rebels, or sending the mercenaries to do the job easier for them.

I think sometime soon the American spring will be in the air, and i hope people like John McCain & Joe Lieberman  should be arrested for Treason & High conspiracy against the united states of America.

The only solo reason War Hawk McCain wants a war in Syria is because Syria has a Russian naval base  and Syria has ties to Iran and Russia.

But Surely the War Hawks should know if the bombings do start, if they target the Russian Naval base you will automatically start a war with Russia.
I am surprised a war didn't started  when NATO accidentally bombed the Chinese embassy in Serbia right? will there excuse be we  accidentally bombed the Russian naval base killing Russian sailors.

Unfortunately i dont think Russia's is that stupid and believe NATO response.

Well there you have it my fellow Americans the country is been led by War Nutjobs and War hawks who never look at the consequences of there own actions.

Why you think Sen John McCain is now avoiding the problems and failing state of Libya? its because McCain doesn't care about the Libyans or there future.

If he did care Sen John McCain wouldn't support  the ndaa bill.

Sen John McCain, Sen John Kerry, Sen Lindsey Graham, Sen Joe Lieberman they are all sellouts to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Why dont the people wake up and realize that they are been lied again?


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