Hacked and Attacked For The Second Time In the Second Year

This all started last year after i suddenly got a strange phone call from someone or some group claiming themselves  to be a traveling agency and as we all humans arent all prefect we all make mistakes  and so did i by answering the phone and giving them the details about myself I know i know stupid mistake which i will forever regret.  

But here's  where it gets stranger they already had the information about me, as the week went by i phoned Mastercard and told them what happened and i also let my local bank know as well.

After that week i got a new credit card, and as i did on a Early morning at sometime at 6:30 Am i got a strange phone call yet again what sound like a  lady an Indian lady with broken English from India  telling me that i have a Virus on computer?  I quickly figured this wasn't.

A Call but a Phone Ping Hack Attack, sending a virus through your phone onto your computer, quickly ran to my PC alerted my friends and get this, this virus this whatever it is took complete control over my desktop i had no control on my files, as in i couldn't save  documents or save the paint files.

Nor suffer the internet.

What did the attackers gave you?

Now i dont think your going to believe me but i got the phone number from them, yes that's right the attackers over the phone gave me there phone.

And here it is, i hope by placing the phone number either the military, the police, NSA or  anyone else would able to find where this phone number is really been located.

As for what the attackers gave me on my PC a new kind of virus a mixture  of everything.
Heres the photo.

And The Virus and the way  it Runs.

Well there you have it another Ping Hack attack on my computer.

Are You Sure Its The Mafia?

At this moment no i am not sure but it could since as you can see some group did again attack my computer for now its all speculation.

As for the phone Here it is.

The Phone Number 

Please if anyone in Canada, America, Japan, Europe China  knows this phone number let me know on twitter and contact anyone you may know who can help out.

And please spread this.


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