This is from Twitter and it speaks for itself.

Take a good look, and here we have Sen John McCain and his buddies calling for foreign Air Strikes on Sryia yeah that would really help the civilians wouldn't it?

Dropping bombs on civilian populated areas sure sounds like saving i mean who cant forget what kind of a mess we have created in Libya? and its no wonder that Sen John McCain is avoiding the issue of Libya now he knows the air strikes only made things worse rather then better.

Not to mention NATO weren't protecting the civilians as the UN Resolution during the libyan war  Requested in fact what NATO was bombing not just  gaddafi forces but they were targeting pro  gaddafi towns and cities.

Yeah air bombing sure loves innocent lives doesn't it? take a read through this quote from an article

Support for such assistance to the opposition is growing on Capitol Hill. Sens. John McCain, R-Arizona; Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina; and Joseph Lieberman, I-Connecticut have called for foreign airpower to stop the government "slaughter" and save innocent lives.

What do  Capitol Hill. Sens. John McCain, R-Arizona; Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina; and Joseph Lieberman, I-Connecticut all have in common? they are sellouts to groups like the CFR 
(Council on Foreign Relations) and other western military organizations.

I will be discussing on those later on today.

Its funny how these senators are calling it slaughter yet when we start bombing Syria like we did bomb Libya  and bring it back to the stone age.

What are they going to call the aftermaths of there own bombings? let me guess mission accomplished? destroying more innocent lives through the use of air power.

Just what the heck are we doing in the middle east again? showing our air superiority by killing and destroying civilians?  that's not saving innocent lives Sen John McCain.

When we start bombing countries damages are left in those countries for years behind recovery and you still think Libya will recover?

Sadly i dont think they will Libya from the least news is falling apart.
The country will be divided into three regions controlled by there own each tribe groups.

As for the children well, lets just the children will just live through by experiencing war trauma yeah and i guess Sen John McCain didn't realize that did he?

Sometimes War Trauma in children after the war or air strikes after a war can be cured in most of the times.

Survival rate chances are in few chances but that depends.

As for Sen John McCain and his buddies they are past War Trauma, otherwise if they had any sense of a Human heart and dignity  of the respect for Human life and lives.

They wouldn't urge for a Air Strike, they one of those senators comes from a war zone and he and his buddies should know better but since they are a a sellout its highly unlikely.


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