The Massacre in Houla,Sryia & Reactions  From Western American supported Countries Raises  Suspicion. & Exposes Yellow Journalism at the very finest.

In the CNN article 

 U.N. observers see bodies of 92 dead in Syria massacre

( Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, the head of the U.N. Supervision Mission in Syria, said the attacks happened overnight but that the circumstances that led to the deaths is unclear.)

Robert Mood stated that the  the attacks happened overnight yet whatever let or more rather the circumstances that led to the deaths is unclear, the image of the supposed massacre.

 The image may be distributing for some viewers
In the article by CNN it further claims this which may i add also that CNN is covering the identity of the pro Syrian rebel news network, while other news networks have openly told there identity.
Syrian opposition activists reported at least 88 people, mostly children, were killed Friday by the Syrian regime's shelling in Houla. The reports came from the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, a network of Syrian opposition activists. That toll differed from that of the U.N. observers.
The Syrian opposition activists reported or claimed that at least 88 people, children were killed by  Assad shelling in Houla.

But wait dont forget a important fact that the mainstream news outlets arent telling you, the FSA or the Free Syrian Army are Former ex soldiers who also had access to not only artillery, but tanks, and even shelling what makes you think i would rather believe  the mainstream news media outlets claims that it was Assad forces?

While i am not trying to defend Assad or the rebels, but after what and how the mainstream media news outlets lied about Iraq and that Saddam, i am no longer believing anything the media news outlets say any longer.

Again Maj. Gen. Robert Mood stated the attacks happened overnight and the circumstances that led to the deaths is unclear.

So how could and can the rebels claim that they were killed by shelling? no one survives in a shelling attack not even a full child body.
The body pieces get blown off by shelling, but dont let mine expertise tell you that, why lets ask CNN seeing how they are experts in everything, i doubt that they know such stuff.
The Reactions
Syria international pressure mounts urgent action following massacre

"We are consulting urgently with our allies on a strong international response, including at the UN Security Council, the EU and UN human rights bodies," British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a statement.
He said London will seek an urgent session of the Security Council in coming days, Hague said, in response to "credible and horrific reports that a large number of civilians have been massacred" by Syrian forces in Houla.
"Our urgent priority is to establish a full account of this appalling crime and to move swiftly to ensure that those responsible are identified and held to account," he said.

Hague called for the Syrian regime to cease all military operations in accordance with a peace plan brokered by UN special envoy Kofi Annan, and to allow monitors "full and immediate access" to Houla and other conflict areas.
The rebel Free Syrian Army said after the killings that it was no longer committed to the UN-backed peace plan for Syria unless there was prompt UN intervention to protect civilians.

You see there readers? the rebel Free Syrian stated after the killings its no longer committed nor interested in the UN backed peace plan. Unless there was prompt NATO intervention to protect civilians.

In my personally view i believe the killing of the 88 children, the guilty party is no other then the FSA, Free Syrian Army.

And why i believe they caused the killings? because of this
The rebel Free Syrian Army said after the killings that it was no longer committed to the UN-backed peace plan for Syria unless there was prompt UN intervention to protect civilians.

That spoils that they killed them because they have an agenda and that agenda is to prompt a NATO intervention.

The mainstream news outlets themselves have previously reported that Islamic  terrorists are already in Sryia and have been attacking Assad forces and civilians but now all of sudden they have stopped mentioning terrorists and even Al Qaeda.

Why? why has the mainstream news outlets stopped mentioning that terrorists are in Sryia? is it because the fact that America, Britain, and its American backed countries are actually on the same side as the terrorists.

But then if that is the case then why did CNN a few weeks and just few days ago mentioned that terrorists are in Sryia? was that a leak by mistake?

Either way the way CNN has proclaiming and naming the rebels as Activists is quite suspicious,
In a way i now believe that CNN has not only collaborated with the Rebels but is also collaborating with them.

Just like they have been in Libya, but in Sryia it seems that CNN  is been one sided in the conflict, reminds me of the time when CNN was one sided with the Bosnian Muslim and Croatians during the war in Yugoslavia.

This is not surprising.

Sen John McCain and his lapdogs are war mongers, just like the American Government, the only reason they would attack Sryia is because of the strategical location nearing Iran, there has been reports of NATO troops messing around near the Jordan border.

Don't forget these are the same FSA and the same Rebels that miss the days of GW Bush.


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